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Guides. Chats/Hashtags. Disposable Twitter Accounts for Classroom Use. Twitter comes up frequently on ProfHacker.

Disposable Twitter Accounts for Classroom Use

We write about Twitter in the classroom, Twitter for conference (and unconference) backchannels, and using Twitter as part of a web presence strategy. One of my first ProfHacker posts was all about how and why academics should consider using the service. When it comes to the classroom, however, there are complications with requiring Twitter. These include: Some professors are uncomfortable requiring students to use a commerical service for their classes. In my digital humanities classes, I do require students to use Twitter so they can follow the most dynamic conversations happening among practitioners in the field. I. The second paragraph of the assignment lays out the way that I manage some of the potential problems with using Twitter in the classroom. This strategy has worked pretty well in my classes. How To Integrate Live Tweets Into Your Presentations. I’ve seen plenty of presentations that try to incorporate social media, polling, and other interactive tools.

It’s all an effort to engage the audience and keep the conversation going. But usually these presentations don’t do it right. They say ‘mention my presentation with the XYZ hashtag’ or ‘like us on Facebook to see back-channel conversations’ and whatnot. But all of that is passive participation. Lucky for you, we just stumbled across a new tool that’s designed to incorporate live tweets into your presentation. It’s called SAP Web 2.0 it’s as simple to use as PowerPoint. Using It In The Classroom SAP Web 2.0 could be a great way to encourage students to start / keep using Twitter.

How will you use Twitter in the classroom? Screenshots. Visual Tweets. 10 Reasons for Education Professionals to Use Twitter. Can a message of only 140 characters really affect change in the world?

10 Reasons for Education Professionals to Use Twitter

Twitter is doing just that one message at a time. Last week I met with a small group of teachers and administrators to show them some of the merits of using Twitter as an education professional. I have already read many blogs about the virtue of educators using Twitter, so my message is nothing new. It is simply my perspective that I share with anyone who would like to catch up on the meeting of last week. Here’s what I told the group: Bringing classrooms together via twitter. Why Twitter Is a Teacher's Best Tool - Education. Teachers are increasingly bringing the real-time communication power of Twitter into the classroom to help students learn.

Why Twitter Is a Teacher's Best Tool - Education

But I've come to the conclusion that it's great for helping teachers learn as well. Twitter has simply become one of the best places for teachers to collaborate, share solutions to common classroom problems, and discuss education policy. In fact, it might just be the best forum teachers have ever had. As a classroom teacher I remember going across the hall to ask Mr. Sally for tips on getting kids to learn their times tables.