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Bugatti-veyron.jpg (600×450) Aston-martin-one77.jpg (600×351) What the 2012 FR-S Really Means For Scion. When the new rear-wheel drive 2012 Scion FR-S hits showrooms it will send wide ranging ripples throughout the sport compact scene.

What the 2012 FR-S Really Means For Scion

The first rear-wheel drive sports car with serious performance potential to wear the Scion badge, the FR-S will bring new energy and customers to the brand. While models like the Scion tC have been popular, very few people looking for a high performance car have sought them out. Scion has been the “youth brand”, selling hip cars to first time buyers who are on a shoestring budget. The FR-S will be a new halo car for the Scion showroom, an aspiration car who’s image will help sell other models next to them.