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Apply for a Police Clearance NSW. Police Clearance Certificate Victoria. Police Clearance South Australia. Driver Accreditation Service. Criminal "Background Checks" Requirement to work as a Volunteer. Everything you need to know on Working in this Industry. How to Apply for the ( National Police Check ) with KONCHECK. How A Police Check Can Help You Get An Excellent Start To Your Career. What are the Responsibilities and Requirements to work in the Aged Care Sector?

A Comprehensive Guide for Working in Aged Care Sector Do you possess compassion for helping and taking care of older people and want to help them with their daily chores?

What are the Responsibilities and Requirements to work in the Aged Care Sector?

Then, you may want to have a career in Aged care. The Government of Australia has predicted there can be about 179,000 job openings in the next five years in the aged care industry. Responsibilities of an Aged Care Worker The primary responsibilities of an Aged Care Worker include but are not limited to: Mobility SupportHelp in daily activitiesFood preparingCleaning, vacuumingOrganise social activitiesMaintaining hygieneOffering mental supportOutdoor activities like going shopping Key Roles The roles may vary in this sector. Aged Care Worker :The aged carer provides supports which are beyond the capabilities of the people residing in aged care homes. Understanding Australian National Police Check. The vision of The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) is to make the country a safer place which is better connected as well as informed and capable of quick response to crime.

Understanding Australian National Police Check

To turn the vision into practice, ACIC works intimately with Australian police to protect the Australian community through the provision of the National Police Checking Service. Background and Police Check is on Demand Be it an individual or an organization, Police Check will give you an upper-hand! Want to know why? Want a Dream Job? First thing, First! Hassles of Paper Forms and Snail-Mails?

Solution is here! An Overall Guide to the Healthcare Industry in Australia. Overview of the Healthcare Industry The health sector is the biggest employer in Australia, offering employment to about 14.2 per cent of the population.

An Overall Guide to the Healthcare Industry in Australia

It involves a broad private insurance sector, as well as Medicare, the public healthcare program in Australia. Who is Involved in Healthcare Industry? The Australian healthcare workers job comprises medical practitioners, nurses and other health professionals, hospitals, clinics, and agencies from government and non-governmental organisations.

These provide a variety of programs, including hospital-based treatment, rehabilitation, emergency care, palliative care, primary health care and various specialty services. Criminal History Check Requirements The healthcare sector is heavily stringent and regulated. Medical Practitioners: A person may require a Criminal History Check at the time of employment or occupation-related licencing and registration purposes. KNOW THE PROCESS & SUCCESSFULLY LODGE YOUR NATIONAL POLICE CHECK ONLINE VIA KONCHECK. When you are going to associate with a company, and it asks, you to provide a National Police check certificate.


The Australian Government also recommends the background check of the employees. Your friends will certainly recommend you to KONCHECK to attain the Police Check Victoria Online Application. The check is safe, easy and affordable with KONCHECK. How a Criminal History Check can affect a Volunteer job in Australia. A Criminal History Check for volunteers may be mandatory if volunteers are working in child or aged care facilities or with other vulnerable groups such as disabled persons.

How a Criminal History Check can affect a Volunteer job in Australia

A Volunteer Criminal History Check is mainly required as a Duty of Care requirement. The Volunteer Police Check can be obtained through KONCHECK. KONCHECK provides an accredited Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check that is valid all over Australia. An individual volunteer may need to obtain two different checks, i.e. Police Check for Volunteers and a Working with Children Check. However, specific states or territories have their own alternatives in case of a Working with Children Check.

Applying for Driver Accreditation in Australia. The transport industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Australia.

Applying for Driver Accreditation in Australia

However, holding a full driving licence is not enough when it comes to driving a hire car, motorcycle, public bus, rideshare, courier vehicle etc. A driver accreditation is also a must in that case. A driver accreditation is a state-wise scheme to determine that the driver meets all the safety standards and is fit for the industry.

Every state and territory has a requirement. However, to apply for the driver accreditation, generally one may need a Traffic History, Medical History and Criminal History check In states like South Australia, a Working with Children check and Northern Territory, Insolvency check may be required. In the Traffic History check, the offence type, how old the offence was, how severe it is being checked. 3-6 months old Criminal History Check certificates may not be accepted. Driver accreditation application can be disqualified under 3 circumstances. 3 SECTORS OF THE ECONOMY. Welcome in Australia.