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If you have ever woken up in the middle of the night and found you can’t move, or even cry for help, you have experienced sleep paralysis. If, during this bizarre paralysis, you suddenly felt that someone—or something—was watching you, you have come face to face with the waking hallucination known as the Intruder. And if all this happens and then a ghastly creature resembling a gnome or a night elf crawls onto you to whisper sweet impish nothings into your ear, congratulations, you are one of the lucky ones to know the Incubus. And you’re not alone. Sleep Paralysis (SP) and its associated visions, known as hypnagogic hallucinations (HH), are still a mystery to medical science, even though 40% of the world’s population has experienced it at least once in their lives. Although a common symptom of narcolepsy and other sleep disorders, sleep paralysis can also be induced in healthy dreamers due to factors like sleep deprivation, jet lag, or too much cannabis before bed. Sleep Paralysis Visions: Demons, Succubi, and the Archetypal Mind | Reality Sandwich Sleep Paralysis Visions: Demons, Succubi, and the Archetypal Mind | Reality Sandwich
10 Strange Things About The Universe 10 Strange Things About The Universe Space The universe can be a very strange place. While groundbreaking ideas such as quantum theory, relativity and even the Earth going around the Sun might be commonly accepted now, science still continues to show that the universe contains things you might find it difficult to believe, and even more difficult to get your head around. Theoretically, the lowest temperature that can be achieved is absolute zero, exactly ?273.15°C, where the motion of all particles stops completely.
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Check out these funny smart-ass street advertisements for Science World. The “We can Explain” campaign, created by Rethink Canada, gives you funny and interesting facts right on the street. The even created the world’s first gold covered billboard to promote Science World’s new summer exhibit – “Treasure!”. Funny & Smart Street Advertisement | Cooladvertisements Funny & Smart Street Advertisement | Cooladvertisements
by Ralph C. Merkle, Principal Fellow, Zyvex This is the English original of an article translated into German and published in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung of Monday, September 11 2000 on page 55. Nanotechnology is coming Nanotechnology is coming
How to Turn Burning Gas Into a Lamp Without Blowing Yourself Up
Carbon nanotubes have otherworldly qualities, and now Honda says its figured out a way to make the manufacture of such miraculous materials practical. Get this: Honda says its carbon nanotubes are 100,000 times thinner than human hair Stronger than steel Conduct electricity better than copper Conduct heat better than a diamond Light as cotton Imagine constructing our world from such materials, resulting in lighter and stronger cars, tinier computers, super capacitors, more efficient flexible batteries, more powerful solar panels, practical fuel cells, super-strong composite materials, and maybe even a Spider-Man suit. The breakthrough? Honda says it can manufacture such nanotubes with a 91% success rate, compared to the 25 to 50% success rate currently possible. Via Jalopnik Honda's carbon nanotubes will change the world Honda's carbon nanotubes will change the world
10 Scientists That Truly Deserved a Nobel Prize - ZergNet
Can hot water freeze faster than cold water? [Physics FAQ] - [Copyright] Written Nov, 1998 by Monwhea Jeng (Momo), Department of Physics, University of California Yes — a general explanation History of the Mpemba Effect More-detailed explanations References Can hot water freeze faster than cold water?
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Gamer Top 5: Games of 2011
Tesla - Master of Lightning: A Weapon to End War Tesla inherited from his father a deep hatred of war. Throughout his life, he sought a technological way to end warfare. He thought that war could be converted into, "a mere spectacle of machines." In 1931 Tesla announced to reporters at a press conference that he was on the verge of discovering an entirely new source of energy. Tesla - Master of Lightning: A Weapon to End War
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The Origins of Electricity, Tesla vs. Edison
Ten Most Extreme Substances Known to Man | Ten Most
Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer. 2012 March 12 The Scale of the Universe - Interactive Flash Animation Credit & Copyright: Cary & Michael Huang 2012 March 12 - The Scale of the Universe Interactive 2012 March 12 - The Scale of the Universe Interactive
How to turn "water" into "marbles"
experiment and have fun! experiment and have fun! That's it, you're done! Grab your magnet and start experimenting with your new magnetic putty. You can stretch out a strand and make it follow your magnet, you can polarize your putty to work as a magnet itself, and then there's the classic of placing the magnet directly on the putty and watching it envelop the magnet. There's plenty of fun to be had, check out the video I made with some of the fun you can do.
Pool filled with non-newtonian fluid: cornstarch and water
Scientists have genetically modified cats by infecting their eggs with a virus containing a foreign gene—the first time this method has worked in a carnivore. Experts say the advance could make the cat a valuable new genetic model—and potentially protect it from an HIV-like virus. There are two AIDS epidemics in the world: one in humans, the other in cats. Glowing Kittens Fight Feline AIDS Glowing Kittens Fight Feline AIDS
Surviving the World - Lesson 1177 - Feline Science I'm pretty sure I've seen reports about glowing cats before, but this was the first time I'd seen a report that better explained the purpose of creating such a cat. Check out the pictures to give you a good sense of what you'd be dealing with. Imagine if it crawled under the covers while you were sleeping? Creepier than being haunted by a cat ghost, if you ask me. Also, I am delighted to bring the phrase 'cat egg cells' into your life today.
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If Satan plays miniature golf, this is his favorite hole. A ball struck at A, in any direction, will never find the hole at B — even if it bounces forever. The idea arose in the 1950s, when Ernst Straus wondered whether a room lined with mirrors would always be illuminated completely by a single match. The Black Hole
February 22, 2012, 3:14 PM — Researchers at Wake Forest University are using cutting-edge carbon nanotube designs to turn active, mobile, non-coma-dreaming humans into the heat source that will generate power for their cell phones. If you'll remember, that was the central assumption of TheMatrix (it was central to the plot, but tertiary in the concept behind the movie, right behind "We can make Keanu look cool with CGI" and "Lots of fanboys will pay to watch Carrie Anne Moss in skintight vinyl.") Their research, which appears in the current version of Nano Letters led to the development of a material called Power Felt that is made of carbon nanotubes wrapped in plastic fibers designed to feel like fabric. It creates a charge by exploiting differences in temperature between segments of the wearer's body, or between the body and cooler air around it. Carbon nanotubes could let mobile devices use humans for power, just like The Matrix
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Commercial Version of the MIT Media Lab CityCar Unveiled at European Union Commission Headquarters
Airborne robot swarms are making complex moves (w/ video)
Swarming Robots Will Fly Menacingly Towards Your Loved Ones In Perfect Formation
IBM builds 9 nanometer carbon nanotube transistor, puts silicon on notice
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Legendary Viking Sunstone Navigation: Solved
Aerogel: See-Through, Strong as Steel & Ligher than Air
Supermaterial goes superpermeable
Graphene: Supermaterial goes superpermeable
15-Pound, Retro-Tech Flywheel Helps You Pedal Your Bike To Tomorrow
Heron's fountain
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