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Konstantinfo is an award winning web and mobile application development company with sole aim of providing quality services to both startups to large enterprises. With a cadre of 170 master brains, we have developed more 3500 projects for over 2300 customers in the time span of 13 years. We are serving clients from all over the world with a vision of becoming most trusted offshore partner.

Kotlin - The Latest Language to Streamline Android App Development. Kotlin is here and is touted as one of the most powerful languages that we have seen yet for Android Application Development.

Kotlin - The Latest Language to Streamline Android App Development

Let’s find out. Kotlin-The launch of new programming language from Google is all in buzz these days. Kotlin is touted as one of the most powerful language among the pool of languages built for Android development yet. With Kotlin you can expect Android App Development to open up to new avenues and better approaches towards building futuristic solutions. Considered as one of the most influential breakthroughs carried out by Google in the recent times, Kotlin offers developers with great ability to build apps using far-reaching programming references and technology resources that fervently define the trait and substance of the language. With its virtuous features, simpler syntax and stanch functionality traits, the language offers streamlined Android app development in the most resourceful manner.

Less coding, lesser turn-around. Top 20 Industries Being Disrupted by On-Demand Apps - Konstantinfo. If you are born in or before the early 90’s, you may remember the most popular ‘Snake’ on Nokia 6110.

Top 20 Industries Being Disrupted by On-Demand Apps - Konstantinfo

Do you know it was a mobile gaming app? “It all started with those small arcade games, ringtone editors, calculators, desktop themes, calendars we loved installing on our mobile handsets to keep the display more attractive and play games in our free time.” Today, those little black screens have been replaced by huge, vibrant multi-touch display,the 21-key inputs have now turned into a single key with 1334×750-pixel resolution at 326 ppi 1400:1 contrast ratio (typical), proximity sensor, fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating. Presently, there are around 1.6 million apps on Google Play and 1.5 million apps in Apple App Store.

Mobile apps have made a headway in the service industry with the introduction of on-demand apps. The Ultimate Benefits of Building a Mobile App for Your Industry. We only encourage industry creativity to embrace change and adapt to new technologies because we now know that there is no road forward if there is no transformation.

The Ultimate Benefits of Building a Mobile App for Your Industry

When an expert tends to give advice, we take some and ignore many. The self-realization happens only after going through the experiences, often the expensive ones. This is the one single mindset that has been found in businesses across all industries. A growing number of organizations across industries have realized this fact and thus, their next business move is to have a mobile app solution for the B2B and B2Cproducts and service they are offering globally. No industry, be it healthcare, media and entertainment, sports, food and restaurant, real estate, banking and finance, education and eLearning or travel is exempt from this shifting panorama. All these industries got transformed when the internet brought them online, and that change has now reached to mobile apps. Healthcare & Fitness Travel & Hospitality. 7 Features You Can’t Afford to Miss in Social Media App - Konstantinfo.

For an app to be successful, the first requisite to possess is a collection of features without which a social media app is incomplete.

7 Features You Can’t Afford to Miss in Social Media App - Konstantinfo

Here is a rundown of the same. The outlook of some appreneurs suggests loading up an app with lots of features will make it go viral and users will start using it from the word go. But, it isn’t the case. Loading up your app with more features than required at the outset can have a reverse effect on your app’s success.

More features can confuse the users and deceive them of the core functionality and purpose of your app, which can lead to increased abandon rate. How to measure the ROI of Newspaper App Development and Plan for Revenues? Know what all efforts go into developing a newspaper app and how to plan for revenues while measuring the ROI of Newspaper App Development.

How to measure the ROI of Newspaper App Development and Plan for Revenues?

One fact about newspapers – Print newspaper circulation on an average day was on a constant decline of 7% in 2015. And this decline is mounting steadily to affect the sale of a daily as people least depend on them to get the news. As they find it far easier to reach and grab news online. Talking of that, as per a recent survey by Pew Research Center, only 2% of the population that was being surveyed showed interest in going with the print source to consume information for the elections that recently happened. Which clearly shows, how the game is turning towards the digital media and mobile apps. How to Build a Restaurant Guide App Like Zomato? A brief guide on what all is required to build a restaurant guide app like Zomato.

