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Project- Reminder App: Easiest Way to Hash out Your Precious Memories. We connected with a French client – to develop an app to trap human mindsight.

Project- Reminder App: Easiest Way to Hash out Your Precious Memories

It wasn’t AI but much like that. It doesn’t involve looking inside the brain to find out what’s going on in there. But it lets you pay close attention to the pictures in your head, the thoughts in your mind, the emotions you experience and even the feelings in your body. 20 Trends and Challenges To Redefine Hospitality in 2021. Marketplace Business Model: How Online Marketplaces Earn? Business aspects for an online multi-vendor marketplace - What value will it create?

Marketplace Business Model: How Online Marketplaces Earn?

- How will it deliver? - How will it bring in revenue? - How will the businesses earn a profit? Sellers list their products for sale on marketplaces or e-commerce marketplaces – category wise and consumers make the online purchase. Common examples include Amazon and eBay. Different Types of Marketplaces by the Management Approach (Examples) Lightly managed – Etsy, and Airbnb etc.Strongly managed – Uber, Your mechanic and Packhelp etc.Fully managed – Opendoor, Carvana and honour etc.

How to Create Apps like Thumbtack in Easy Steps? Creating apps like Thumbtack is a matter of few easy steps.

How to Create Apps like Thumbtack in Easy Steps?

Let’s find out! Wish to speed-up your tasks? Or stretch up during the weekends? Stripe vs Braintree: Best Payment Gateway For Your Business. What is a payment gateway important; how does Stripe vs.

Stripe vs Braintree: Best Payment Gateway For Your Business

Braintree differ? Payment gateways are the merchant service provided by e-commerce application service providers to accept online payments via credit/debit cards. Customers make these payments against purchases from the eCommerce platform and the payment goes to the acquirer. Payment gateways like Stripe are useful in retail processing, e-commerce and online stores, point of sale solutions, mobile payments, cash advance/lending and advanced reporting. IT Outsourcing Strategies: Know The Types Of Services, Benefits And Challenges. IT Outsourcing includes calling in the services of IT solutions providers to effectively deliver IT-enabled application services, business process and infrastructure solutions for business outcomes.

IT Outsourcing Strategies: Know The Types Of Services, Benefits And Challenges

Outsourcing often includes utility services, SaaS and cloud-enabled services. This solution gives the right sourcing strategy and vision to the clients. The makes the clients select the right service providers, structure the best possible contracts, and govern detail sustainable win-win relationships with external providers. IoT Trends In Insurance Industry: The Potential, Scalability And Challenges. Mobile App Development / 29.01.2021 We’re about to discuss the IoT Insurance Industry Trends, features, challenges and how IoT can expand the insurance industry in future!

IoT Trends In Insurance Industry: The Potential, Scalability And Challenges

Interconnected devices enabled with the internet have changed the way people engage in their day to day. Hybrid App Examples Built With Hybrid Framework. We’re about to discuss some best hybrid app examples with the hybrid framework – Cast your queries on hybrid app development, we’ll hurl relevant hybrid app development solutions!

Hybrid App Examples Built With Hybrid Framework

Hybrid mobile app development imbibes the features that resemble native and cross-platform applications. These come with device-specific functionalities, comprehensive development frameworks, a seamless UX, make for easy fixes and updates across all platforms, are capable of handling overwhelming traffic across platforms; all of this keeping the back-end structure simple. Such applications gel with the device functionality without much overhead. What Do You Need To Consider While Hiring Offshore Developers? Here are some basic tips that should be kept in mind while outsourcing development teams; of course there can be more to it!

What Do You Need To Consider While Hiring Offshore Developers?

Development teams need to ensure the highest performing software within stipulated time and budget. Hiring an offshore team of developers can help start-ups and small businesses in getting off with their business requirements initially and then scale it up as the mission progresses. It helps save some costs, improves communication, and improves productivity. Hiring offshore developers helps companies access a wide talent pool and in acquiring new market opportunities. How to get started with hiring offshore teams? Etsy Business Model Basics: How It Works, What Purpose It Serves? Let’s understand the primaries about Etsy Business Model, how can it help businesses to own their Etsy shops?

Etsy Business Model Basics: How It Works, What Purpose It Serves?

Etsy is an American e-commerce company that provides a global online marketplace (category and item listings), for handmade/fancy/Craft/Vintage items and food. This company is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. It allows people to buy and sell on its platform. It works in pretty much a similar way as Amazon but what sets it apart is that it charges a lesser percentage of handmade fees than Amazon. Amazon charges a 15% referral fee from each product sale including the shipping cost. Which IT Outsourcing Models Should You Consider In 2021? IT teams can be outsourced based on on-shore, near-shore, or off-shore development; outsourcing can often be classified based on popular models, let’s find out!

Which IT Outsourcing Models Should You Consider In 2021?

