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Kool Stories is a social learning platform by Kool Group Ltd. It is a Skill & Knowledge sharing app that promotes skilling, upskilling & connecting like-minded people.

Most Popular Ethical Hacking Languages- Why? Ethical hacking is the art of lawfully breaching corporate networks to find possible flaws that hackers could exploit to establish an entry point in a network.

Most Popular Ethical Hacking Languages- Why?

The purpose of these ethical hacking efforts is to discover any vulnerability before falling into the hands of malicious attackers and patching them before any attack can take place. For this reason, ethical hackers use a diverse range of hacking programs and programming languages. Ethical hacking does require a good knowledge of programming, but an ethical hacker may choose to learn a programming language on the need to know basis. Programming with sealing the security vulnerabilities may come in ethical hacking, and so can penetration testing. Ethical hacking may range from exposing a loophole in the system to suggest or code (depending upon their knowledge of code) a security fix for the loophole. Ruby Bash PHP LISP Python Java C Assembly SQL Lua Perl C++ JavaScript Scheme HTML. How to Become a Contributing Author - Forbes Enterpreneur HBR. Reading an article, you might have come across the byline “contributing author or contributing writer”.

How to Become a Contributing Author - Forbes Enterpreneur HBR

Left befuddled, weren’t you? We interviewed a Forbes contributing author to tell you all about it. This article answers all your burning questions surrounding contributing writers and discloses how to become one. We make it easier for you to decide if becoming a contributing writer is the right choice for you. With various designations in the writer’s domain, contributing writers may add to the confusion. Pain Management in Sports- A Bio-psycho-social Approach. “I decide it’s gonna be painful or not,” says Dr.

Pain Management in Sports- A Bio-psycho-social Approach

Emanuele Calabrese, Osteopath & Head of Rehabilitation, Rogers Regenerative Medical Group speaking of pain psychology especially among sportsmen. Essentially, pain is a sensation that can be educated and moderated. How to Shape your Business in 2021 - Learn from Leading Entrepreneurial Icons. Congratulations on the biggest venture of your life.

How to Shape your Business in 2021 - Learn from Leading Entrepreneurial Icons

This is where you write the most significant chapter- your entrepreneurial journey. How to Become a UI Designer- 2021 Guide. You might be curious as to why some websites and applications are easier than others to navigate.

How to Become a UI Designer- 2021 Guide

Cybersecurity- Languages to Learn. One of the first questions that arises when you're picking a career path is 'do I have the necessary skills to make it in this line of work?

Cybersecurity- Languages to Learn

' The same is true for cybersecurity. This article is about exploring a key skill-set required to becoming a cybersecurity professional. How to Stop Climate Change- an Individualistic Approach. The icecaps are melting; the forest fires are multiplying; natural wildlife habitats are slowly becoming extinct; and pollution with greenhouse gas emission mushrooms.

How to Stop Climate Change- an Individualistic Approach

The consequence? We are snatching away a valuable component of our legacy- a clean environment. The solution- either wait around for government policies for sustainable development or adopt an individualistic approach by being mindful on how your actions affect the environment. All your individual steps to prevent climate change can be amalgamated into one and fall under the umbrella of carbon footprint. On an individual level, reducing your carbon footprint is where you should begin. What is the carbon footprint and how it affects climate change? Carbon footprint is the sum total of carbon (and other equivalent greenhouse gases) emitted (directly or indirectly) by a single human based on the activities he/she undertakes. Build Your First PHP Website. So you have decided to be a PHP developer and hopefully, you have our article about it.

Build Your First PHP Website

If not, please see some details about becoming a PHP developer and some great resources for learning PHP. Either way, you have some background knowledge about what you are going to do next, and let us proceed towards creating our first PHP website page. Here you will find a step by step procedure for setting up your development environment and creating our page in PHP 8. Why PHP8? Let us see what it offers: What are Progressive Web Apps and How Can They be Useful? Progressive web apps are the latest technology industry initiative to improve cross-platform efficiency across the web and smartphone.

What are Progressive Web Apps and How Can They be Useful?

