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Origami Neko Bookmark (Jo Nakashima) Little Paper Houses. You may remember my post for Living Locurto, the Mother’s Day message box project below.

Little Paper Houses

I’ve had that on my mind as Mother’s day approaches and wanted to engineer another type of box to share, but in a different style. Little paper houses. Engineering cardstock takes me back to my good ol’days as a package designer and I wish I had more time to create them for crafting. As I worked on these, I must have had 5o completely different ideas come to mind of how to use these houses for various things, such as gifts, decorations, favors, etc. But since I don’t have the benefit of all that time on my hands, I’ll share 3 and give ideas for many more.

Haunted House Luminary & Party Treat Box Templates. A while back I posted sweet little paper houses that were so much fun to make that I thought it would be timely to add a little spookiness and re-design them into cute little haunted house luminaries and party treat boxes!

Haunted House Luminary & Party Treat Box Templates

You can follow the basic directions for folding and gluing the boxes on that post along with some additional notes below. The houses are made using 12″ x 12″ Black Glitter Scrapbook Cardstock found at most scrapbook and craft stores and online. You can fit two houses to a sheet. Weekly Wrap #44 : Free Printable Owl Favor / Treat Box Templates. These guys are, dare I say it, a hoot!

Weekly Wrap #44 : Free Printable Owl Favor / Treat Box Templates

Yep, I went there. With Halloween coming up soon, I think that they would make super fun packaging for Halloween party favors and treats for small groups of trick or treaters, and you can change up the colors to make owls that are dark and menacing or chocolate-y brown and somewhat less menacing. The template includes everything that you’ll need to create the owl boxes, and I have a couple of tips that you can use to speed up the process if you need to make the boxes and are pressed for time. 36 Do It Yourself Gift Box Tutorials For Your Christmas Presents & ... Living Locurto - Printables, Recipes, Party Ideas & Crafts. Living Locurto - Printables, Recipes, Party Ideas & Crafts.