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Evil Geniuses Evil Geniuses To read about Evil Geniuses's activities in StarCraft: Brood War, see Evil Geniuses. For the team's activities in Dota 2, see Evil Geniuses. Overview[edit] Evil Geniuses is one of the oldest North American sponsored multigaming clans with a long history in gaming. The team was established in 1999 and has developed from being a clan, into a "new media agency specializing in contracting professional gamers, creating online and offline video game broadcasts, and developing engaging marketing initiatives aimed at attracting and influencing gamers worldwide." Evil Geniuses are well known for their StarCraft II, League of Legends, Dota 2 and fighting game divisions.
Team Liquid Team Liquid To read about Team Liquid's activities in StarCraft: Brood War, see Team Liquid. For the team's activities in Dota 2, see Team Liquid. Team Liquid is a pro gaming team founded in the Netherlands in 2000.
Root Gaming Root Gaming To read about this organization's Dota 2 team, see: ROOT Gaming. Overview[edit] ROOT Gaming is a North American StarCraft II team that was created on the 22nd of March 2010, founded by four StarCraft II players: Drewbie, JiYan, CatZ, and qxc, quickly developing to become one of the best and most popular teams in North America. In early 2011, ROOT established a joint gaming house in Florida together with Fnatic, having CatZ, Drewbie from ROOT, and Fenix and TT1 from Fnatic living in the house.[1]