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EDC for Everyone: Write It, Scoop It, Pry It - Knives Illustrated. Check out this amazing list of EDC: Griffin Adventure Tool The Griffin Pocket Tool set the standard for small keychain-sized pry tools.

EDC for Everyone: Write It, Scoop It, Pry It - Knives Illustrated

If you doubt that, take a look at all the places that have copied it and its features; imitation being the sincerest form of flattery and all that nonsense. Well Griffin isn’t one to sit on its laurels, and the company just released the new Griffin Adventure Tool. The Adventure Tool is a bit wider than the original tool and incorporates some new features. Review: Giant Mouse Ace Grand Folder - Knives Illustrated. Giant Mouse is the wonderful lovechild of world-renowned knife designers and makers Jens Anso and JesperVoxnaes.

Review: Giant Mouse Ace Grand Folder - Knives Illustrated

The collaboration came about when the two Danes were having a few cocktails with American entrepreneur Jim Wirth at a knife show. All three decided to combine forces to not only get some new designs out, but to also get Anso and Voxnaes’ work out to a few more people. Like most Voxnaes and Anso designs, the Grand is extremely comfortable in the hand. Initially the emphasis was definitely on “a few” more people. Runs of standard Giant Mouse models are limited to 500 pieces and that’s it. However, over the last couple of years, Giant Mouse has decided to feed the knife-collecting masses what they want by going into full production under the ACE name. Some are entirely new designs, and some are production versions of its more popular limited-run knives from the past.

Best Bushcraft Gear of 2020 - Knives Illustrated. This is primarily a knife magazine, but a lot more gear is required to survive and thrive in the wilderness.

Best Bushcraft Gear of 2020 - Knives Illustrated

Here are some of the best bits and bobs of 2020 that you should consider adding to your pack, kit, or pocket loadout. 1. Black Beard Firestarter Whether it’s for warmth, cooking, or signaling, fire is one of the most important aspects of survival. Meet the Maker: Anthony Paul Fewkes of Archangel Blades - Knives Illustrated. THREE: Anthony Paul Fewkes/ Archangel BladesConnected to Law Enforcement & Military It all began in the wilderness adjacent to Lake Metonga.

Meet the Maker: Anthony Paul Fewkes of Archangel Blades - Knives Illustrated

Like most knife enthusiasts, Anthony Paul Fewkes was just a boy exploring the Illinois wilderness when he fell in love with knives. More than 30 years later, the love affair is still raging for the 43-year-old father of two young girls. Like all young boys, I had an automatic draw to knives. My older brothers both loved them, and we played survival in the backwoods by Lake Metonga.

When I became a 597 union pipefitter welder, I became really interested in metallurgy and the entire process. New Zero Tolerance 0707 Launched - Knives Illustrated. Zero Tolerance has launched the new 0707 model!

New Zero Tolerance 0707 Launched - Knives Illustrated

It’s available on the ZT web site NOW for $248. Manufacturer specs and description below. From Zero Tolerance Web Site… Finding the perfect balance between big and small, the 0707 offers something for everyone with its premium looks and cutting performance. Its sleek profile is comfortable in the hand, while also keeping a low profile in the pocket. Vegetarian Knives? Yes, Really - Knives Illustrated. I love to cook and do it very often.

Vegetarian Knives? Yes, Really - Knives Illustrated

But as long as my kitchen knives cut, I don’t pay much attention to what brand they are. That’s probably why I’d never heard of Hurom until their new set of vegetarian knives crossed my desk. Or more appropriately, my kitchen island. The Hurom Fruit and Vegetable set has a modern look that should suit almost any kitchen. Meet Knife Maker Dwayne Unger - Knives Illustrated. Dwayne Unger has been a knife maker for only three years, but the 45-year-old Pennsylvania native is already forging a name for himself in the industry.

Meet Knife Maker Dwayne Unger - Knives Illustrated

In this ‘meet the maker’ interview, we take an inside look at Unger‘s quest for excellence. Where It Began When I was growing up, I spent a lot of time at my grandparents’ farm. Of course, we had pocket knives, so I’ve always had an interest in knives as tools. In 2012, I took a bushcraft survival course at the Wilderness Learning Center. How To Build Your Knife Skills This Weekend - Knives Illustrated. Got some time on your hands.

