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Personal-experiences-1776-i-clean-up-rotting-corpses-5-goddamn-nightmare-realities_p2. Let's say you die in some spectacular way ... and then nobody finds your body for a couple of weeks. Who the hell cleans up the gunk that used to be you? The cops aren't paid to mop up brains, and grieving families aren't generally equipped to scrub their loved ones out of the carpet. We talked to some biohazard cleaning technicians -- folks who handle messes too dangerous or terrifying for mortal maids. Here's what they told us: #5. What Counts As Medical Waste Is Surprisingly Arbitrary Snakebite Productions/Photodisc/Getty Crime scene cleaners don't just pull teeth out of walls for a living. "Our company provided a service, free of charge, for any police station that contacted us. BananaStock/BananaStock/Getty Images"If you saw that room five hours ago, you'd know better than to stand in that spot.

" Apparently, you need a certain stoic sensibility to do these jobs. "There are two different kinds of medical waste disposal. Did you hear that, readers? #4. Whoa, there. . #3. Article_22524_5-creepy-real-places-that-science-cant-explain_p2. We have more trust in science than ever before. If at any time we come across a phenomenon we just can't explain, we can confidently turn to Neil deGrasse Tyson to tell us what's what, instead of cracking each other's heads open and feasting on the knowledge within.

But there are still some places in the world that defy explanation, and while we're not saying these are proof that wizards exist and are screwing with us 24/7, we're still fascinated by ... #5. The Hessdalen Lights Niko Bradshaw For decades, locals of the Hessdalen Valley in Norway have been living in an episode of The X-Files. But now you know the Norwegian word for "fuuuuuuuuuuuuck. " Their guesses about what's really going on are at least as crazy as the lights themselves. Leif HavikThe fjord trolls are as baffled as anyone. Stretching even further for an explanation, some scientists think that the valley might actually be one enormous C cell battery. Or ... it could be super bored aliens. . #4. Joanna Lillis /EurasiaNet #3. 4 Creepy Visions of Hell From Real Near Death Experiences. #2. Howard Storm Viktor_Gladkov/iStock/Getty Images Howard Storm was a devout atheist for most of his life.

At the age of 38, he suffered a perforated stomach, and as you've probably gathered from the direction of this article so far, it led to a near-death experience. His didn't start with a life review. Instead, it started exactly how most films that involve people dying and becoming ghosts tend to start. When he "woke up," he could see the people around his hospital bed, but they couldn't hear him speak. Soon, he noticed a group of figures gathered at a door leading to a hallway.

Igor Goncharenko/Hemera/Getty What could go wrong? On the first part of the journey, he described the figures as "playful" when they badgered him to keep up. He cowered on the ground ready to give up when a voice in his head, which he recognized as his own, said, "Pray to God. " Try singing a Beach Boys song! Guess what? Does this sound like any famous visions of Hell throughout history? The lesson here? #1. Eventos Extranormales - La Fundación SCP.


Monstres. SFP - Swiss Film Producers' Association. Home. OFC - Office fédéral de la culture -Office fédéral de la culture. Clés d'accès: Administration fédérale(s'ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre) DFI(s'ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre) Office fédéral de la culture OFC Début sélection langue Contact Recherche avancée -- Veuillez sélectionner -- Début navigation principale Fin navigation principale Début secteur de contenu Début navigateur Accueil Fin navigateur Office fédéral de la culture 28.10.2014 - Remise du Grand Prix suisse d’art / Prix Meret Oppenheim 2014 au Flux Laboratory à Zurich Davantage Fin secteur de contenu Thèmes actuels Mises au concours actuelles Message culture Formation musicale Loi et Ordonnance sur les langues Contacts Office fédéral de la cultureHallwylstrasse 153003 BerneT +41 58 462 92 66F +41 58 462 92 73E Courriel Helpdesk FPF OFCT +41 (0) 58 463 24 24E Courriel Office fédéral de la culture OFCInformations juridiquesContact.

Ssfv syndicat suisse film et video. Société Suisse des Auteurs, Société coopérative - Lausanne | Société suisse des auteurs. The Product Spectrum — My Thoughts. First, let’s consider a grid: On the X axis, we’ll chart a product’s customer base size, from 1 to a few billions: And on the y axis we’ll chart the service’s monthly average revenue per user. Let’s try and approximately plot the location of a few products. For argument’s sake, we’ll consider full-time employment as a “product” in which you sell your own time for several thousand dollars a month to a single employer.

This gives us something like this: Freelancing would be next. Next up would be productized consulting, such as Nick Disabato’s Draft Revise. Going further, you reach the domain of “info-products”, a.k.a. eBooks, video courses, and so on. (Of course, this is not recurring revenue. After info-products come more traditional SaaS B2B apps like Intercom, Mixpanel, or Vero. You then have small businesses or B2C apps like Buffer, which only charges $8 per month but has tens of thousands of customers.

Because I picked the units myself, these data points end up nicely aligned. The Spiderweb Strategy. I’ve been known to launch a few projects. And one of the questions I get the most when launching something new is, “how do you plan to monetize it?”. Here’s the thing: most of the time, I didn’t have a clue. So I’d mumble something about ad revenue, and quickly change the subject. This used to keep me up at night. Was I working on the right things? Shouldn’t I have some kind of plan for revenue?

How would I support myself when my savings ran out? It all changed the day I got bit by a radioactive spider who also happened to be particularly good at marketing. Note: if you want to read more about product strategy, be sure to also check out my previous piece, The Product Spectrum. The Product Network Let’s say you have a bunch of different projects. Some make a little money, some make more. Having a diversified product portfolio has its advantages. But in practice it can also be quite stressful and hurt your focus. The Product Spiderweb Instead, let’s consider a different strategy.

Why This Works.