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Treasure Chest. Materials and Tools: 5 small matchboxes (all the same size)hot glueE-6000 gluedecorative papercraft paintglue sticktape measurescissors1 yd. ribbon5 small beads or pearls (small enough to fit on the front of the matchbox "drawers") Steps: 1.

Treasure Chest

Project Planning Binder Tutorial & Printables — Dream a Little Bigger. Today we’re going to make an organized project planning binder for your blog!

Project Planning Binder Tutorial & Printables — Dream a Little Bigger

It’s been mentioned before that some don’t understand how I get so many crafts done and how I can work up posts for up to 3 weeks in advance. My bloggy pal Lauren over at The Thinking Closet was very encouraging about working up a post to share my plan, so thanks, Lauren! I really thought about how what I do works and I guess it is because I try to stay organized (which is no small feat for me, let me tell ya) and plan things down to the supplies I MIGHT need. You see, I have to drive to get to a craft store. Upcycle cardboard storage folders. Fun glitter storage boxes. Jelly jar shelf. Easy Ziploc® Bag Tote. Saturday, April 10, 2010 Easy Ziploc® Bag Tote | Family Economics By Cathe There’s simply no end to the crafty-yet-practical possibilities with Ziploc® brand bags.

Easy Ziploc® Bag Tote

Here is a simple tutorial for creating a cool little file tote using Ziploc® bags and a small paper handle bag. The supplies include: • Six Ziploc® Multi-Purpose Quart size Storage Bags • One 8"x10"x5" gift or shopping bag • Reinforcement paper • Fabric or tape • Sewing machine • Thread • Labels, stickers and/or tabs. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Now start filing! What would you carry in your Easy Ziploc® File Tote? Please enter your comment. Example: "Todd from Chicago" or "The Silva's from Texas. " Please read our Terms of Use in the link below. To help prevent spam, please enter the words you see in the box below. Ziploc® Bag Organizer Tote. Spring break is over for us out here in Northern California.

Ziploc® Bag Organizer Tote

All my kids are back in school today. We had a nice week filled with baseball, church camp for the girls on the Santa Cruz beach, and just plain laziness, because, well, it was Spring break! But Monday’s here, time to get’er back in gear! Here’s a cute project to start the week- A fun little organizer tote made with Ziploc® Bags. Check out my post with tutorial over on SC Johnson’s Family Economics by clicking HERE! We’ve been having plenty of April showers lately -looking forward to those May flowers! This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged diy crafts, Family Economics, purse organizer, SC Johnson, ziploc bags. Can storage container & more. Ok, I've been known to re-purpose things before like when I made a tote bag out of business cards for a friend.

Can storage container & more

Or when I made candy dishes from gladware packaging. (I'll show that one soon - stay tuned!) You get the idea. Anyway, it's just the way my mind works, I see something for what it is but then my mind switches gears and starts designing what it could be. That's what happened with my project for today. Yes, I know you can by self-rotating Can Stackers for food storage but the small ones are $32 and frankly, I'd rather make my own and so that's what I did. 1- First, I needed an empty fridge pack of soda. 2- On the back end of the container I cut out a space that is large enough to put a can of soup in. 3- I grabbed some decorative paper (I used about 3 sheets of 12x12 scrapbook paper) and folded it into place to cover the box. 4- Once the back end was done drying, I grabbed another piece of paper and repeated the steps until the front part is covered. Craft space organizing. Desk organizer. I've been saving some cereal boxes and toilet paper/paper towel rolls for awhile.

desk organizer

I'm not just some weird hoarder – I had a purpose. My goal was to recycle these items in a Mod Podge project. I thought, if everyone else can use these items for crafts, I can too. So I challenged myself! It's kind of fun to do that sometimes to see what you come up with. Based on what I had in my stash, I created this DIY desk organizer, aka the perfect recycled craft. Gather These Supplies Cereal boxes and toilet paper rollsWood plaquesMod Podge Satin – if children do this project, use Mod Podge Kids WashoutAcrylic paint in the colors of your choiceScrapbook paper to cover your boxes and rollsRibbon in coordinating colorsScissorsCraft knifeCraft gluePaintbrushPen or pencilRulerTape Here are my supplies.

I had no idea how to measure the cereal box for my bins, I'm going to be honest with you. So here is a finished bin. Hanging baskets for storage..