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50 Shades of Mobile. Mobile Learning: 50+ Resources & Tips. I believe mobile devices will transform education. This is why I created a free ebook, Effective Mobile Learning: 50+ Quick Tips & Resources with helpful tips and several resources to help support this trend. One reason is because mobile devices are designed in a way that forces the teacher to give control to the learner. When we equip a classroom with iPads, iPods, small tablets, or cellphones the learning is literally put in the hands of the students. The teacher has to facilitate and walk around the room to manage the learning. "Laptop Kits" for Using Computers in the Classroom. This post was originally published in June, but I am "recycling" it again to link up with Debbie Clement's post on Classroom Organization Tips.

"Laptop Kits" for Using Computers in the Classroom

Check out Debbie's AMAZING (and comprehensive!) Post where she discusses tips and materials for organizing your classroom. Then link up and add a strategy to share.


YouTube. Skype. Blogs Wikis Docs Chart. Tech Ease. Google Docs/Apps. BYOD. Misc Tools. Infographics. Wikis. Bookmarking Sites. How to use Education Technology quickly. ActivInspire is predominantly used as a teacher tool for presenting information to children but it shares many similarities with other tools such as PowerPoint and can therefore be used by children quite easily too.

How to use Education Technology quickly.

Each page is similar to a PowerPoint slide and it can contain images, information and links to other resources. This video gives a quick overview of how to create a flipchart using ActivInspire. This video is also available to view Vimeo by clicking here. 2Sequence is a tool that is part of Purple Mash.

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