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Operation of a website ( which is a review and niche website about outdoors/camping/knives/rock-climbing and a variety of outdoor pursuits.

Pennsylvania Knife Laws - Knife Up. Pennsylvania knife statutes are short and lacking in clear definitions.

Pennsylvania Knife Laws - Knife Up

In order to determine what the law is, one must look at Court decisions, or case law. This article takes the statutes and the case law and puts it in a clear and organized manner that anyone can understand. What is Legal to Own It is legal to own Bowie knifeIt is legal to own a Balisong, or butterfly knifeIt is legal to own a penknifeIt is legal to own a concealed knife, such as in a lipstick or belt buckleIt is legal to own any kind of hunting knife What is Illegal to Own There is something called the “CURIO EXCEPTION” in Pennsylvania which refers to the concept that you can technically own any knife you want, but you have to make a good argument for your purpose in owning the knife.

Limits on Carry What is a Restricted Knife? Any knife ‘the blade of which is exposed in an automatic way by a switch, push-button, spring mechanism, or otherwise,’ is restricted. California Knife Law - Knife Up. California has relatively friendly knife laws, but as you can expect, with large urban centers like L.A. and others, there are some differences between urban laws and restrictions in other regions.

California Knife Law - Knife Up

Unlike other states who’s knife law is out of date, California’s is modern and up-to-date. This article will talk about what is legal, illegal, and in the gray area concerning knives in California. 10 Best Volleyball Nets for 2020: Indoor, Outdoor, & Portable. It’s easy to see why volleyball is one of the most popular sports in the world.

10 Best Volleyball Nets for 2020: Indoor, Outdoor, & Portable

It’s relatively safe, low contact game that doesn’t have the injury risk that some sports do. The rules are pretty simple so that most people can easily understand it while still being insanely physical and using every muscle in the body. Playing on a team fosters communication, teamwork, and leadership and it’s easy for people of all ages to play together. It’s also relatively inexpensive to start playing. There’s no pricey gear to buy, like pads, gloves, or helmets. Top Volleyball Net Comparison Chart Volleyball Net Buying Guide If you’re looking to play volleyball, buying a net is the first place to start. Before we give you the list of the top nine volleyball nets, we’ll first take a look into how to choose the right net for you. Net or Complete Net System If you’re planning to play somewhere that already has a court in place, you might just need to buy a net. Indoor vs Outdoor In-ground vs Portable System.

How Good is 1095 Steel? - Knife Up. Steel comes in a variety of forms.

How Good is 1095 Steel? - Knife Up

This is because steel needs to serve a variety of functions. It is alloyed with many different kinds of metals for a myriad of different purposes. The different types of metals used in the creation of steel gives it different properties, which is why there are different kinds of steel available. Common to all types of steel is carbon, which can be found in varying quantities, depending upon the intended use of the steel being processed. Massachusetts Knife Law - Knife Up. The laws of Massachusetts are very cryptic.

Massachusetts Knife Law - Knife Up

They are written in extremely confusing run-on sentences and a lot of the law requires an in-depth look at case law to fully understand what is legal and illegal. This article will give you a clear idea of Massachusetts knife laws in everyday English. It will also give you the law with explanations of each clause. What is Legal to Own Balisong knives, also called butterfly knives, are legal to own.Switchblades and automatic knives are legal to own.Ballistic knives are legal to own.Dirks, daggers, stilettos, and push knives are legal to own.Knives with brass knuckles are legal to own.Disguised knives like cane knives and lipstick knives are legal to own.Bowie knives and other large knives are legal to own.Throwing knives and throwing stars are legal to own. Best 1095 High Carbon Steel in US. Best Pocket Knives Online USA. Best Knife Laws US. KnifeUp provides, for free, knife law guides for all 50 states.

Best Knife Laws US

Below is a map of the US, click on the state you are interested in to read about it’s knife laws. I try to keep these guides as up-to-date and accurate as possible but, for the law changes a lot, please leave a comment if you see something wrong. Choose Your State How the US Justice System Works The United States was founded under the principals of federalism. Don’t Tread on Me – The Gadsden Flag and it's Meaning - Knife Up.

Don’t Tread on Me is a very strong statement in the United States with very deep historical roots.

Don’t Tread on Me – The Gadsden Flag and it's Meaning - Knife Up

The phrase was written under the image of a rattle snake and emblazoned on a yellow flag. This is known as the Gadsden flag and falls within the historical flags of America. First Things First! Where Did it Come From? You can do an online search and find lots of details about the phrase “don’t tread on me” and how it’s connected to the Gadsden Flag and Benjamin Franklin, etc. The short answer to “where did it come from” is – The War of Independence in the United States (also known as the Revolutionary War) in the 1770’s.

As the story goes, during late 1775 when the rebellion against the British rule of the colonies was already well underway, the American army (known as the Continental Army) was waiting in Cambridge, Massachusetts under orders from their General George Washington. Though not portrayed in this painting, the Gadsden Flag was flown on Commodore Hopkins’ flagship The Alfred.