How To Build Your Knife Skills This Weekend - Knives Illustrated

Put down that hot pocket and get off the couch. Master the moment and build your knife skills. Fun Facts about Kris blades - Knives Illustrated. What makes the Sayoc Pintado Kris different is also what makes it a beautiful, functional tactical blade.

Fun Facts about Kris blades - Knives Illustrated

While a long blade will keep the enemy at a safe distance, Kris blade’s extra length and weight take away some control in tight spaces. A standard fixed-blade knife, while excelling in close-quarters control, allows the longer-bladed enemy to gain distance … enough to do damage of their own. The Sayoc Pintado Kris, with its longer blade, gives the user the best of both worlds. Here are some fun facts about Kris blades: Keeps the enemy at a safe distance: With an overall length of 21 inches and a blade length of 15.5 inches, the Sayoc Pintado allows the fighter to keep the enemy at a safe distance. 2. 3.

COVID-19: Resources for Small Outdoor Businesses and Self-Employed Knife Makers - Knives Illustrated. If you own or work for a small outdoor business, or if you’re self-employed, you’re likely facing unprecedented challenges.

COVID-19: Resources for Small Outdoor Businesses and Self-Employed Knife Makers - Knives Illustrated

Some businesses are scrambling to keep up with high demand and opportunities for growth as people revive their outdoor interests and sharpen their capacity for self-reliance. But some small businesses and 1099 employees are seeing revenue slow. Keeping up with the torrent of new coronavirus information every day is tough. And diving into the news every day is both boring and disheartening. To help out, we’ve gathered together some resources for small businesses and self-employed workers. Federal loans and grants for small businesses: This past Friday, the president signed into law the $2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act. If you’re like most of us and prefer not to read the full text, here’s the lowdown: Small businesses employ 48 percent of Americans, so the government knows that helping small businesses helps our economy.

Amber Talks Machetes with Joe Flowers - Knives Illustrated. When you hear the name “Joe Flowers,” you think “machete,” says Amber Hargrove in the latest episode of ASGTV. In the video, Amber and Joe talk about the Amazonian expeditions he leads with Bushcraft Global, Amber’s own experiences surviving in the Amazon jungle, the myriad uses for machetes, and criteria for choosing a machete that you can rely on. (And, toilets!!) Machetes in the Amazon (IMAGE: Bushcraft Global) Flowers takes his students down to the Amazonian forest near Leticia, Columbia, which is near the border between Columbia and Brazil. In many Amazonian cultures, kids begin to learn to use machetes as toddlers.

Knife Steel 101: A Beginner’s Look at Blade Materials - Knives Illustrated. A lot can change in 2.5 million years. Take knives, for example. Our early ancestors crafted knives by chipping and flaking off bits of rock to make an edge. On occasion, they attached those tools to a handle. Naturally, man eventually discovered new and better materials for knives. Going Gray: How To Disappear - Knives Illustrated. How to Vanish without a Trace Changes can happen in a person’s life, sometimes by no fault of their own, where they’ve realized that in order to survive another day, they must completely disappear. This doesn’t mean they can merely slip under the radar for a while, but instead, by completely jumping off the map.

The Feds use the Witness Protection Program when they want to secure the safety of threatened people, but sometimes, what you may have witnessed can’t be held accountable in court. It is time to leave your house, close the door behind you and never look back. First, take into consideration the legal ramifications of what you are planning. Disappearing is not easy. Start by understanding that you are now alone, and if you involve another person, you will surely fail. Check Out This 60,000-Year-Old Multitool ... - Knives Illustrated. … and discover what it reveals about those amazing Neanderthals and their blades. Archeologists have unearthed a stone meat cutting knife that reveals more clues about the blades that Neanderthals made and loved, a science journal reported last week. The tool is essentially “a Swiss Army knife,” one researcher said in this video posted by The Siberian Times.

