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We are into IT Software development, covering all the highest possible level for the Product Development and Integration with Client Requirement. Analysis and understanding the exact requirement of the client and delivering the required product is best possible manner. We are into Web Designing and Development, ERP Implementation and customization as requirement. QA testing of the Delivered Products and Services. We are provide software and its services with Latest technologies.

Mobile App Deployment Process. Sept 18, 2020 Application deployment is an important aspect that defines your application’s success.

Mobile App Deployment Process

The selection of the deployment platform has a significant impact on user experience. And therefore, it is important to know the fundamental aspects of deployment before launching your next-gen application into the market. The rising demand for applications in the tech industry is highly lucrative, and young entrepreneurs are coming up with new, channelizing ways to deploy their applications. Multiple platforms allow you to deploy your enterprise application or small-sized application in minutes.

Hi, I am Sanjay Kidecha, CMO at Kody Technolab. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Importance of User Testing. Sept 18, 2020 The ultimate objective of developing a product is to make it intuitive for the consumer.

Importance of User Testing

You give your best shot to design a user-centered application, but do not know its effectiveness unless tested with the audience’s representative group. And thereby, usability testing comes into the picture. If you have followed our previous blogs, you will know that we have reached a stage where the newly developed application is ready to be tested for the real participants. And usability testing is all about studying the interaction and navigation behavior of the real application users. What is Role of Quality Assurance in App Development Process? Sept 02, 2020 Quality Assurance means releasing risk-free products.

What is Role of Quality Assurance in App Development Process?

Customers are always enchanted by a bug-proof application that is giving them a seamless experience in every aspect. Flutter Vs. React Native. June 30, 2020 Today developers want the app development to be a breeze.

Flutter Vs. React Native

They wish that the whole process of mobile app development should become so comfortable and easy to accomplish. Additionally, the competition in the market is rising at a burgeoning speed. And to survive in that competition, it is highly lucrative for emerging entrepreneurs to release an application that works on both the platforms, iOS and Android.

App development companies are continuously digging into the performance checking of the cross-platform frameworks. This blog is written and reviewed by our expert team of Flutter and React Native developers. Mobile App Development Process Step-5. Aug 21, 2020 “Prototyping is the conversation you have with your ideas” - Tom Wujec.

Mobile App Development Process Step-5

It is rightly described that an articulated designer expects only “Wow” responses. But don’t you forget the other two responses (Yes, No) which might come if you haven’t paid enough attention to the prototyping process. Prototyping is a vast topic to discuss and understand. Low-fidelity Vs. In the last blog, we learned about the selection of technology stack for your project. Develop an eCommerce Shopping App like Circle Shopping. Aug 18, 2020 The world is moving expeditiously towards a state where everything will be mobile and available on a few taps on smartphone screens from anywhere to everywhere.

Develop an eCommerce Shopping App like Circle Shopping

Situations that COVID-19 caused proved how valuable online eCommerce shopping delivery apps are and hence, has become a government priority today. The reason being, mobile services ensure connectivity, above boundaries, regions, communities, and domains.Do you aim to achieve this goal and cross the boundaries? Develop An Educational Learning App Like Noon Academy. Aug 18, 2020 Education went through a massive transformation with the evolution of technology.

Develop An Educational Learning App Like Noon Academy

It is not as cumbersome as some of the adults can remember. With the help of technology, the education system has reinvented itself. It’s beckoning the attention of businesses all around. Large enterprises like Samsung, Google, Microsoft, Dell, and Fujitsu invest in the eLearning and smart education industry. How to Choose Best Flutter App Development Company? Aug 17, 2020 You would have heard zillions of things about the Flutter.

How to Choose Best Flutter App Development Company?

Some say, Flutter is the future, others claim it to be promising. Some say it can be used to craft award-winning applications, while others find Flutter development like a breeze. You can add to the praise list, and we as a Flutter app development company would not deny it ever. Yes, seriously, Flutter is winning the hearts, and the popularity speaks volumes about it.

Website & Mobile App Development Portfolio. Googles Flutter 1.20 Framework. Aug 07, 2020 Flutter 1.20.0, another version of Flutter, is set and available on its stable channel to make developers more productive.

Googles Flutter 1.20 Framework

Sources say it is the biggest release of Flutter until now that has resolved 5485 issues and merged 3029 pull requests. To everyone’s surprise, Flutter 1.20 release had 359 contributors from across the world, among which 270 were from the Flutter community. The number has hit the largest number of contributors Flutter ever had. Not only improvements but Flutter has also brought several exciting new features after working on most common requests. Cautious: We do not beat around the bush.

