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Qualification for inclusion: Having a wikipedia article is a good qualifier for inclusion on this page. Though not having one probably shouldn't be a disqualifier. And, almost obviously, they must have a CC licensed version. For another resource see This is just a start and is woefully incomplete. Add a new Film Documentary Films Feature Films Featured Content Directories of Films. YUDOmagic - Magic Videos - Share and Learn Street Magic, Card ... Smarter Every Day Channel. "Goggle Up!

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Science is about to happen...Share by Tweet: Facebook: THE ADDITIONAL INFO HERE! (Click "Show More"!) Please help me justify putting this much time and effort into a video by clicking "LIKE" and SHARING this as much as possible. Click the following: Tweet: Facebook: Please share with any science blogs or outlets you think would enjoy it. Videos like this don't just happen. This is the camera we used for the ultra-high speed shots. You absolutely have to check out the stuff Cal Makes.

I'm a HUGE FAN of the song Gordon wrote for this video. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~­~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~­~~~~~~~~This video involved about 2 months of research, and me reaching out to several individuals. Dr. Being able to calculate the failure front velocity of a Prince Rupert's drop is a pretty big deal. Rob Kuefner for reaching out to me and offering to convert certain equations into LaTeX format for me. Dr. P.S. Warm Regards, Destin Show less. 60 Second Adventures in Thought. Jim Henson on Making Puppets. Cute Roulette: Cutest videos on the web.