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Konstantinfo is an award winning web and mobile application development company with sole aim of providing quality services to both startups to large enterprises. With a cadre of 170 master brains, we have developed more 3500 projects for over 2300 customers in the time span of 13 years. We are serving clients from all over the world with a vision of becoming most trusted offshore partner.

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Web And Mobile App Development. What Businesses can gain from iPhone App Development by Professionals - Information Technology - Palo Alto, CA. Konstant Infosolutions - Shopify Believes Retail is the Future of eCommerce. With over 400,000 merchants using its platform, Shopify is one of the most recognized brands in the eCommerce website development space that facilitates billions of dollars of merchandise sale each year.

Konstant Infosolutions - Shopify Believes Retail is the Future of eCommerce

It is primarily the convenience it offers in terms of creating and managing virtual stores that has attracted and enabled many businesses to take the eCommerce route and exploit the wide range of benefits it has to offer. Startups and businesses with little or no technical expertise in particular, have benefited immensely with Shopify development that provides one stop solution for all eCommerce needs. But then no matter how much eCommerce booms, retail is and probably will remain a significant part of consumers life. Yes, eCommerce is leaping ahead every year with double-digit growth and expected to be $2 trillion market by 2020, but it will fall behind the much larger retail industry that is expected to top $28 trillion by the same time.

Top 7 eCommerce Design Trends for 2017 and Beyond. Technology advancement and ever-changing consumers’ demands require businesses to be open to new ideas.

Top 7 eCommerce Design Trends for 2017 and Beyond

No doubt, the digital landscape has shaped in such a way that businesses have become more receptive to modernization. eCommerce is no exception. Over time, new techniques to retain and engage users are deployed, more robust frameworks are brought in the picture, personnel is skilled accordingly to serve customers better and concepts that used to trend, are now mainstream. Stats show that 51% of Americans prefer online shopping than hunting for products in stores. According to some data scientists, online sales will reach $523 billion in 2020, which was $335 billion in 2015.

It is evident that online retail will rule, and stores without online presence will disappear. Here, we’ll be looking at the eCommerce design trends that will help online businesses to stay ahead of the curve. 1. A couple of years back eCommerce websites were built keeping big screens (desktops and laptops) in mind. Publi. How to Design Better Mobile Apps with Rapid Prototyping - Konstantinfo. The articles aims at taking you through different stages of Rapid Prototyping to build better mobile apps.

How to Design Better Mobile Apps with Rapid Prototyping - Konstantinfo

Taking it generally, you can’t reach a perfect product without having a proper plan for it. And more specifically a proper design plan for it. The plan here doesn’t mean a group of thoughts and ideas assembled together to acquire a base to build a product or propose a solution. Rather, you need to build an additive layer to make that idea more evident and clear for conceptualizing and planning the product in an optimum design that reflects your virtues and notions effectively. The Guide to Hiring Magento Developers - Today with around every fourth eCommerce website based on this platform, Magento is undoubtedly the leading tool for developing highly dynamic, feature-rich and scalable online marketplace.

The Guide to Hiring Magento Developers -

The release of the platform in 2008 aptly coincided with the initial boom that eCommerce witnessed at the time and has been constantly evolving with new capabilities and improvements to incorporate the ever changing requirements of the industry. And that is the reason why Magento certified developers are today one of the most sought after talents in the eCommerce development space. While there are no shortages of Magento developers in the market, finding the one best suited for their particular idea remains a major challenge for all business. Especially since eCommerce relies so crucially on virtual presence and user experience, even a small misstep can cause huge business setback. 5 Ultimate Ways that Influence Users to Download Your App - Nick Throlson Professional Word Press Web Designer. While the topic of app installs is an expansive one as a whopping number of apps continues to add to the app stores.

5 Ultimate Ways that Influence Users to Download Your App - Nick Throlson Professional Word Press Web Designer

Too often, marketers overlook the important fact that apps serve a different purpose than websites. Besides a technical difference in coding and tools, there is a huge difference in user experience that an app offers. Then what’s that the most downloaded apps have over the rest? iOS or Android: How to Choose a Mobile OS to Develop an App For Smart. Once you make up your mind to enter the lucrative world of mobile apps, it’s time to plan.

iOS or Android: How to Choose a Mobile OS to Develop an App For Smart

Having a rational path to success from the outset is mandatory, which also includes selecting an ideal operating system, iOS or Android for app development. There are certain factors of consideration that you, as a business owner as well as your application development company, need to focus on. However, it is not as straightforward as it seems. In this article, we will take you through the fundamentals of selecting a suitable mobile operating system for your business.

