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Architecture. Service Composition. The majority of SOA publications are concentrating on definition and implementations of the individual business services.

Service Composition

Building enterprise solution(s) typically requires combining multiple existing enterprise services. These composite services can be in turn recursively composed with other services into higher level solutions, and so on. Such recursive composition of business services is one of the most important features of SOA, allowing to rapidly build new solutions based on the existing business services. As the amount of individual business services (and their compositions) grows, the easier it becomes to implement new enterprise solutions.

SOA anti-patterns. A lot of emphasis has been placed on implementing Service Oriented Software according to best practices and principles.

SOA anti-patterns

But how about the worst practices? In this article, Steve Jones from CapGemini goes over some of the most egregious and thorny antipatterns based on his experiences in the industry and discussions with other SOA thought leaders. The purpose of patterns is to define how systems should be built in repeatable ways; the purpose of anti-patterns is to help you see when that hasn't been done.

Format Each anti-pattern presented in this article will follow the following format: Building Enterprise Services with Drools Rule Engine. By Birali Hakizumwami 01/17/2007 Using a rule engine provides a framework that allows a way to externalize business logic in a common place.

Building Enterprise Services with Drools Rule Engine

This will in turn empower business users and subject matter experts of the business to easily change and manage the rules. Coding such rules directly into the application makes application maintenance difficult and expensive because the rules change so often. This article goes into detail on how to architect and build a service that uses Drools to provide business decisions. This service can be part of the overall enterprise SOA infrastructure. Java theory and practice: Urban performance legends, revisited.