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How to Make a Hot Air Balloon Ornament. I created a template below that you can download and print.

How to Make a Hot Air Balloon Ornament

You can resize it to the same proportion as your ornament. The easiest way to resize it would be to drag it into Microsoft Word and resize. You could get fancy and do it in photoshop or get even fancier and not use the template at all and find any basket texture and draw out a template for a box. If you just want to skip the basket making altogether see the alternative at the bottom of post. Step1. Step 2 When you cut out the template you can x non patterned side so you know which sides align.

Step 3 Remove the top basket and tape a nickel ,two pennies or anything that will weigh down the basket. Step 4 Tape one corner together. Step 5 Take string and attach tape onto string. Step 6 Attach string to corner that was taped in step 4. 旧灯泡DIY热气球。这个有一定难度啊 主要是…_来自以陌NANA的图片分享. DIY Craft Project: How to craft a twine-ball light garland {As featured on Rock n Roll Bride} Time for another DIY craft project and today I’ll be showing you exactly how you can make this twine-ball light garland yourself.

DIY Craft Project: How to craft a twine-ball light garland {As featured on Rock n Roll Bride}

It’s one of those projects that’s a little bit messy and does take quite a bit of time, but it is so much fun. Plus you have a really cool piece of decor at the end of it. Perfect for parties or around the home, you can paint it up in any colour you want to match your design scheme, and when lit, it looks so pretty, casting lots of patterned twinkly light everywhere. Mine is now taking pride of place in my office. D.I.Y Paper Bird Cage Party Decor. D.I.Y - Rosebud Lights. Want to know how to spruce up plain fairy lights into something a bit more pretty?

D.I.Y - Rosebud Lights

Here's how I made these rosebud inspired string lights. You will need: -A set of plain (or coloured) LED fairy lights. Make sure they are definitely the LED kind as the normal bulbs will get too hot and we don't want any fires! - Some strips of light transparent fabric. . - A pair of fabric scissors. - Electrical tape. Paper Crafting for Christmas. My First Do-it-Yourself! {Challenge & Giveaway!} Easter Lily Backdrop. How many of you have seen and fallen in love with this backdrop from BHLDN?

{Challenge & Giveaway!} Easter Lily Backdrop

And how many of you nearly passed out at the price tag?! I mean, $1,800?! {Roundup} Chandeliers! I had randomly mentioned to my Hubby a couple of weeks ago that I wanted to move our bedroom into the master bedroom (I know that sounds odd but when we had originally bought the place we put ourselves in the guest room because my younger sister was living with us and we wanted her to be able to have her own space.

{Roundup} Chandeliers!

The master bedroom was all the way to the back of the condo and had it's own bathroom so it made sense). Glowing Outdoor Orbs. O.K.

Glowing Outdoor Orbs

Get ready for it … this one’s a doozy. Doozie? Doosey. The Earth Spectrum Mobile Chandelier by LilSproutCreations. Grace and light: Paper Punch Garland - A Photo Tutorial. Piece O' Cake Blog - Very cool curtain idea... Bliss Home in Knoxville was a shop on the walk between the Knoxville Convention Center (where the show was) and my hotel.

Piece O' Cake Blog - Very cool curtain idea...

This curtain/screen called out to me as I walked by. Each "string" is made from colorful hand-cut rectangles that were sewn together with heavy black thread. The strings were long, ceiling to floor length. At the top the strings were tied to metal rods that were suspended from the ceiling. On closer inspection, the colored rectangles were paint chips! Wedding Mason Jar Lanterns. I spent today with my Mom, sister Brooke, and Marcie, my sister-in-law and and Jen, sister-in-law-to-be.

Wedding Mason Jar Lanterns

Can I just say I love those women. We were busy with plans and decorations for the upcoming wedding of Josh (my brother) and Jen. I am so excited about the creative “Make it Do” ideas we have for the wedding… it’s going to be beautiful. The reception will be outdoors on a patio of a local restaurant. We are so lucky that the restaurant has a large pergola and trees surrounding the patio from which to hang lanterns. So the project of the day was to make Mason Jar Lanterns. We found a wonderful tutorial for the lanterns on one of my favorite websites One Pretty Thing.

Here is the link to the tutorial. How to Make Cherry Blossom Lights. Upcycled Doily Lamp « I’ve been collecting vintage crochet doilies for several months, with plans to make this pendant lamp.

Upcycled Doily Lamp «

Finally, now that the holidays are over and things have slowed down a bit, I took the time to make my first prototype. There are a few things I need to work out, but overall I am very pleased with how it turned out. The shadows that it creates on the ceiling and walls are just gorgeous. Audible gasp. Life on flower (I think it’s the little plaid scarf that does it...) DIY Paint Swatch Chandelier. A paint-swatch chandelier?

DIY Paint Swatch Chandelier

I think so :) {Step 1} You’ll need a whole bunch of paint swatches in your desired colours (seriously, emphasis on the whole bunch part). How to Make a Paper Snowflake. Happy Black Friday, everyone! To follow up with Monday’s snowflake mood board, here are the templates and instructions on how to create these simple, yet beautiful, three-dimensional paper snowflakes PRINTING TEMPLATES: Open PDF of small, medium or large snowflake. Print the large template onto 6 pieces of white paper, the medium on 2 and the small on 1 page.

This template will give you the guides to cut and fold. CUT & FOLD: Trim off extra paper then on the medium and small cut out the square pieces. DIY Valentine's Day Decorations. Ok, I admit it. I don't want to take down my Christmas decorations. I know the holiday is over, I know it's time to move on. But I love the warm feel that the strings of lights give our house. Wednes-DIY Home Décor: The Light Bulb Vase.

This week we’re sharing some of the blog’s greatest hits! These are some of our most loved posts by you, our amazing readers. Don’t throw away those old light bulbs just yet! Felt Ball Garland for Christmas. I meant to make a felt ball garland last Christmas but it seems lots of other folks had the same idea, because by the time I got around to ordering my supplies, they were super back-ordered so they ended up coming after Christmas.

Pretty Paper Garland. Feather Christmas Ornaments! An Awesome Gift and Inexpensive Gift! Cupcake Lights Are Sweet. SATURDAY, JULY 10, 2010 | Comments: 44 I found great looking cupcake tin liners at IKEA – they reminded me of small pleated lampshades.