Are they just another trend that's going to disappear almost as quickly as they've come, or are progressive web apps here to stay? Is the PWA still around today, let us find out? Progressive web apps can also support web pages in the browser as they can give a common mobile app's user interface. How do these innovations work and what are the obstacles? In this article, we discuss the arguments for and against the use of advanced web apps and tooling to make the most advanced web app possible. Quick Eccles Cake Recipe. Devout Puritan Oliver Cromwell imprisoned anyone found eating Eccles cakes.

Quick Eccles Cake Recipe

Oh! The unimaginable culinary terror. But what makes these cakes such a sinful delight? How to Begin as a Coder and Select the Right Programming Language. Coding has exploded in the past few years and has turned into something that forms the way we live in the real world from something found in video games and sometimes mobile devices. So now is a good time to learn how to become a coder. Almost all appliances, electronic items, and industrial machinery have a small amount of code at least. The number of coding applications will also continue to increase as coding applications increase. Organic Gardening- Your Personal Guide. Organic produce is a bit heavy on the pocket, but why is the world still going organic? We answered all these burning questions and much more in our latest organic gardening guide. There, we (hopefully) convinced most of you to switch to the more natural ways of food production and ditch the conventional gardening methods.

Now, that you are all pumped up to grow organic vegetables, here is everything you need to know about starting an organic garden at home. UK Cybersecurity Infrastructure- What You Should Know. Whenever we talk about securing a nation’s interest, a general picture about the military assets comes into mind. I won’t say that the picture is wrong as they(military) are on forefront already. The world has changed a lot since WW2, and even the cold war and the way an attack is done is changed drastically. The cold war era was also the era when the internet started taking shape. Things have only progressed from then, and it has come to an extent where all of our names, emails and even bank details are over the internet.

How To Get Into Teaching- Build Your Career As a Pedagogue. It’s never too late to begin a career in teaching! All it takes is a real knack to pass on knowledge, a teaching style and dedication to making a difference. You are here because you consider being a pedagogue and are seriously considering to build a career in teaching. That’s the right path. This avenue of continuous learning and education is the most rewarding and satisfying career, not to forget, the most enriching experience. Step up Your Vegan Hosting Game in 2021. How is that no meat, no dairy food preparation coming along? Let us take a wild guess. It’s either that you promised, you thought you’d deliver, but now you lost track mid-way. Mix · The Art of Storytelling- a Branding Perspective. The Art of Storytelling- a Branding Perspective.

“The most picturesque Saturday evening, I sat writing on my bureau, and something peculiar happened. Psychology of Writing- Protect the Art. 7 Traditional British Dishes and Classic English Cuisine. Ever wondered how the traditional English breakfast or the “fry up” came into the limelight? What Is Cybersecurity And Why Is It A Potent Career Path? Why Cybersecurity? Why is cybersecurity important? Online services like E-Commerce, Online Banking, Food Delivery Apps exist from past many years now, and due to lockdowns in almost every country in the world, their customers and transactions have increased. Apart from buying and selling or transferring money, work from home has seen an increase as well. Like other apps work from home requires a number of apps for sharing the screen, video calls, conferencing etc. Acrylic Painting Ideas & Inspiration From Budding Artists. Difference Between Marketing and Advertising. Ethnic Curry Recipes to Make Healthy and Savory Meals Every time.

We went looking for cinnamon and guess we just got a good deal that lasted about 200 years. Such a Thing Called English Folk Music- History, Fun Facts & Today. Just like all other cultures, folk music lies at the heart of the English culture too. While music critic Oscar Adolf Hermann Schmitz, described the United Kingdom as 'The Land Without Music' ('Das Land Ohne Musik') in his book, the Britons have music in their veins.

This English folk music passed down in the form of ballads and pastorals, goes back to medieval times. But due to its association with the many hues of English traditional culture, folk music hasn't received the limelight it deserved. Now, with fusion music and fresher tune traditions across Britain, English folk music is enjoying its day in the sun. Street Artists That are Redefining Contemporary Art. Britain is the epicentre of modern art and its rich art history is proof enough. Moreso, it is currently ranked as the most magnetic city by GPCI, powerful enough to attract a variety of creative individuals and enterprises. This makes the British art scenario as the most creatively diverse and distinct, giving rise to new movements and developments.

One such characteristic movement is of street artists. 21st-century art is thriving with tasteful pieces on the diverse ongoings in the world, combined with the evolution of our experiences and preferences. With every passing era, the need to break the shackles of obsolete norms and rules is desperately felt.