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MetLink UK Weather and Climate Resources for Teachers, Schools and Students. Interactive Weather Charts. Climates of the world - Climate Zone. Hurricane and Storm Tracking Forecasts - MyHurricane. PLACE: Population, Landscape, and Climate Estimates. Introduction The Population, Landscape, and Climate Estimates data sets, PLACE I, II, and III, are part of SEDAC’s National Aggregates of Geospatial Data Collection.

PLACE: Population, Landscape, and Climate Estimates

The aim of PLACE is to provide country-level measures of spatial characteristics for a series of statistical areas (countries and other UN recognized territories) to researchers for whom national aggregates in tabular format are more useful than spatial data. PLACE estimates the number of people (head counts and percents) and the land area (square kilometers and percents) within multiple physical, biological and climate variable themes, for statistical areas around the world. Carbon Footprints of Nations. Science.