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Harry Beck: The Paris Connection. Detail from Harry Beck's 1951 Paris Metro map design (which was rejected by the city's transport authorities). Used by kind permission London Transport Museum The Royal Mail recently commem­orated one of the UK’s greatest works of visual infor­mation design when Harry Beck’s London Underground diagram was included for the first time on a British postage stamp writes Mark Ovenden. The impor­tance of Beck’s rectilinear, topologic 1933 diagram is widely recognised and praised by graphic designers. Many wonder why Beck never extended his ideas outside London. The answer is, he did – to the nearest major subway network to London: Paris. In 1951 Beck submitted this revised edition of a map he had worked on for the Paris Metro in the late 1930s. But his map for the French capital was rejected and a diagrammatic approach to the city’s system wasn’t employed until 1999.

Was this 1931 Berlin S-Bahn diagram (detail shown) an influence on Beck’s iconic 1933 London tube map design? BizWeekGraphics: Bizweekgraphics 1929–1935: Depression. ... Create Grainy Textures - Vectips. Creating grainy textures are great for retro illustrations, typography, and logos. Alternatively, you can incorporate these effects into compelling new styles. You can always scan in similar textures and Live Trace them in Illustrator, but you can pretty easily create this type of effect all inside Illustrator!

Final Image Here is a sample image of what these techniques can do. Further down in the tutorial, I give a quick breakdown of the process. Tutorial Details Program: Adobe Illustrator CS5 (You should be able to create this tutorial in CS4 and CS3 but some of the tutorial images might look different.)Difficulty: Beginner / IntermediateTopics Covered: Grain Effect, Gradient, Gradient Meshes, BlendsEstimated Completion Time: 15-20 minutes Grainy Textures In the following sections I’ll show you how to create these grainy textures from a couple of different elements within Illustrator.

Gradients Basic First up is gradients. Color Take your same rectangle and fill it with a solid color. Blend. California Map Showing San Francisco, Newport. Evidence of a land promotion that collapsed. The City of Newport is shown prominently on the map attached to the deed, as large as San Francisco, and connected by three railroads to other cities. Newport never got off the ground. The 1878 Solano County Atlas shows only a tiny hamlet called Collinsville where Newport should be (the deed says that Newport was "formerly" called Collinsville - but obviously Collinsville it remained when the speculative fever abated).

On page 13 of the Solano Atlas is the following: "Many of the older settlers remember New Port and the enterprise of its proprietor in the disposition of town lots, and perhaps some of the people of the east have occasion to remember it also. Avant-garde and modernist magazines. Inside back cover of Blok 6-7, Warsaw, 1924. Back cover of MA 8:1, Vienna, 1922. Back cover of Noi II/1:6-9, Rome, 1924. Introduction[edit] What is the relevance of avant-garde magazines printed on aging paper to a society which views the world in real time and through networked digital lenses?

In their day avant-garde magazines had been the closest to medium-specific publishing. Although most of them are well known and indeed--worth a lot--today, only a few journals had any significant impact outside the avant-garde circles in their time. In the decades after World War II they turned into a domain of art and literary historians who consulted them in libraries and hard-to-access private collections.

The International Dada Archive affiliated with The University of Iowa Libraries has been instrumental in introducing a general audience to many avant-garde magazines through its Digital Dada Library Collection. Gallery[edit] Selected magazine issues. Index[edit] Updates[edit] Catalan[edit] 8 Impressive Infographic Timelines. SVG Doughnut chart with animation and tooltip. 50 JavaScript Libraries for Charts and Graphs. How are you visualizing data in JavaScript? What is your favorite library for creating charts and graphs with JavaScript?

I have been a long time fan of jqPlot for its open source approach, simplicity, examples, and great features. It performs well, it is used by many corporations, and it is built on top of jQuery. Recently, however, D3 has really caught my eye. It uses JavaScript, HTML, SVG and CSS to really bring data to life. FusionCharts – they call themselves an enterprise-grade JavaScript charting component and with good reason I suppose. D3 – is really amazing and I love it’s simplicity. HighCharts – very powerful, I love the JSFiddle examples and powerful features. JqPlot – if you are already using jQuery, you don’t want to pay for HighCharts, and D3 is too much for your simple use cases, then jqPlot is an excellent choice. dygraphs – open source JavaScript library that produces interactive, zoomable charts of time series. Cubism.js – a D3 plugin for visualizing time series. Arbor.js.

[Tutorial] Prosta Animacja w Photoshop CC | Order Group Blog. POZIOM: początkującyCZAS: 1-2 godziny Photoshop wraz z wersją CC otrzymał funkcję tworzenia animacji. Nowa funkcja niestety nie zastąpi nam kompletnie After Effects czy Premiere, jednak jest to świetna alternatywa dla osób, które potrzebują zrobić prostą animację, a nie chcą zagłębiać się w odmęty zaawansowanych aplikacji do motion designu. Przygotowaliśmy krótki tutorial opisujący w jaki sposób wykonać animację logo przy użyciu Adobe Photoshop CC 2014, dedykowany osobom które nie mają doświadczenia w animacji w AE.