IT Outsourcing seemed like a saviour in case of frequent absenteeism on part of in-house teams earlier, but it has become an inseparable trend across the continents now, assisting businesses in reducing some cost, making them access the best available IT talent and high-speed production. From just being a software outsourcing company or an agency for developers hiring, organizations even step forward to become a full strategic partner to aim at a long-term partnership, aligning their business and sharing risks.

What trends in IT Outsourcing will shape in 2021? Projects outsourcing companies are benefitted as the dearth of skilled developers is filled in with adequate supply on-demand. Organizations can choose from a list of outsourcing companies in India to patch up the required skill or technology gaps. Digital Outsourcing Model. Project - Environmental Field Data Management App. Check out with our environmental field data management app to align projects with construction compliance, delineation and environmental industry Many environment field data management applications exist to help engineers, geologists, biologists and other technicians within the environment consulting industry and streamline environmental field data management domain.

This includes field data collection, simplifying compliance reporting, reducing costs, minimizes project risk, and improving insight. Such projects streamline the field data collection process and automate field data for environment. It drastically reduces any human error while recording and reduces the time spent to convert written notes into digital format. We created such an application that helps collect field data (even offline), organize survey photos, record GPS metadata, and generate reports. How Postmates Works - Business & Revenue Model. This illustration includes know-how of the postmates business model and how postmates work. Follow us for more! Postmates’ is a San Francisco based on-demand food delivery platform. It has expanded its fleet of couriers and crossed many million deliveries across the state and beyond. Postmates’ pay $4.43/delivery (average), whereas the median pay comes out at $4.27/delivery.

And an average Postmates’ delivery job includes 4.5 miles of driving. Top Trends in Wearable App Technology 2021. Here's a precise illustration of the emerging technology trends in a wearable – their usefulness and key features! Mobile has become the most prized possession with the evolution of smart apps, user-friendly interface, customer service and many more features. Wearable medical devices have recently gained traction as these come inbuilt into the fitness apps and related healthcare equipment. Wearable apps manage the wearable devices and gear series to the phone device.

Users can control their television, appliances, air-conditioners, bulbs, microwave-oven range, air-purifier, cooktop, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, refrigerator, wine cellar, washer, dryer, speakers with wearable devices, Prosthetics, orthopedic Implants, surgical instruments, smartwatches, fitness bands, sleep tracker, heart rate monitor, smart watch, a smart jacket and fitness trackers etc. Popular Wearable App examples include (in no particular order): Will A Step Towards IoT Be A Key To Breakthrough in 2021?

The communication amongst interconnected devices increasingly breaks down the social divides bringing about a new perspective that can lead to breakthroughs. After almost a year of working from home, companies need to give employees some reason to return to the office in 2021. The traditional spaces were designed to facilitate human connection. But can modern workspaces with machines bring the same credibility as real-life in-person contact? While some might think of setting up outposts in unconventional locales with the internet, others might offer a reprieve for employees to gravitate towards. As the pandemic stretched on and people became increasingly comfortable with remote work, the purpose of the new office was redefined. 2020 tested our resilience, forcing the world to change on the fly how it lives and works.

Smart Offices/Internet of Behaviour: Businesses struck by pandemic became more self-reliant and inclined towards technology. About Author. Interesting Healthcare Technology Trends in 2021. The whole gamut of on-demand medical apps offers free or subscription-based features to suit patients’ needs. Users get to select their location, sign up with the app and get set go. Right from free mental health counselling – health subscriptions – infectious disease tracking – risk assessment – checking digital health records, they have physicians, pediatrics, gynecologists, dermatologists, dieticians, diabetologists, neurologists, cardiologists, pulmonologists, orthopedics, oncologists, urologists, nephrologists, gastroenterologists, dentists, etc., to check any medical health condition online. Any patient who is a child, adult, or an elderly person may undergo health checks – full-body tests, condition-based tests, organ related checks, lifestyle screening, risk assessment for stress, allergy, obesity, cardiac problems etc.

These online medical applications can be aligned with some healthcare technology trends in 2021 (in no particular order), let’s find out: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Who is a Solutions Architect: Need, Role, Responsibilities, Skills. We are about to discuss the basics of Solutions Architecture, the people responsible and how this eases the software development process. So let's begin! Kotlin vs Groovy: The Best for Android App Development. Here is a feature update on Kotlin vs Groovy which can be used by naive as well as experienced programmers in Android App Development!

Considering the various programming paradigms that are available across, it is not very easy to evaluate which will turn out to be the best one as they come with their own set of features and practices in place. Groovy is functional but Kotlin is both procedural as well as functional. Python vs JavaScript: Which Is Better For App Development? We intend to illustrate the differences to distinguish the two most popular scripting languages – Python vs JavaScript!