5 Tips to Make Your Mobile Banking App Secure - TechSling Weblog. Banking has been an essential part of our lives from much before smartphones or internet or even computers came around.

5 Tips to Make Your Mobile Banking App Secure - TechSling Weblog

And though it is one of those services almost everyone avails, it remains clouded in secrecy and utmost security, where customers are driven more by trust than any other factor. While this behavior of customers has remained largely the same, banks themselves have gone through massive transformations over the years- from large complexes to ATMs to mobile apps. But no matter what shape the banks take, the central idea remains the same- provide efficient operations in a secure environment. But as much as banks have evolved, the security threats they face too have matched the pace, resulting in encryption and authentication algorithms replacing vaults and guns as the primary security measure.

Here are 5 security factors that you must consider and incorporate in your mobile banking app to make it secure: #1. Four Risks to Avoid During B2B Web Development - Nick Throlson Professional Word Press Web Designer. There are today no second thoughts on the way eCommerce development has taken the entire consumer market by storm- with billions of people using the channel to generate revenues worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

Four Risks to Avoid During B2B Web Development - Nick Throlson Professional Word Press Web Designer

But few people actually realize that it is in fact just the tip of the iceberg- with a much larger B2B (Business to Business) component lying underneath. If we go by statistics, B2B eCommerce is at least 4 times that of B2C and is expected to account for a staggering $6.7 trillion market by 2020. So, if you happen to be in the business or are looking to step in, now would be a good time to take a second look at your web development strategy and make the most out of the current boom. While most of the technical aspects for B2B web development remains the same as others, there are some innate factors that ultimately decide the fate of such businesses. 1. 2. 3. 10 internet trends of 2017 app developers must know about – App Developers Blog. Today’s technology operates in a dynamic marketplace and the only thing expected from the technology and science belonging to any sort is the ability to adapt to change and address it to allow people to have ever-advanced solutions to keep up with their evolved needs and preferences.

10 internet trends of 2017 app developers must know about – App Developers Blog

The same applies to the Internet trends, these keep sailing to a farther notch with newer facets of utility and application with each new offering and release it comes up with. Talking of that let’s find out what are the Internet trends that are all in the buzz in 2017. Konstant Infosolutions Ranks #2 among the Best Mobile App Developers in India. Visit: Having been ranked #2 among top mobile app developers by best ranking firm, Konstant Info confirms as a provider of premium app development services.

Konstant Infosolutions Ranks #2 among the Best Mobile App Developers in India

This is a tremendous honor and validation of our commitment to providing the best mobile application development services to each client, including those with the most complex projects.” — Vipin Jain - CEO/Co-Founder of Konstant Infosolutions PALO ALTO, CA, UNITED STATES, September 7, 2017 / -- The recent list of ‘top mobile application developers in India’ released by ranked Konstant Infosolutions on the second position, outshining across multiple areas of service. Konstant makes its mark with an overall rating of 4.8 obtaining excellent scores in ‘quality,’ ‘schedule,’ ‘cost’ and‘willing to refer’ as posted by various clients who have received services from Konstant. 6 Reasons Why You Need To Transform Your HTML Site Into WordPress. While having a website is more like a necessity than an option for any business. But having an outdated HTML site can be worse than having none.

4 Common Mobile UX Mistakes to Avoid - Every individual, business group or organization puts a lot of efforts in creating a mobile app, still many of them fail because users do not like the design and find it difficult to fulfill their basic needs for which the app has been developed. Clearly, it’s not only the number of app downloads that matter throughout but also the number of active users.

But many of the app designers, developers and marketers are flawed in the way they engage with their mobile users, which leads to complete abandonment just only after a few uses. Here are four of the most common mistakes that deliver a bad user experience, which instead of encouraging users to return back, force them to delete the app forever. 11 Points to Ponder Before You Start Building your App - Media/News Blog Article By Konstant Infosolutions. Landing on this page means you have decided to dive in the ocean of apps or probably gaining insights on how to get started.

