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Networking: Confessions of a Twitter Convert. I'm eating a hearty meal of crow (roasted, with garlic and rosemary) today, since I'm here to tell you how interesting and downright useful I've found Twitter to be since being turned onto it properly at the C4 conference in August.

Networking: Confessions of a Twitter Convert

My initial reaction to Twitter was that it was utterly inane, but I was basing my opinion on the public timeline that shows posts from all Twitter users and on the Twittervision service that plots messages from Twitter users on a map of the world (see "Visions of the Sublime and the Inane," 2007-06-18). Frankly, I put much of the blame on Twitter itself, asking as it does, "What are you doing? " as a way of prompting people to post 140-character messages. For the most part, as I acerbically noted before, no one cares what you're doing. JobStats - the current state of the UK computing job market. Jason Reinsvold's BowMaster.

MoMB - Most Anticipated. Scrumdevelopment : Message: [scrumdevelopment] SCRUM with Fixed. Is it possible to run SCRUM with fixed price contracts especially custom projects?

scrumdevelopment : Message: [scrumdevelopment] SCRUM with Fixed

For instance, lets say you need to make a program to communicate between two satellites. And client is big company - say NASA. Categoria:Roma - WikiGuida. La guida ai ristoranti di Roma e Lazio. Tra colazione, pranzo o. World Cup KickOff - All the match details for World Cup 2006 in.