Selection of a programming language is always critical to writing your very first code. Both Python and JavaScript behave in pretty similar ways but their use cases, syntax, and programming approaches are different. Node.js for Real-Time Application Development: Things You Must Know. What is A Native App and The Benefits That They Bring To Development? Web Application Framework: The Need, Types, Functions, Benefits. How Helpful is IoT in Manufacturing? Data Analytics as a Decision-Making Tool in Business. Uber for Haircuts - Keynotes for Building an On-Demand Haircuts App. How to Build a GPS Vehicle Tracking System. Create an Upbeat App Like Uber for Lawn Mowing. How Much It Cost to Create a Music App like Pandora? Top Java Web Frameworks of 2017. How Are Single-Page Apps Different from Multiple-Page Apps? Which Business Models Constitute Modern Grocery Delivery Apps? Top Tech Trends That Will Re-Define The Business in 2021.

Milk Delivery App Development: Features, Cost, Business Models. What Are The Best Hybrid App Development Frameworks 2020 for Hybrid Apps. How to Create a Multi Vendor Marketplace App. How to Build a Food Delivery Website like Deliveroo or Just Eat? A Rundown on Instacart Pricing Model. TaskRabbit: Features, Cost, Business and Revenue Model. COMHQ - Editor’s Choice Awards - Konstant Infosolutions. How Black Friday 2020 Sales Are Being Affected By Covid-19? How Much Does It Cost to Develop an Uber Tow Truck App? Why Are Magento Mobile Apps Better Than Magento Websites?

What Are The Best Hybrid App Development Frameworks for 2020. Best Node.js Frameworks to Consider in 2020. JavaScript vs TypeScript: Front-end Development Language. ReactJS vs VueJS: Checking the Two Best Front-End Frameworks. Passionate Embrace: Best Apps for Couples to Get the Relationships Work. How Much It Cost to Create a Music App like Pandora? How Much It Cost to Create a Music App like Pandora?

Top Apps Built With Flutter Framework - konstantinfo. Pediatrics On-Demand App: Seek Online Consultation Now. Factors Ascertaining SpotHero Like Parking App Development. Mobile App Development Services. Python Applications 2020: Features, Advantages, Types, Scope. Make a Live Streaming Website? Know the Feature, Technologies, Cost. How Can React Native Help In Reducing The Cost Of Hybrid Applications? Vue.js vs Angular: Which Framework is Preferable for Web Development? An Illustration on How to Create Your Calendar App.

Top Web Development Trends in 2020. Update on Discontinuity of PhoneGap and Switch to Appflow. The Mobile-Friendly Algorithm of Google..What You Need to Know? How to Make a Betting App That Trend Through Fantasy Sports? How Are Progressive Web Apps Useful To E-Commerce Platforms? Angular vs. React: Back-To-Back Comparison (Updated) Angular vs. React: Back-To-Back Comparison (Updated) Telemedicine App Development: Features and Cost Update. Swift vs Python: Where Does It Lead in 2020? What Points Should Be Considered for Outsourcing Web Development. How Much Does It Cost to Make a Distinct Website in 2020? Flexing Technology for Online Event Planning App Development. 10 Geo-Location Based App Ideas to Utilize Location-Based Features.

Top 10 Popular PHP Frameworks 2019-2020 (Updated) How Did The Utility Sector Cope With Mobile Workforce Management? Remote WorkPlan: Effective Approach to Confront Covid-19 Head-on. How Konstant is Responding to COVID-19: Back to Business. Cloud Apps vs. Web Apps: Features, Similarities, Benefits and Differences. Select the Best Web Development Stack for Your Project. Build a e-Learning Website: Main Features, Business Model, Cost Estimate.

Engaging Features that Develops a Successful P2P app like Zelle. Best Machine Learning Frameworks in 2020. How to Automate Online Business with E-commerce Technology Trends 2020? A Five-Step Process to Plan MVP (Minimum Viable Product) - SuccessCENTER Articles By Konstant. A Five-Step Process to Plan MVP (Minimum Viable Product) - SuccessCENTER Articles By Konstant. Android Go vs. Rust: Features, Similarities & Differences – Konstant Infosolutions. The Internet Of Things (IoT): Pros & Cons by Vipin Jain. How Konstant is Responding to COVID-19: Back to Business. Features That Make Your Job Search App Successful - SuccessCENTER Articles By Konstant. Angular Framework: Features, Use-Cases & Benefits. We have two available different wireless technologies that have ways to t.

What should Start-Ups do to Make On-Demand Cleaning App Successful? How is Swift More Prominent Language than Objective-C? - SuccessCENTER Articles By Konstant. Feature Update for Messaging App to Suit Your Requirements. How to Build a Video Walkie-Talkie App like Marco Polo? How to Make an App like TaskRabbit? Aileensoul. Create an On-Demand Food Delivery App Like Postmates. Robust Solutions for Developing On-Demand Fuel Delivery App. Robust Solutions for Developing On-Demand Fuel Delivery App. 5 Successful Hybrid App Frameworks that will Mould the Way of App Development in 2020. An Approach to Write Significant Mobile App Requirements Document.