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7 Common SEO Myths Debunked. The SEO industry has always been largely open to opinion, with effective techniques regularly debated and disputed.

7 Common SEO Myths Debunked

Google and other search engines hide behind a complex ranking algorithm using over 200 factors, with no-one knowing all of the elements that Google takes into account when ranking a site or how much weight it gives to different factors. The result of this dynamic is that swarms of strange myths come and go; what’s more, in the wrong hands, a little bit of inaccurate information can be dangerous. In this post, I’ve highlighted some myths I commonly encounter and explained why they are just that. 1. The Client is Always Right No, they are not. Of course, this doesn’t relate to the customer service motto that stipulates that the customer is always right; in fact, it has nothing to do with customer service at all. How Long Should A Blog Post Be? One question a lot of SEOs are often asked by clients looking to effectively leverage a business blog is: “how long should a blog post be?”

How Long Should A Blog Post Be?

Of course, there is no short answer (and thus, no short blog post in this instance), but there are some good pointers that could act as a guide for writing blog posts for business. In this post, I’ve looked at the different factors that you need to consider before you can understand how long a blog post should be. What Have You Been Hit By? A Guide to Google Penalties.

With so many Google updates leading to so many reasons why websites can suddenly or gradually lose traffic and rankings, it can be hard to know where to start.

What Have You Been Hit By? A Guide to Google Penalties

In this post I’ve looked at the different types of Google penalties (and those that are not, strictly speaking, penalties at all) to help you diagnosis your site’s issues and get on the road to recovery. The Big Boys: Panda and Penguin While there are now many other algorithm updates, some with equally quirky names, the Penguin and Panda algorithm updates still remain the two biggest updates overall and have claimed the rankings of many more sites than most other updates put together.

PPC Keyword Research: When & Why Do You Need It? Setting up and maintaining strong, high performing AdWords campaigns takes time, budget and expertise.

PPC Keyword Research: When & Why Do You Need It?

But without keyword research both at the beginning of the project and continually throughout, you will never get the best possible return on your investment. Here’s what you need to know about keyword research at the different stages in your AdWords project and why it’s so critical to success. Budgeting and Forecasting Average Cost per Click First and foremost, without keyword research you cannot know how many clicks you can expect to get for your budget.

As the average cost per click in AdWords varies dramatically from keyword-to-keyword and industry-to-industry, keyword research is the only way to estimate what your clicks might cost. The Real Metric For Measuring SEO Success Is Not Organic Traffic. …and it’s not organic traffic!

The Real Metric For Measuring SEO Success Is Not Organic Traffic

It’s easy to watch organic traffic climb consistently after a hefty investment in Search Engine Optimisation and automatically assume success. It’s even easier to deem a decline in organic traffic as failure. But is this really the best metric to consider when measuring SEO success? In actuality, what does it matter how many visitors came to your website, or how that number compares to previous months or years? 20 Years Of Web Design: From Space Jam To Kit Kat.

The last 20 years has seen the internet evolve from a little understood technological breakthrough to a vital part of society and our everyday lives.

20 Years Of Web Design: From Space Jam To Kit Kat

In that time, the quality and design of the websites we visit has also transformed as user expectations increased. In this post I’ve looked at the evolution of web design over the last 20 years, including a look at some at the clever features and sleek designs of some of my favourite websites. Emma North SEO: More Creative Link Building Techniques! Six months have passed since I wrote about Creative Link Building Techniques including broken link building, interviewing and link bait.

Emma North SEO: More Creative Link Building Techniques!

I decided it was time to revisit the topic following a number of search engine updates and given the fast-paced industry we're in! My latest post, "More Creative Link Building Techniques for a Natural Backlink Profile", includes a range of new techniques and advice including the importance of creating a link building strategy and techniques such as "top 10" posts, competitor backlink analysis for opportunities and good-old "How To" guides. I hope you enjoy this latest post and find it useful. More Creative Link Building Techniques for a Natural Backlink Profile.

Six months ago I wrote a post featuring eight Creative Link Building Techniques for a Sustainable Link Building Strategy, with the promise to write a follow-up later in 2013.

More Creative Link Building Techniques for a Natural Backlink Profile

With new announcements from Google in the last six months intensifying the spotlight on unnatural links, now seemed like a good time to tackle Part 2. Clicks But No Conversions – Where You’re Going Wrong. Google AdWords is a tried and tested method of getting qualified leads to a website.

Clicks But No Conversions – Where You’re Going Wrong

So when you invest heavily into the advertising platform and fail to achieve conversions, it can be incredibly disappointing and frustrating. It’s easy to blame the set-up or structure of your ad campaigns, and sometimes rightly so. However in actuality the issues could be a lot closer to home, with your website and landing pages. If you’re getting clicks but no conversions, or not enough sales to break even, it’s time for campaign and site analysis. Rubbish Campaign or Rubbish Website? If you’re getting clicks into your site but no conversions, there are two main possible issues; a poorly managed ad campaign or a poor website.

