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Languages. Foreignlanguage. Pronunciation. ASL Sign Language Video Dictionary. Our Mother Tongues. ASL Browser. Create Gap-Filling Exercises (cloze tests) A Glossary of Literary Terms. Blank Verse.

A Glossary of Literary Terms

Unrhymed iambic pentameter. Shakespeare's plays are largely blank verse, as are other Renaissance plays. Fixoodle. Memrise vocabulary learning and memorable dictionary. Learn a language from life. Grammar Practice Park. Bee English Dictionary: Free Online Dictionary of English. The Master List of Free Language Learning Resources - BabelWith.Me - Create a Conversation. Tracking the Way We Use Language / Panfu. Learn A Language With Rocket Languages! Speech accent archive: how to. How to use this site Welcome to the speech accent archive.

speech accent archive: how to

Each individual sample page contains a sound control bar, a set of the answers to 7 demographic questions, a phonetic transcription of the sample,1 a set of the speaker's phonological generalizations, a link to a map showing the speaker's place of birth, and a link to the Ethnologue language database. The archive also contains a set of native language phonetic inventories so that you can perform some contrastive analyses. If a particular sample does not have a phonetic transcription nor a generalizations page, please be patient—all samples will eventually be complete. Livemocha.

The language learning community. UCLA Language Materials Project: Main.