How to Build a Restaurant Guide App Like Zomato?

There’s nothing as spread-out and feature-filled like Zomato when you talk about Restaurant Guide Apps we have around. Well, this was not the same as they started up with the app and the product was launched as a minimal viable product – allowing users to just find restaurants at different locations and look at photos and menus. How to Build a Live Streaming Video App - Important Business Insights. Dating app, Patkor, entitled as ‘The Tinder of Southeast Asia’ moves to the next level by introducing a live steaming video feature, as it signed a merger deal with a Taiwanese startup.

How to Build a Live Streaming Video App - Important Business Insights

Of course, the article is not about dating apps or Patkor, it’s to highlight the popularity of live-streaming in mobile apps. Facebook Live, Instagram,, Periscope, Streamago and many more have made live streaming simple and one-touch operation. Live streaming video apps are not a new concept though. Streaming is a lot older in its origins when Word Power magazine featured streaming soundtracks online in 1995.

They primarily focused on audio content. HIPAA Compliance and Your Mobile App: What You Need to Know. Everything you need to know about HIPAA compliance and your mobile app – from different perspectives of privacy and security!

HIPAA Compliance and Your Mobile App: What You Need to Know

Which begins with what HIPAA is. HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. The law was enacted in order to collect and protect the health information and medical records of individuals. The ultimate goal of this law is to assure and validate the way individually identifiable health information is stored and shared over communication technology (typically over mobile apps). So, when you are working on any such project, you should be first ensuring if the mobile app is HIPAA compliant or not.

The challenges that are faced in understanding HIPAA compliance are majorly due to the complexity it and the ambiguity in the sources of PHI. How to Know When Your App Needs a Major Update - Konstantinfo. To be in the best of its shape every app needs updates from time to time.

How to Know When Your App Needs a Major Update - Konstantinfo

What are the biggest ones of them? Tried to figure out in this article. Mobile apps are almost everything to your business in today’s digitalized era. 5 Enterprise Web Application Trends to Lookout For In 2017. As internet takes the center stage for all major business decisions and transactions, companies are now witnessing the immense potential enterprise web applications hold in terms of optimizing their internal operations and consequent efficiency.

5 Enterprise Web Application Trends to Lookout For In 2017

While these systems have been around for decades and being offered by a significant number of web development companies, the recent advancements in technologies are now all set to add a whole new dimension to the web development services. Clearly, the overall procedure for the enterprise app development will probably remain the same; however, the final product being deployed will be highly enhanced in many metric terms. Since there is only so much that can be covered in the scope of this article, we have listed out 5 prominent areas in which web application development will witness major overhaul: Security Integrated Solutions.

6 Reasons Node.js is Your Express Ticket to Web App Development. The ability to code in the same programming language for frontend and backend is only carried by Node.js framework. The world of IT calls for expert opinions, in-depth knowledge, modern tools and hands-on experience to build the next awesome websites, mobile apps and cloud solutions. Just like choosing the right ingredient for making a flavorful dish is absolutely crucial, finding the right tool/framework/technology to create a website, mobile app or any other IT-enabled solution is critical to making future decisions. A Quick Guide to Expanding Customer-Base for your On-Demand Services – Konstant Infosolutions. From booking a ride and renting a villa to ordering laundry and hiring a person to walk your dog, no matter what services anyone needs, most likely there is an app for it.

And since everyone has their smartphones with them all the time, they are indeed a potential customer if you provide on-demand services through mobile apps. But with such successful services already running in the market, it leaves no space for just an average idea but compels the businesses to pursue more intuitive and unique approach. Though hiring an on-demand app development service can take care of all your technological needs, prompting customers to use them is altogether a different challenge.