Causes Of A Low Click Through Rate In Google AdWords. Google AdWords is a great way to get traffic into your website quickly without the longer process of search engine optimisation.

Causes Of A Low Click Through Rate In Google AdWords

By using a strong, targeted AdWords PPC campaign, you can have qualified leads visiting your site in a matter of hours. However, the success of a PPC campaign hinges largely on one key metric; Click Through Rate (CTR). A high CTR means more visitors and better account performance. However a low CTR reduces the effectiveness and quality of the campaign and means you are likely to pay a higher Cost-per-Click.

The Effects of a Low Click Through Rate On the surface, having a low Click Through Rate might not seem like too big a deal as you’re only paying for actual clicks, not impressions that aren’t clicked. Cost-per-Click is calculated by AdWords using your maximum Cost-per-Click bid and your Quality Score. Essential 2013 SEO Health Check Guide. 2012 was a year of change for the SEO industry and it already feels as though 2013 will be every bit as turbulent. It has never been more important to ensure your site’s SEO is healthy.

This guide is intended as a comprehensive resource for carrying out a review of your site’s health and SEO performance. It is also designed to ensure that your site is not just healthy now, but will hold up against the promise of more Google algorithm updates and be protected against manual penalties. You can also download my free PDF checklist to use alongside your own SEO health review. Proactive SEO. Why Landing Page Analysis Is The New Rank Tracking. For as long as the industry has existed, SEOs have been hung up on search engine rankings, with keyword tracking and position monitoring being regular website health checks. Most SEOs use automated software to check the rankings of websites for key search terms and use fluctuations in positions as a key indicator of performance.

However, is this really the best indication of performance in organic search? What does it really mean if you’re ranking first for “fast food restaurant” and second for “really tasty burgers” if your audience is just searching for “McDonalds”? In addition, a number of changes in the industry, including the introduction of (not provided) in Google Analytics and the increased awareness of Google’s policy on rank tracking, will make it increasingly difficult to measure the value of positions in the SERPs. Landing page analysis allows us to study the behaviour of visitors who actually visited your site from organic search. Landing Page Analysis. What Will The Next Google Algorithm Update Target? With a Panda update planned for this weekend and a big Penguin update predicted in Q2 2013 there are plenty of algorithm changes on the horizon.

But what will these updates target? And could there be a whole new type of update on the horizon? We asked sixteen of the Koozai team to speculate on what’s next to come: Chris Simmance (@Koozai_Chris) I think the next update will focus further on a site’s backlink profile. Emma North (@Koozai_Emma) I’m a firm believer that the next Google algorithm update will target social. Tara West (@Koozai_Tara) I think the next Google algorithm update will be another measure to detect unnatural link profiles.

Creative Link Building Techniques For A Sustainable Link Strategy. Search Engine Optimisation is not the same game it was two years ago and evolves at rapid pace. Without the knowledge, skills and drive to keep informed and up-to-date, SEO’s can quickly become behind with the times. Arguably one of the biggest changes we’ve seen in SEO is the way we build links. In fact, the very idea of “building links” is becoming out of date as Google crashes down on unnatural link profiles. How To Recover From A Google Ranking Penalty. This guide is intended as a first point of reference for site owners who have suffered a Google ranking penalty or suspect they may be victims of algorithm updates.

By working through the three steps below, you will be taking the first tentative steps in restoring your site’s lost value and getting your site back to its previous ranking glory. Step 1 – Diagnose. Black Hat SEO Tactics To Avoid » Hello. Will Google Zebra Hit Social? A Possible New Google Algorithm Update. Google Panda and Google Penguin are two of the biggest and hardest hitting algorithm updates Google has ever released. With rankings slashed literally overnight after each update, it is clear that the search engine giant will stop at nothing in its efforts to provide the highest quality search experience for its users, in keeping with its mission statement; “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

Who Is Online On Christmas Day? Christmas Day Marketing Tips. Last year, the Telegraph reported that Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are the quietest online periods of the year. But with the ever-increasing usage of social media, can we expect to see more people online this Christmas Day than ever before? Surviving “Not Provided” Keywords on Google Analytics.

Any user of Google Analytics will understand the value of knowing what keywords bring in your organic traffic. However, we can no longer ignore the dramatic and unwavering increase in the number of “(not provided)” keywords, making it more difficult than ever to effectively analyse our organic traffic. What does (not provided) mean? Of course, “(not provided)” is not what the user searched to get to the site, nor did they arrive by some miraculous keyword-free search. The Friendly Faces of Koozai® Koozai® - Your Intelligent Digital Marketing Agency.