Perfect! You have arrived right. It’ll take you through the most important 11 points you to need to ponder before you start developing your app. No wonder apps have made our lives as smooth as silk. The things which looked tough as hell a few years back, they are now a piece of cake. EFSS Technology and Its Growing Role in Enterprise Mobility. How EFSS technology is contributing to the ways enterprise app development is approached and executed.

Check this article.. EFSS (Enterprise File Sync and Sharing) is a well-established enterprise information sourcing and processing system allowing businesses to effectively secure and share important data and comprehensive reports through files on mobile devices. With workers relying more on mobile devices for seamlessly connecting the processes for having effective communication on-the-go, EFSS technology is gaining importance across different resource perspectives and ranging operational factors of the business. It has a huge role to play in driving business as a consolidated functional unit within a dynamic market ecosystem. EFSS allows users to work in a comprehensive manner accessing all facilities and resources as they would do with a fully-loaded desktop system, but this time they can do this being anywhere and anytime.

Also read: How Will Enterprise Apps Streamline Your Business? Consider These Factors for App Monetization - beBee Producer. Do you have an app and are looking to turn it into a feasible revenue channel? Read here how:If you look around, everyone has an innovative business idea but not everyone has an app. There are two reasons for that: 1. Apps aren’t cheap to build; 2. Most of the ideas do not have the potential to turn into monetary success.And even for those which do, the task of monetizing an app isn’t just a matter of placing an arbitrary price tag and reaping the profits till eternity.

How Are Social TV and Second Screen Apps Shaping Kids Entertainment Programs. While tech visionaries have been professing the death of TV for years, it seems to reinvent itself every time. And this time it’s taken the shape of Social TV via second screen apps. There was a time when all the family members and friends used to sit together and watch TV. Then came computers and internet and smartphones, and suddenly everyone is busy watching the content of their choice on their personal devices, in isolation.

Top 10 Reasons for Founders to Choose React Native - Konstantinfo. Know the top 10 reasons that make React Native the best of options to build native apps. 5 Web Development Risks Every Business Should Avoid. While in our every other post, we always talk about how businesses that follow latest technology trends can transcend their competitors, this time we are asking you to unroll your sleeves and stay away from few oddballs. Because not every time a new thing is good for your business growth. How to defy mobile app development odds? Top Technologies Fueling Fitness Activity Tracking Apps. Long before, people got addicted to flat screens of smartphones and computers while televisions and binge watching apparently became a thing.

People, on a broader scale, used to be fit. A complete guide to minimising the size of Android and iOS apps. Advantages of Hybrid Mobile App Development - Konstantinfo. Listing out the top advantages and benefits of going with hybrid mobile app development. 5 Basics of Mobile App Development by konstantinfo. Mobile apps are today clearly the frontier for user engagement and cutting-edge rapid innovations. Take mobile games for instance, what started as the classic game of snake on monochromatic screens, has today transcended into augmented and virtual reality. And if we add to that the new dimension created by the internet, the transformation has been truly mind-boggling and almost unrecognizable from the mobile apps a decade ago. But no matter with the advancements in technology, the basics have remained the same. Konstant Infosolutions. Compelling Ways to Grow Your Android App Development Business. The 82 billion app downloads on over 2 billion Android devices last year is a true testimony to the fact that these are the golden times in Android app development and that there is no dearth of users if engaging content comes along.

That being said, though Android has witnessed explosive growth in the last few years, where even the mediocre apps for flashlight and fart gained astounding success, the market is now beginning to get quality-oriented and as much as opportunity elegant apps offer, equally counter-productive it can get if you fail to meet user expectations. 7 Qualities to Lookout for Hiring Android App Developers. 5 Most Popular PHP Development Frameworks - Laravel Tops the Chart. Even the finest of PHP web developers will agree that it is a tricky language to master, mainly due to the multiple functions and respective parameter lists. But it is still the language of choice for many PHP web development services because it is fast and can easily handle largest of projects if paired with appropriate tools.