Its blunt end made it convenient to hold, and you could butcher meat with it for about an hour until it began to dull. How to Find Urban Survival Water - with Skullcrusher - Knives Illustrated. Water is life’s blood, especially when you are on the Edge of Survival. It can be a matter of life or death, and that’s no different when a survival situation hits in the big city. While trying to find water in the wilderness can have its difficulties and challenges, an urban-survival scenario offers its own unique set of issues … and solutions. The Law of 3s about not being able to survive more than 3 days without water still applies. Knife Maker Forges Together His German, Lumbee Heritage. When you stroll down to the Dixie Gun & Knife Show at the North Carolina Fairgrounds in Raleigh on a Sunday afternoon, the last thing you expect to hear is a German accent. Review: The Kershaw XCOM, Inspired by a World War II Knife.

Our review: Talk about amazing — with its XCOM knife, Kershaw has created a powerful blend of the old and the new. Review: Valavian Edge Craft's Primal Bowie - Knives Illustrated. Valavian Edge Craft’s Primal Bowie is Ideal for the Rugged Outdoors, Survival and Utility What is your worst nightmare? KNIVES ILLUSTRATED - A Tool For Your Safety. Carry Worthy Blade. In the backpacking and distance hiking community, there’s an expression, “Ounces equal pounds.”

Any additional weight on your back feels exponentially heavier, especially when there’s a lack of oxygen in the air. It’s in settings like this when the outdoorsman needs the lightest gear to save energy and help push him farther and faster. One item commonly accepted in a loadout, despite its weight, is a quality knife. Where To Get Latest knives Guide? Best Videos To Provide Information About Knives. Fighting knife created by James Black : BOWIE KNIFE. Where to buy a high-quality tactical folding knife? Hard Use for Hard Intent. Jonathan Miller of Sick Boy Knife Works has worked hard over the years, making the move to a full-time career in knifemaking — and the journey shows in his work. Looking like knives that might be seen in the next big Hollywood blockbuster hit, but functioning like a high-quality custom knife, Jonathan is making strides into the world of highly recognizable cutlery. Blending style with function, Sick Boy Knife Works has something for the inner Rambo in all of us.

Clean lines and hard use materials make for a sharp presentation. Big Screen Inspiration After seeing the movie “The Hunted,” with Tommy Lee Jones — and having already gotten the knife bug from the “Rambo” movie franchise — Jonathan began making knives in 2008-2009, just messing around in his garage. The Challenges. Deadly Strike Force. Some knife grips are particularly effective.

Reverse-edge tactics, as their name implies, are edged-weapon skills based on the practice of gripping your knife so that the sharp edge faces back toward the user. Quick Guide to Picking Knives for Your Bugout Plan - Knives Illustrated. When you’ve decided it’s time to get out of Dodge, you’re going to need knives to do it.

Getting prepped to “bugout” is a serious matter, and you should put a lot of thought into it. Knife Battles: Competitive comparisons to make an educated knife choice. Review: Dogwood Custom Knives Kephart. A Look at Cold Steel Knives. Accessories Buyer's Guide for 2020. Multi-Tool Buyer's Guide for 2020. Knife Buyer's Guide for 2020. Industry News - Knives Illustrated. Merry Christmas Amber! - Knives Illustrated. Tactical Buyer's Guide for 2020 - Knives Illustrated. EDC Buyer's Guide for 2020 - Knives Illustrated. Best Blades from BLADE Show 2019.

Hunting Buyer's Guide for 2020 - Knives Illustrated. EDC Buyer's Guide for 2020. Quick Guide to Picking Knives for Your Bugout Plan - Knives Illustrated. Knife Battles: Competitive comparisons to make an educated knife choice. A Look at Cold Steel Knives - Read it at Knives Illustrated. Review: Dogwood Custom Knives Kephart - Knife Review. Knives Illustrated - All Things Knives. How to Choose a Custom Knife You'll Love Forever - Knives Illustrated.

How to Choose a Custom Knife You'll Love Forever - Knives Illustrated. Knives Illustrated. Illuminous Banner.