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Up and running with cassandra. Cassandra is a hybrid non-relational database in the same class as Google’s BigTable.

up and running with cassandra

It is more featureful than a key/value store like Riak, but supports fewer query types than a document store like MongoDB. Cassandra was started by Facebook and later transferred to the open-source community. It is an ideal runtime database for web-scale domains like social networks. This post is both a tutorial and a “getting started” overview. You will learn about Cassandra’s features, data model, API, and operational requirements—everything you need to know to deploy a Cassandra-backed service.

April 28, 2011: post updated for Cassandra gem 0.10 and Cassandra version 0.7. features There are a number of reasons to choose Cassandra for your website. Flexible schema: with Cassandra, like a document store, you don’t have to decide what fields you need in your records ahead of time. Some other features that help put Cassandra above the competition : installation You need a Unix system. It runs! Live demo irb. Getting started with Tangosol Coherence ...

SQL relay - persistent database connection pool.