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SS4H-PF Pet Feeder – DIY Project based on ESP8266 – Smart Solutions for Home. Does your pet (as well as mine) don’t give a s**t that it’s a weekend and you’d like to sleep longer?

SS4H-PF Pet Feeder – DIY Project based on ESP8266 – Smart Solutions for Home

My cat (Strachu) – every Saturday at 7 a.m. sings a serenade “I’m hungry!!”. And he doesn’t get any logical arguments that you went to bed late yesterday because: (cross out false one) you were at a party / you worked / your child didn’t let you sleep. At-home screenprinting. DIY Shibori – HonestlyWTF. Today marks HonestlyWTF’s four year anniversary.

DIY Shibori – HonestlyWTF

Four years! To celebrate, we’re revisiting the very first tutorial we ever featured on the site: shibori tie dye. Lauren and I first discovered shibori after discovering an old photo on the web. The idea of recreating an ancient Japanese dyeing technique inspired us to spend an entire weekend experimenting with our favorite deep blue, indigo. After dyeing just about every white article of clothing in sight, our blue stained fingers excitedly uploaded the tutorial – we couldn’t wait to share it with our 30 readers. You’ll need:an indigo dye kitnatural fiber clothing or fabric2 5 gallon bucketsrubber glovessmall wood squaresrubber bandstwinea PVC pipea long wooden sticka drop clothrubber glovesscissors When choosing fabric or clothing, it’s important that made of natural fibers.

Itajime shibori is known as the shape-resist technique. Fold it again in the other direction – again, like an accordion. Wrap the twine around the fabric. Stencil with freezer paper (harry potter tee) Yes, I am a nerd.

stencil with freezer paper (harry potter tee)

I came up with a brilliant idea for a Harry Potter t-shirt and I couldn't resist. "Expecto Patronum! " However, you can make whatever kind of design you want with a freezer paper stencil. It doesn't have to be Harry Potter related. (Although it would be awesome if it was.) I learned about the joys of freezer paper back in my early college days. Keep it modern” » Cuttin’ glass and takin’ names. My latest Modern DIY came from pure curiosity.

keep it modern” » Cuttin’ glass and takin’ names

I had read about bottle cutters on different sites and forums and thought that could be pretty fun. I live in a area where there are a lot of wineries so that means there has to be plenty of wine bottles laying around. I personally don’t drink wine but was easily able to get my hands on some. I was also able to pick up a Ephrems Old Time Bottle Cutting Kit on eBay. Get some of the tips and tricks I learned on the way after the jump. The directions that come with the kit are pretty strait forward. Now that you have a cut bottle you have to deal with the sharp edges. I really don’t see these being used for drinking glasses. Photos by Kim Fetrow. Mason Jar Key Hook.

Hey guys! Hope you all had a great Wednesday I have a fun project to share today! I started with a 1×8 board from Lowe’s that I cut to about 2′ long. I used a different paint method on this board and I love how it turned out so I am going to share it with you in my next post. So for now… Here is my board after it is painted and ready to go. I also purchased 3 hooks and a pipe clamp from Lowe’s. My next step was attaching them to my board. Then it was time to attach the clamp. Waterproof Your Canvas Shoes. Hack Apart a Highlighter to Create UV-Reactive Flowers [Science] - How-To Geek ETC. College students have long been hacking apart highlighters to create glowing bottles of booze to line their dorm room walls.

Hack Apart a Highlighter to Create UV-Reactive Flowers [Science] - How-To Geek ETC

Far more interesting, however, is the application of the hack to flowers. Many of you may remember a science class experiment from years gone by where in you put food coloring in a beaker and then some freshly cut white flowers; returning to the experiment a day later yielded flowers colored to match the dye you added. This little experiment relies on the same technique, only instead of blue food coloring the flowers suck up UV-reactive highlighter dye. Check out the video below to see the experiment in action: Have a fun science experiment to share? Make Flowers Glow in the Dark (with Highlighter Fluid and UV Light) [YouTube via Make]