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Organ. Jobs in Copenhagen - Denmark. ............................................................................................ Your search for English speaking jobs in Denmark starts and stops here. is the only website of its kind primarily focused on offering easy access to English speaking jobs, coupled with smart and useful collaborative features to support job seekers (simply mouse over a job listing to experience the power of Web 2.0) - ns - SITA7 April - Agile.

Net Software Developer, København Nordea9 April - Frontend Java Developer In Capital Markets It, København issuu7 March - Software Engineer - Web Applications, København SAP13 April - Senior Technology Consultant – Database And Technology Services Job, København SITA7 April - Agile.Net Lead Software Developer, København Man Diesel 19 April - SharePoint Designer and Administrator for MAN Diesel and Turbo (English/German is an asset), Copenhagen Area Agilent Technologies 15 April - Equiment Service Specialist (English/Danish), Copenhagen Area.

By the Numbers: How I built a Web 2.0, Because of Truemors, I’ve learned a lot about launching a company in these “Web 2.0” times.

By the Numbers: How I built a Web 2.0,

Here’s quick overview “by the numbers.” 0. I wrote 0 business plans for it. The plan is simple: Get a site launched in a few months, see if people like it, and sell ads and sponsorships (or not). 0. I pitched 0 venture capitalists to fund it. I recently saw a presentation called Meet Henry and loved it, so I asked its creators, Ethos3 Communications, to help me create a presentation based on these experiences. As part of the growing world of Truemors, there are two Truemors add-ons to announce: Trickler is a standalone application that provides a ticker-tape interface to Truemors.

Here’s the bottom line: Whether Truemors succeeds or not, I learned a helluva lot. For not a whole lot of money and time you can get something out there and see if it works. I end with a truism (as opposed to truemor): There’s only one way to find out if your idea will succeed, and that’s to try it, so go for it. Entrepreneurs' community. Business chat for groups: Campfire. Current Campfire customers can sign in here.

Business chat for groups: Campfire

Hello, We launched Campfire back in 2006 so teams could easily collaborate online in real-time. Since then, over 1,000,000,000 (yes, billion) messages have been sent with Campfire. However, since we merged Campfire into Basecamp with the launch of Basecamp 3, we haven’t given the standalone version of Campfire much attention. As part of refocusing our efforts on a slimmer product line, we’ve decided to no longer offer Campfire to new customers. Existing customers will be able to continue using Campfire as they always have. For those new customers who are interested in Campfire, we highly recommend checking out Basecamp 3. Programmer Meet Designer - where web developers find web designe.

oDesk :.: The On Demand Global Workforce. Dead2.0 » 11 Suggestions For Not Being a Dot-Bomb 2.0. What is good PowerPoint design? Occasionally, I'm asked by colleagues or clients to send samples of "great slides" or "good PowerPoint.

What is good PowerPoint design?

" I usually hesitate to send examples of slides since my answer to the question, "what does a great PowerPoint slide look like? " is " depends. " In a world which often thinks in terms of absolutes — this is good, that is bad — "it depends" is not the most popular answer. Context mattersHowever, as far as design is concerned, it is useful not to think (judge) in terms of right or wrong, but rather in terms of what is appropriate or inappropriate. That is, is it appropriate or inappropriate for a particular context? Simple but not simplisticIf there is one important precept worth following, it is the idea of simplicity.

Simplicity is often used as a means to greater clarity. (Click for larger view of this slide) "No one can define them or draw up a system around them. BEFORE. The slide on the right (above) was an effort to display the same information in a pie chart. Before After. Getting it Right: notes on why succeded and Blink fa. Congratulations to Josh on the acquisition.

Getting it Right: notes on why succeded and Blink fa

Yahoo will make a great partner for the bookmarking service. Now a little part of me is cringing as I write this. Having founded a bookmarking company in 1999 with pretty much the exact same vision as the new crop of services, I’ve got to feel, well, a little stupid. (or angry, or depressed, or whatever). Maybe writing about it will make me feel better and maybe even help me make a point or two about product development. When we founded (no link love, it’s a crappy search site now) the founders and I imagined a self-reinforcing product cycle: