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Recycled Purseability Purse Pattern. Plastic Trash Rug. This crocheted rug has been a work in progress for quite some time.

Plastic Trash Rug

I’m happy to say its done — Yea! It is completely crocheted from plastic trash. I used recycled bags from bread, hotdog buns, bagels, toilet paper, frozen foods, hashbrowns, paper towel packaging, hamburger buns, taco shells, hoagie buns, and other pieces of plastic from numerous products having plastic packaging. This plastic is the heavier gauge stuff and it’s much harder to crochet and does make your hands and joints sore. Crochet Plastic Bag Pattern: Plarn Soap Dish. By Rachel Choi – 21 Comments Finished Size: 3” (7.5 cm) wide, 4 ¼” (11 cm) long, 1 ¼” (3 cm) tall Note that size can be adjusted by following the instructions within the pattern Materials: Approximately 6 plastic grocery bags, cut into a ball of plarn Crochet Hook G (4.00 mm) Gauge: not very important Since the thickness of plarn varies from person to person, use a crochet hook that you are comfortable with.

Crochet Plastic Bag Pattern: Plarn Soap Dish

Crochet as tight or loose as you want your soap dish to be. Crochet Pattern: Soap DishBottom Start by chaining 12 or as wide as you want your soap dish Row 1: ch 1, sc in second ch from hook and in each ch across: 12 sc Row 2: ch 1, turn, sc in each sc across: 12 sc Repeat row 2 fourteen times or until your work is as long as you want your soap dish.

Sides Round 1: sc around bottom piece Repeat round 1 four times or until sides are as tall as you desire, then finish off. If you need help with crocheting this soap dish, let me know and I’ll be glad to help! Plastic Bag Doormat Rug. Several people have asked me for a rug pattern crocheted using recycled plastic bags or plarn.

Plastic Bag Doormat Rug

So what better way to kick off the after Christmas crafting but by doing a reader suggested project. Someone suggested a doormat which sounded like a great project. I wanted my doormat rug to be rectangle in shape and have a pretty pattern. Messenger Bag Crafted from Plastic Bags. Here is my messenger bag crocheted using recycled plastic bags.

Messenger Bag Crafted from Plastic Bags

I am tempted to call this my ultimate recycled bag because it is so big and could be used for so many different purposes. This was a fun and challenging project as it fulfilled a request I had received. Awhile back someone asked me to make a bag big enough to hold a scrapbook album. Well, I think this recycled bag would work wonderfully to hold your scrapbooking projects along with extra supplies.

Recycled Hook Case. Crochet yourself a hook case from recycled plastic bags!

Recycled Hook Case

This project is another installment on my to-do list that I have blogged about recently. If you are not familiar with my to-do list, it is a list of items that I plan to crochet using plastic bags. Once I complete each project, I post the free pattern here at My Recycled for everyone’s use. This week I decided that I needed a crochet hook case and it was on my list to do so… Here is the completed project and free pattern.

An inside look of the hook case which holds four crochet hooks. ______________________________________Recycled Hook Case Pattern Hook case measures 5 inches wide and 10” long. Material: One small ball of plastic bags cut into 1” strips. Hook: Metal “N” hook Chain 14 Rnd 1 Sc in 2nd ch from hook in each chain. Rnd 2 - 14 Sc in each st around and do not connect at end of rounds, just continue working Sc in rounds until 4 inches are completed. Recycled Round Plarn Rug. Click to supersize photo For all you rug lovers out there, I have a new recycled plarn rug pattern to share.

Recycled Round Plarn Rug

It’s crocheted in the round and I used several different shades of creme, tan, and brown bags to create an earth tone look. These plastic rugs crocheted from recycled plastic bags make great boot or doormat rugs as you can just hose them off and hang to dry. Remember do not put these in the dryer as it will melt the plastic. So grab those plastic bags, a big N crochet hook and lets do some recycled green plarn crafting! Materials needed: Several balls of plastic bag yarn “Plarn” in creme, tan, and browns Hook: “N” U.S. size metal hook Description: Earth tone round rug measures 19” wide Directions: Using Creme colored plastic bags (plarn) Ch 4, join to form ring. Rnd 2 Ch 2, Hdc in sm st, then 2 Hdc in ea st.

Rnd 3 Change color to brown plarn by pulling up new color in last st of prior rnd. Ch 2, work Hdc in sm st, *work Hdc in next st, then 2 Hdc in next st*. The Cutest Plarn Grocery/Beach Bag. Finally after much delay due to the many illnesses on behalf of my family, I return to my blog with my promised plarn grocery/beach bag pattern.

The Cutest Plarn Grocery/Beach Bag

This bag is huge which makes it great beach bag, but it can definitely be used as a very durable grocery bag. I love this plarn bag because it is especially cute. Considering that the average plarn bag is either white or tan, The ribbon embellishment adds a great pop of color. This pattern is perfect for tomorrow, which is Earth Day, so give Mother Nature a huge fist bump and make plans to make this bag. 1.