As fascinating as the success stories of few on-demand services like Uber and Airbnb may sound, equally depressing are the stories of those thousand others who try their luck in the sector but fall flat. Figure Out Your Target Audience Don’t Just Sell, Connect. Why Accounting Firms Need to Have a Mobile App? ~ Mobile and Web App World. The role of cell phones has changed dramatically. Introduced to streamline and facilitate long distance communication is now a go-to tool for grown-ups, professionals, millennials and people knowledgeable enough to comprehend its functionality for accomplishing tasks, which once looked bleak to accomplish while relaxing at home.

The society has transformed and businesses have been asked to switch ways, courtesy- disruption caused due to mobile technology. According to a stat from the Office for National Statistics, around 61% of adults access the internet away from office via the mobile device. The increasing dependency and time spent on mobile devices indicate that if you as a business owner need to excel, then you got to adopt modern ways of doing things and going mobile is one of the new trends disrupting the entire technology space.

Why Consider React Native for Hybrid App Development? - Konstantinfo. React Native empowers developers to build apps easily and quickly. Learn more to know why it is good for your future hybrid development project. With the evolution of technology, developers have asked to switch from traditional ways of doing things to fresh and radical ones.This has indeed helped in building apps way too quickly than usual. Without wasting time in writing code from scratch, the developers can now build apps using the pre-defined libraries and code written to power operating systems like iOS and Android. Things You Must Know Before Developing An iPhone App - Mogul.

Though mobile users can subscribe to an unlimited number of online services, they sure can’t keep an app for every single purpose. Allowing an app to consume permanent space on their mobile phone is a commitment that users make only to those who truly deserve the honor. This behavior is even more applicable to the iPhone users- who constitute the category that spends most on mobile apps, and consequently have their expectations set much higher.

Adding to that is the high scrutiny of quality and security Apple does of every submission on the App Store. How Much It Costs to Build a Navigation App Like Waze - Konstantinfo. Mobile App Economy - An Inside Story - Konstantinfo. Mobile apps are being used extensively- courtesy fast adoption of smartphones. Want to develop a car rental app? Know the costs and other details. From the number of mobile app development companies available out there, what offers you the best deal for developing a car rental app. What will car rental look like in the next 10 years? 7 Features You Need to Include in CRM Application - Konstantinfo. With businesses focusing on customers like never in this modern technology landscape, it becomes crucial to understand CRM more closely. The booming smartphone adoption is a clear indication of consumers being digitally addicted and wanting everything at the comfort of their homes.

Smart gadgets, most prominent being smartphones have become a favorite tool for consumers to buy, research, interact and above all stay abreast with latest industry trends. Mobile is an ideal way to connect with your customers, which marketers around the world are considering, to lift the customer engagement and satisfaction rates. What makes CakePHP The Ideal Framework for Agile Website Development. The Guide to Hiring a PHP Developer - Konstantinfo. For a project to be successful, we need expert hands, an active mind and hands-on experience in technical, UI/UX design, and business skills. Nearly every software project (website, mobile app) we try to build for improving our existing enterprise processes or to stay abreast with the latest trends, we wish to make it work the best. Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Magento as your eCommerce platform. This article takes you through the most prominent reasons why you should go with Magento web development over any other eCommerce development option.

As more and more businesses are shifting to the digital modes of commerce the competition among businesses aiming to reach users through online platforms is stiffening more than ever before. Top Web & Mobile App Development Company. How to Speed Up Your App Development Process? App developers must be familiar with the struggles of building a quality app within set deadlines. How laborious it would be for developers to maintain the quality, finish tasks within time and develop a reliable application.

Why You Need to Invest in SAAS… Welcome to kiwiboxWe're happy that you are part of our community. Get Mapped with GPS Tracking Application- Know It How? - Mobile App Development Company. How to Make an App Like Instagram? - Konstantinfo. Identifying the Potential of Location-Based Technologies- Wi-Fi, GPS & Beacons. Top 5 E-commerce Mobile App Trends of 2017. 5 Things to Consider for an Ideal Cloud App Development Platform. What Artificial Intelligence Has In-Store for Ecommerce Industry? 5 Undeniable Reasons Your Hospital Needs a Mobile App - Konstantinfo.