So, ready to drive through new Flutter 1.20 features and performance enhancement crisply and concisely? Things to Know Before Developing a delivery app like Favor. July 31, 2020 The on-demand concept has been widespread in many businesses covering almost all types of business niche, from ordering food to groceries and from getting your medicines to getting your car services done.

Things to Know Before Developing a delivery app like Favor

Most of the companies are adopting this new age concept to add digitization into their business. Many companies are also adopting other popular ideas into their business and gaining popularity. How to Develop a Delivery App like Mrsool? July 29, 2020. Cost To Make An On-demand Delivery App Like Glovo. July 28, 2020 On-demand delivery services have been around us for many years; however, passing down from year to year, the way to provide such services has been modernized a lot. Exerting mobile-first and tech-first approaches, on-demand delivery apps like Glovo, UberEats, Deliveroo, and GrubHub, are framing an entire user-centric economy. The story behind each of these delivery apps is bizarre. It influences and arises divergent thinking into youth to come up with their own business idea.

What is the Difference between MVP, MLP and MMP/MSP? Sept 17, 2019 Listen to the blog audio here! Significant Ways to Speed Up Mobile App Development Process. July 27, 2020 You won’t find it practical when we say; we would assist you in building your mobile apps in days, do you? But, since there are thousands of applications popping up every day in the app store, it is of supreme importance for the app development companies to accelerate the mobile app development process. And hence, we do the same; we develop mobile applications that meet the quality standards without any glitches in days. 10 Things To Consider Before Developing Grocery Delivery App. July 23, 2020 Are you loving the exuberant experience of getting things delivered in just one tap? Do you enjoy saying goodbye to the long queues at the grocery store?

YES, loud came the reply from the happy customers. Build a Virtual Classroom App like Google Classroom. Top Android 11 Beta 2 Features That You Need To Know. July 15, 2020. How to Hire Flutter App Developers? Streamline your hiring process. How to Develop Service Marketplace Application Like UrbanClap? Sept 16, 2019. Telemedicine App Development Company. July 09, 2020.

How to Develop a Grocery and Shopping App Like Walmart? July 07, 2020 Lately, in May 2020, Walmart made a brilliant decision to combine two of its standalone solutions into one, Walmart App. Looking at the sudden surge in the demands of online shopping, the company decided to sell everything, including food, toys, and grocery, on a single platform. How to develop your Grocery Delivery App using this low-cost technique? Why does Your Pharmacy Business need a Mobile Application? July 03, 2020. Flutter for Web Development. Develop a Milk Delivery app like Milkbasket & BBDaily. June 29, 2020 How much easier life would be if we can buy fresh and eat fresh? We don't deny that you can always have your fresh milk and milk products from your local vendor but, it becomes a real burden if you are living alone and have to manage the typical 9 to 5 hustle. Mobile App Maintenance Cost. June 22, 2020 Most of the startupreneurs and entrepreneurs overlook the after work of updating their developed mobile app!

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Top 10 Cross-Platform App Development Frameworks of 2020. Develop a Salon Appointments Booking App like StyleSeat. Develop a Milk Delivery app like Milkbasket & BBDaily. Choose Flutter for App Development. Choose Right Database for App. Develop a Fitness App like ClassPass. When & why to use Node.Js for web application projects? The Stable Version of Flutter 1.17 and Dart 2.8 is Out Now! Why use Veu.js for web app Project? What kind of Apps can be built with Flutter Framework? How to Raise Money for Mobile App Startup? Develop an App Like Discord. Popular JavaScript Frameworks list for Frontend Development. Top 10 Android Libraries and Tools for Android Development. Things Founders Often Miss Upon While Developing an App. Develop an Insurance Application. Process of Payment Gateway Integration in a Mobile App. Top 9 IDE & Tools for Flutter Application Development. Guide to Develop an On-Demand Indoor Plant Delivery App.

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Native vs. Cross-Platform App Comparison. Front-end JS Frameworks Comparison. Top Programming Languages for Your Mobile App Startups. Improve the Effectiveness of Your Software Development Team. How To Grow Your Web Design Business? Vue.Js Development Company in India. Build an Education App That Copes Up the Situation of Corona. Build a Mobile Survey App Like Swagbucks. Cost & Features about Interior Design App Development. Top 10 Java Development Companies in USA 2018 – Kody Technolab PVT. LTD.