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Grow up and make shit yourself. "Put some dye in the water to turn a rose purple" they said. Feuille d'érable. Caffeinated owl chart. 9 of the Best Websites to Teach You Art Skills. By Johnny Webber 1. — Video courses to teach you drawing, painting, and digital art. 2. — A free learning resource dedicated to the basics of digital painting. 3. — Photography news, tips, and tutorials.

9 of the Best Websites to Teach You Art Skills

271 Years Before Pantone, an Artist Mixed and Described Every Color Imaginable in an 800-Page Book. In 1692 an artist known only as “A.

271 Years Before Pantone, an Artist Mixed and Described Every Color Imaginable in an 800-Page Book

Boogert” sat down to write a book in Dutch about mixing watercolors. Not only would he begin the book with a bit about the use of color in painting, but would go on to explain how to create certain hues and change the tone by adding one, two, or three parts of water. The premise sounds simple enough, but the final product is almost unfathomable in its detail and scope. Spanning nearly 800 completely handwritten (and painted) pages, Traité des couleurs servant à la peinture à l’eau, was probably the most comprehensive guide to paint and color of its time.

According to Medieval book historian Erik Kwakkel who translated part of the introduction, the color book was intended as an educational guide. It’s hard not to compare the hundreds of pages of color to its contemporary equivalent, the Pantone Color Guide, which wouldn’t be published for the first time until 1963. New Ethereal Watercolor and Black Ink Cats That Fade into the Canvas by Endre Penovác. We continue to be awed by Serbian artist Endre Penovác's ability to somehow control the unforgiving nature of water on paper to produce ghostly paintings of felines.

New Ethereal Watercolor and Black Ink Cats That Fade into the Canvas by Endre Penovác

As the mixture of water and black ink bleeds in every direction it appears to perfectly mimic the cat’s fur. In his newest pieces Penovác introduces elements of color and negative space to add a slightly new dimension. 271 Years Before Pantone, an Artist Mixed and Described Every Color Imaginable in an 800-Page Book. Silk – Interactive Generative Art. DIY Origami Hase - last minute Oster Deko - schnell, einfach. Ohrklemme aus Draht - Ear Cuff - Schleife - Ohr-Manschette - super easy - 3 Varianten. - Inspirationsbuch. Inspiration hat für mich einen hohen Stellenwert und deshalb umgebe ich mich stets mit Dingen, die mir gefallen, mich beeindrucken oder auf irgendeine Art und Weise anregen. - Inspirationsbuch

So kann ich auch nur schwer an hübschen Postkarten oder Prospekten vorbeigehen. Doch irgendwann ist man an dem Punkt, an dem einen das Sammelsurium, das einen eigentlich inspirieren solle, eher stört weil es wirr herum liegt – oder im schlimmsten Fall in einer Kiste vergessen wird. Vielleicht kennt der ein oder andere von euch diese Sammelleidenschaft und weiß nur zu gut was ich meine. Um diesem kreativen Chaos einen Sinn zu geben, habe ich mir eins meiner leeren Notizbücher geangelt und meine Postkarten und Schnipsel hinein geklebt. Mal wieder erweist sich Washi Tape als äußerst praktisches Hilfsmittel!

Die meisten Postkarten stammen von meinen Besuchen der Grassi Messe und der Designers‘ Open in den letzten Jahren. I present to you the brilliant man behind the masks - Doug Jones. Fun printable activities for kids and family. 7 Websites to Help You Edit and Manipulate Photos. By Johnny Webber 1.

7 Websites to Help You Edit and Manipulate Photos

Background Burner – Remove backgrounds from any images or photos. This Man Turns Bananas Into Clever Playful Art. Stephan Brusche is a Dutch artist based in Rotterdam.

This Man Turns Bananas Into Clever Playful Art

A few years ago, he began doodling on banana peels, then posting the images to Instagram. Since then, he has received quite a bit of attention for his “fruit doodles”. He is continuously looking for innovative ways to reimagine how we perceive something as simple as fruit. He uses pen and ink on the peels, carving when needed. Place A Cylindrical Mirror On These Drawings And They Instantly Come To Life. István Orosz is a Hungarian artist who is known for his use of the technique anamorphosis.

Place A Cylindrical Mirror On These Drawings And They Instantly Come To Life

Orosz will create a drawing, that at first glance could seem abstract. It is not until he places a cylindrical mirror on the artwork that the illustration comes to life. Sometimes, hidden pictures are revealed, or the image itself is totally transformed. He has combined several drawings to complete a whole picture as well. He attended school for graphic design, but after graduation began to design for the theatre and animated films. Chicquero. “The inspiration for this book came to me one afternoon as I watched my son, Hudson, playing with his toy bus.


I was trying to keep pace with his three-year-old mind as he got deeper and deeper into a fantasy involving nothing more than a yellow plastic box and armless figurines. At least that’s what I saw. He saw frantic commuters rushing to catch the 77 local bus to Australia. He jumped in place, mouth open and slapping his knees, joyously reacting to a world I couldn’t see, but one powerfully present for him.” Alexa Meade Art. DIY Makeup Aufbewahrung - Lippenstift Box - Deko. DIY Speed Drawing Mandala/Zentangle - Notizbuch selbst machen - alive4fashion. Thedesigninspiration.

Usually, we admire that the artists can create characters vividly, while this time, we will introduce a different artist who turns living, breathing people into characters in oil painting.


That is Alexa Meade. Alexa Meade is a 23-year-old artist based in Washington, DC area. She spent four summers interning on Capitol Hill and in 2008 was a press staffer on the Obama Campaign. She graduated in 2009 from Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY with a bachelor’s degree in political science. She never attended art school nor has she ever taken advanced painting courses. Nathanfriend. - Briefumschläge basteln! Genau das Richtige für trübe Tage und ein paar freie Stunden: selbst gebastelte Briefumschläge! - Briefumschläge basteln!

Vielfältig einsetzbar und aus dem Alltag nicht wegzudenken – spätestens nachdem ihr angefangen habt, eure Umschläge selbst zu gestalten Schwierigkeitsgrad: leicht Zeit: 30 Minuten (aus denen locker mal mehrere Stunden werden können weil es so viel Spaß macht und man gar nicht mehr aufhören will zu falten und zu kleben) Moss graffiti HOW TO. Ideen Bügelperlen krakeluere de. Lines go all over the place. Feed The Head. Neonflames. Awesome dad is awesome.

DIY 2 Traumfänger Ideen ganz einfach, Dreamcatcher weben, Spitze - alive4fashion. Surrealist Paintings by Valdimir Kush. Evil Popcorn. How to Draw Pikachu. Sleeveface. Lori Nix: Lost. Bent5.jpg (446×600) Dear Photograph. These 50 Photos Will Blow you Away. The Illustration & Design World of Zach Johnsen. DIY-Shirt-520x623.jpg (520×623) Magnetic words. 6750483_700b_v1. Moustache. STREET ART UTOPIA. - StumbleUpon. PicMonkey - Photo Editing Made of Win. DIY Häkel Handy Hülle - Tiere - Hase, Teddy, Hund - Ohren - Ostern.