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6 Ways SEOs And Web Developers Can Work Better Together. When it comes to website optimisation, it can sometimes feel that there is something of a love triangle between the SEO, client and web developer.

6 Ways SEOs And Web Developers Can Work Better Together

It can be frustrating to see something from the opposite point-of-view, and some web developers feel as if SEOs are creating unnecessary work for them. However, for the success of a campaign it’s essential that SEOs and Web Developers work in unison. In order to get the best results from any website campaign, be it SEO, CRO or paid advertising; it’s critical that everyone involved with the project has a good working relationship with one another.

Here are some useful tips for ensuring you get the best results out of your campaign by working together. 1. Often, SEOs will identify opportunities or issues that require action from the web developer. When communicating between the team, make sure that the benefits of any recommendations are clear, so all parties understand exactly why something is necessary. ProblemReasonSolution/sBenefits 2. 3. 4. The SEO Pros and Cons of SquareSpace. There are a wide range of website platforms and Content Management Systems (CMS’) available for developers to choose from.

The SEO Pros and Cons of SquareSpace

There has also been a huge increase in the number of quick-build platforms that allow easy, visual creation of sites too. Many of these platforms don’t even require a web developer, with simple interfaces and visual builders that allow users with limited website design or development skills to take advantage. One platform that provides “powerful yet simple” tools for creating stunning sites is SquareSpace; a paid service that provides a wide range of features and 24/7 customer service. However, how good is this platform at allowing you to build sites which look great, function perfectly and can be found online by your target audience? I have looked in detail at this platform to identify the SEO benefits and drawbacks of using SquareSpace. The Good Stuff – SEO Benefits of SquareSpace Clean Interface. Why Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing.

Are you struggling to justify the value of using social media in a professional capacity?

Why Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing

Has this led to your business disregarding any real social media marketing efforts? Many owners of independent, small-medium sized enterprises find it difficult to understand the merits of utilising social media, as there is often a misconception that the costs involved outweigh the benefits, though this could not be further from the truth. Is Your Site At Risk? SEO Risk Assessment Infographic. 10 Sites Using Video Creatively to Engage Customers. Businesses can use video to engage customers.

10 Sites Using Video Creatively to Engage Customers

Videos can show a product in motion and deliver helpful product information, from an expert. Here is a list of businesses using video creatively to engage customers. Some videos give a demonstration and review of the product. Others provide an explanation of a technology or entire product category. Several of the sites offer useful how-to videos, demonstrating the installation of a product, or highlighting a product in action. Zappos “Video Experience.” Zappos features video throughout its website.

REI outdoor videos. REI has a library of videos that provide expert gear advice, outdoor skills instruction, travel inspiration, and stories from other REI members. Advance Auto Parts Advance Auto Parts: “Easy Oil Change.” The Real Metric For Measuring SEO Success Is Not Organic Traffic. …and it’s not organic traffic!

The Real Metric For Measuring SEO Success Is Not Organic Traffic

It’s easy to watch organic traffic climb consistently after a hefty investment in Search Engine Optimisation and automatically assume success. It’s even easier to deem a decline in organic traffic as failure. But is this really the best metric to consider when measuring SEO success? In actuality, what does it matter how many visitors came to your website, or how that number compares to previous months or years? Would the owner of a brick-and-mortar store be celebrating success he saw steady increases in footfall but was selling less and less product?

The same principle can and should be applied to websites. Identify and understand your website goals Before you can effectively measure the success of your SEO campaign, or any website campaign for that matter, it is essential that you understand exactly what your site is setting out to achieve. Sales and revenue – online purchases, bookings, etc.Enquiries and leads – contact form completions, phone calls, etc.

24 Tips To Improve Conversions Infographic. Looking for ways to drive conversions on your website?

24 Tips To Improve Conversions Infographic

If you’re getting traffic in but are struggling to convert those visitors into customers, this infographic could help. Discover 24 useful and actionable tips to help you increase your online sales. What A Manual Penalty Really Means For Your Website. Over the last two years there has been a significant increase in the number of manual penalties issued by Google.

What A Manual Penalty Really Means For Your Website

Signalled by a message in Webmaster Tools, these notices of manual spam action are much feared by webmasters who understand the potential damaging impact this action can have on search engine rankings and website traffic. But what do these messages really mean for your website and rankings? With so many different types of manual spam action and corresponding Webmaster Tools messages, how do you know what impact the action is actually having on your site? In this post I’ve looked at the different types of manual action, how these can be identified and most importantly what they mean for your website and business. 3 Simple Tips For Improving Your User Experience. With competition online rapidly increasing, it is becoming more important than ever to provide your users with a high quality experience.

3 Simple Tips For Improving Your User Experience

The overall experience you provide to your users will vary dependant on your target audience and the industry you operate in, but there are a few universal elements you can address. In this post I am going to cover three key elements of user experience as well as offer some handy tips to help you improve them. Site Speed As technology advances, the speed of the internet is increasing. As a result, users expect the load time of the websites they are visiting to be even faster than before. The Road to Manual Penalty Recovery: An Anonymous Case Study.

Google’s manual spam penalties have become a real problem for webmasters in the last two years, with thousands of websites seeing their pages or entire site drop out of the search engine rankings altogether.

The Road to Manual Penalty Recovery: An Anonymous Case Study

It is well accepted that getting these manual penalties revoked is no easy feat, with some websites suggesting that recovering from a manual penalty is close to impossible. However, with first-hand experience of a lengthy but rewarding recovery process, I have put together this post to share what I have learnt and how we succeed in receiving this magnificent message in Google Webmaster Tools… In the beginning there were Unnatural Inbound Links At the very beginning of 2013 we began comprehensive backlink analysis for a new, sizeable ecommerce client who had just received this fateful Unnatural Inbound Links warning message in Google Webmaster Tools: The search for clues: ranking drops or reduced organic traffic? Backlink analysis Then came the hard work… Reconsideration Request… Denied.

How To Use Webmaster Tools To Reclaim Organic Keywords & Rankings. Google Webmaster Tools is an essential resource for webmasters with a wealth of useful information for optimising websites and identifying issues.

How To Use Webmaster Tools To Reclaim Organic Keywords & Rankings

What’s more, the tool kit was recently revamped with a new navigation structure, additional features and enhanced reports. One such report to receive development was the Search Queries Report, located under the new Search Traffic sub-menu. What was once a very basic, approximately and fairly useless report is now the very opposite and provides information you cannot currently find anywhere else. Using Social Media To Develop Your Link Building. Link Building Resources - Community. Pinterest. How To Keep Visitors On Your Mobile Site. How often do you use your smartphone or tablet to access websites on the go? It’s no surprise that Google have come to the decision to rank mobile-friendly sites higher than those that do not consider their mobile visitors’ demands.

There are many elements to consider when building your mobile site, or making sure that your existing one is performing effectively. At the heart of a great successful mobile site is the ease of access to the information that your visitor needs. The bounce rate on mobile devices is 9.56% higher than on desktops (source), making it all the more important to ensure the user experience is up to scratch. How To Make Your Content Marketing Strategy More Effective. SEO and content marketing complement each other, and one without the other will not get you far when trying to rank higher on Google.

The Benefits of Outsourcing SEO. A Beginners Guide to SEO Keyword Research. Keywords have always played an important part in search engine optimisation. There was once a time when adding lists of keywords and variations to a website in the form of Meta keyword tags was an effective tactic to rank high in the search engine results pages for your target terms. Times have certainly changed and it is not nearly as straight forward as it once was, but keyword research and implementation still has an important role in SEO.