Measure the Success of Android App with these 6 Substantial Metrics. Well-founded Reasons to Invest in eCommerce Mobile Apps. Top 10 Web Development & Design Trends for 2017 - Konstantinfo. Ionic 2.2.0 Update is Out with Two New Features - Konstantinfo. Get Mapped with GPS Tracking Application- Know It How? - Mobile App Development Company. How Can Mobile Technology Change the Face of Auto Manufacturing Industry?

Why Do You Need to Create a Mobile App for Your Magazine? Konstant Infosolutions on a Business Trip to Kuwait City. How PaaS (Platform as a Service) is Helpful to Startups? - Konstantinfo. How to Optimize Your Sunk Development Costs? ~ Mobile and Web App World. How Virtual Reality Can Revamp Travel Industry? – Konstant Infosolutions. Building a Travel Booking Application - The Cost and Benefit Scenario. How to Develop a Real Estate App like Zillow or Trulia - Konstantinfo. How a Customized Mobile App Can Boost Your Business? Why is It Important for Insurance Companies to Own a Mobile App?

Your Business Should Have a Mobile App - Know It Why? Want to Build an Event App? Know It How? Facile Tricks to Sports Team Management - Get Insights Here? How an App Can Transform Transportation and Logistics Industry? 7 Most Loved Cross-Platform Mobile Development Tools for Companies. How Much Budget You Need to Market Your App? How Much Does it Cost to Build an Educational App for Kids? Mobile App Development Becomes More Profitable in 2017. How to Use Machine Learning in Mobile Apps. 4 Steps of Building the App Prototypes Right. Scrum or Waterfall: Which Methodology Best Suits Your Startup? Infographic: How Much Time and Cost It Takes To Build a Mobile App.

Google Acquires Fabric, Twitter’s Mobile Development Platform. How to Interview Remote Developers. How Much is the Cost of Developing an App Like Airbnb. Top Reasons to Invest in Kids’ Educational App for Startups. Angular 2- A Sneak Peek to the Latest Tech Upgrade. Top app development companies video interview: Konstant Infosolutions – App Developers Blog. Hybrid Apps on the Rise - Reshaping Mobile App Development. Android 7.1.1 Update: The Sweetest of Nougat!

A Quick Read Explaining Essentials of Internet of Things (IoT) Digital Revolution - Explore Top Trends for 2017. Top Big Data Trends for 2016. 5 Effective Ways to App Personalization. How iBeacon Can Light the World of iOS Developers? Analyze Real-Time IoT Data with HTML5 Apps. Should Android Instant Apps be Your Next Move? iBeacon Technology: What, How and Where? 10 Most Popular Web Application Development Frameworks - Blog. 5 Biggest Challenges for Startups During Mobile App Development. Does your app follow these UI design principles? – App Developers Blog. 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Developing Beacon Apps. Konstant infosolutions featured in India’s top 10 mobile app development agencies. Konstant infosolutions named a leading performer for web development globally. Top app development companies interview: Konstant Infosolutions – Follow up (III) – App Developers Blog. How Mobile Apps have Become a Must-have for Modern Businesses. Konstant Infosolutions Positioned as Global Leader in B2B IT Services in 2016 - EIN News.

What is the Cost of Building a Web Application? Know it Right Here. Mobile App Development Trends to Dominate 2017 - App Industry Insights. iOS or Android App development - What’s Best for Your Startup? Demand for Enterprise Mobile Apps Will Grow Five Times Against the Development Capacity in 2017: Gartner Report. MongoDB 3.4 Released - Here’s What You Need to Know? What Business Owners Need to K… How to Market your Mobile App Before Launch - Mobile App Development Company. 5 Ways to Prevent Your Website From Losing Traffic. The 3 Cs To Success For Mobile Apps. WordPress Vs. A Custom CMS by Tushar Vijay. Enterprise Status of HTML5 Mobile App Development. Here’s Why Your Small Business Needs an iOS Application? Riding into the Future With AI And IoT Revolution.

Enterprise Mobility Trends That’ll Continue to Rule in 2017 by Manish Jain. 5 Incredible Ways to Conceive Your Next App Idea. The Path to Cost-effective Enterprise Mobile App Development - App Industry Insights.