Invariably Important Criteria to Follow Before Launching an Enterprise Application? These criteria prove vital when you plan to launch an enterprise application. The Best Ways Startups Can Leverage Big Data in 2017v. 5 Ways to Enhance the App Testing Process. The Power of an On-demand Laundry App - Konstantinfo. How to Convert an Android App to Apple's iOS Application. How Much It Costs To Build And Maintain An Ecommerce Product Like Amazon And Flipkart? Key Mobility Trends Enterprises Will Continue to Follow in 2017  New High-Tech Photography- On Customer’s Demand - Konstantinfo. The Checklist to Hire Android App Developers. 10 Tips to Creating the Next Great App. Web Development Trends for 2017.

How to Develop a Mobile App for Hospital? - Konstantinfo. Top mobile app developers India 2017. How Smart Mobile Apps are Shaping the Future of Finance - Konstantinfo. Looking for Ways To Reduce Your Costs And Web Development Timeline? Consider These Factors ~ Mobile and Web App World. How Startups Can Use IoT To Their Advantage. How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Snapchat? - Konstantinfo. The Complete Guide to Creating a Tech Startup for Non-Tech Founder. Android Oreo Is the Latest 8.0 Update - Key Features Revealed. 5 Ways Chatbots Can Shape Hospitality Industry. Top Features of Google Angular 4 - Konstantinfo. Startups Continue to Favor Swift for iPhone App Development. Konstant infosolutions emerged as a leader in iOS app development. Extending Your iOS Apps with SiriKit - Useful Insights - Konstantinfo.

Extending Your iOS Apps with SiriKit - Useful Insights - Konstantinfo. How to Integrate Security in App Development at Early Stage. How Customer Journey Maps Will Lead to High ROI. Why Hire a Certified Magento Developer? - Konstantinfo. How Important is an eCommerce Platform for Growth? Little Known Secrets About Wearable App Development. New map apps are defining the future of retail.

Cloud App Development- How to Increase Efficiency? E-commerce Metrics You Must Optimize to Improve Customer Experience. How to Choose a Location Identifier You Need: Wi-Fi, GPS & Beacons. Google expounding future of App Development with Android Studio 3.0 and Kotlin. iPhone 8 to Arrive this Fall- Latest Specs, Price, Launch Date. Client Awards Us 5-Stars- A Token of Satisfaction and Reliance.

Migrate Your Store from Magento 1 to Magento 2 Without Inviting Glitches. Niume. Top 6 E-commerce Platforms for Small Businesses. Will Smart Apps be The Future of Business App Development? 7 Most Popular AngularJS Frameworks for Avant-Garde Solutions. The Internet of Things is Real and Is Set to Grow. Everything You Need to Know About Multilingual Mobile App Development. How Can an App Stimulate Growth of Your Online Magazine?

Mobile app development tips for dummies from an app entrepreneur – App Developers Blog. Satisfied Clientele- Adding One More to the List of Happy Patrons. How to Plan Your Web App Development to Propel Business Growth. Xamarin: The Undisputed Choice for Cross-Platform App Development. GUI Testing for Mobile App Development - Build Chat App for Your Business- Know It How? - Konstantinfo. How Much Does It Cost to Build a Car Wash App? - Konstantinfo. The Retail Industry has a New Cornerstone- AI and Deep Learning - AI Trends. How Agile Methodology Streamlines Mobile App Development Process? How Agile Methodology Streamlines Mobile App Development Process? Major Challenges in the On-Demand Laundry Sector - Konstantinfo.

How Different Trends Affect Mobile App Development. How Much Does it Cost to Develop a WordPress Site - Konstantinfo. The End of Salons as We Know Them till Now. The Best Coupon App Development- We’ve Saved our Clients Thousands of Dollars. How Tourism Industry can Grow with Mobile Apps? - Konstantinfo. Mobile Ecommerce - Winning it big with Progressive Web Applications. Voice of the Client: Konstant Infosolutions Gets a Perfect 5 - Konstantinfo. On-Demand Parking Apps- Learnings You Can Draw Out - Konstantinfo. How to Choose a Technology Stack Meeting All the Project's Peculiarities. Konstant Infosolutions Ranked as Top Mobile App Development Company in GoodFirms Research - Konstantinfo. Movie Streaming Apps Disrupting the Industry- You can build Your Netflix. How eCommerce Can Fly High with Cloud Services. How Much an App like Pandora Radio Costs?