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Analysis. Best tools to monitor Tomcat. I have been very happy monitoring Tomcat with Hyperic HQ.

Best tools to monitor Tomcat

Even if developing Hyperic HQ plugins has an initial cost, we got familiar with it and developed many JMX Mbeans + associated Hyperic plugins for the needs we had like Jakarta DBCP datasource , util.concurrent ExecutorService / ThreadPoolExecutor, JMS connections, CXF, EhCache and also monitoring business application code with an @Profiled annotation to declaratively monitor key business operations. We packaged all these JMX extras with Spring xml namespace based configuration, monitoring jsps and Hyperic plugins at . To ease integration / modification of this code, we used the business friendly Apache Software License, a Google Code project and deployed the artifact on Maven Central Repository.

Javasimon - Google Code. Java Simon is a simple monitoring API that allows you to follow and better understand your application.

javasimon - Google Code

Monitors (familiarly called Simons) are placed directly into your code and you can choose whether you want to count something or measure time/duration. News August 22nd, 2013 - version 3.4.0 released Slowly, but surely and proudly we are marching on - with another fixes + little features release. JAMon - Documentation. MessAdmin - Notification system and Session administration for J.