Krok 1 – Przygotowanie Photoshop’a Zaczynamy od uruchomienia Adobe Photoshop i stworzenie nowego dokumentu. Ja wybrałem obraz w rozdzielczości 800x600px. Przenosimy do naszego dokumentu grafikę (najlepiej aby była już podzielona na warstwy, które będziemy animować) i klikamy w przycisk „Create Video Timeline”. Program utworzy nam timeline z warstw, z których składa się nasza grafika.

Krok 2 – Animacja ruchu Rozpocznijmy animowanie naszej grafiki. Krok 3 – Przezroczystości. Nicholas Felton. Klim Type Foundry - Home. UX Design Blog and Resources to Follow Religiously. In this article, Chris Bank of UXPin – The UX Design App details some of his favorite product design blogs on the web, categorized by the type of content they contain.

Talent may be developed, and creativity may still be for the most part inspired, but thanks to the internet knowledge and advice are free of charge. Some of the best product design resources are only a click, tap or swipe away. With the brightest thought leaders in the design arena sharing their expertise, best practices and advice openly, via a plethora of product design blogs on the web, one has arguably all the resources necessary to be the next Jony Ive. The following are a sampling of some of the best UX design blogs that the web has to offer. 1. These blogs discuss techniques and guidelines that can be implemented to achieve design goals or objectives. 2. These blogs feature tips, tricks, and advice on how to build effective user interfaces. 4.

These sites feature articles covering topics around design methodology. Websites We Love — Showcasing The Best in Web Design. Search results from: keywordsLittle Big Details - Your daily dose of design inspiration. New York City Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual. Baśń.pl - Pinokio. Newfangled works with independent agencies to lead development web platforms for their clients. 52 Weeks of UX. The user experience is made up of all the interactions a person has with your brand, company, or organization.

This may include interactions with your software, your web site, your call center, an advertisement, with a sticker on someone else’s computer, with a mobile application, with your Twitter account, with you over email, maybe even face-to-face. The sum total of these interactions over time is the user experience. The interaction designer plans for these moments. Part of their responsibility is to make all interactions positive, and includes aspects of the software, the copy-writing, the graphics, layout, flows, physical experiences. It’s a shame when one part of the experience is top notch and another is dreadful. Cohesion is important. User experience spans multiple practices. Web designers, traditionally secure in the role of page creators, now have a wider purview.

|| Dummy Text Generator | Lorem ipsum for webdesigners || Hex color #5166ff to Rgb, Pantone, RAL, HSL, HSB, JSON. Get color schemes. : Wyceniamy Twój przyszły biznes ! • Nowoczesna księgowość i wystawianie faktur. Koszty założenia działalności - Poradnik przedsiębiorcy - Stan prawny na styczeń 2014 roku Rozpoczynając działalność gospodarczą podatnik oprócz dopełnienia wymogów formalnych, musi liczyć się z poniesieniem pewnych kosztów początkowych. Mimo iż samo założenie firmy jest całkowicie darmowe, to inne koszty z tym związane mogą być stosunkowo wysokie. Opłaty rejestracyjne są kosztem Pierwszą czynnością w procesie zakładania firmy jest jej właściwa rejestracja.

W latach wcześniejszych (przed 1 lipca 2011 r.) firmę rejestrowało się składając wniosek o wpis do ewidencji działalności gospodarczej. Oddzielnie trzeba było złożyć wniosek o nadanie numeru REGON w wojewódzkim oddziale urzędu statystycznego oraz formularz NIP-1. Należało także wybrać formę opodatkowania oraz zgłosić firmę do ZUS. Od dnia 1 lipca 2011 r. obowiązują nowe przepisy ustawy o swobodzie działalności gospodarczej oraz nowy formularz wniosku do rejestracji działalności gospodarczej osób fizycznych CEIDG-1.

Program do faktur on-line Wszystkie rodzaje faktur + CRM A Republican Victory by a Nose, Not a Wave. The Republicans get the six seats they need to retake the Senate in this week’s spin of Leo’s Senate election predicting wheels, which provide random simulations of what could occur in November. But does it qualify as a “wave” election? Photo This outcome — winning the Senate — is clearly great for Republicans. They win in Colorado and Iowa, two Democratic-tilting states that Republicans could really use if they intend to compensate for possible Democratic gains in the increasingly diverse southeastern part of the country. Over the last two weeks, I’ve written two articles questioning whether we’re seeing the national political conditions that typically accompany so-called wave elections.

But it’s unclear whether this simulation result rises to the level of a wave year, as in 2006 or 2010, when a Republican tide swept over Democrats. The biggest reason is that Mary Landrieu in Louisiana and Mark Begich in Alaska survive in this simulation. How Data Visualization Answered One of Retail's Most Vexing Questions - Gretchen Gavett. Sometimes it’s relatively easy to know what your customers are doing. In e-commerce, advances in tracking and analytics have made it possible for retailers to understand what individual customers are doing before they make a purchase, and to gather and analyze hundreds and thousands of data points to identify trends. Brick-and-mortar stores haven’t had the same advantage. “Retailers are all using scanner data to track what happened at the point of sale,” says Sam Hui, an associate professor of marketing at NYU’s Stern School of Business.

“But they have no idea what’s really happening at a point-of-purchase decision.” This is changing with the emergence of location analytics. Take Alex and Ani, which designs and retails jewelry, and Belk, a department store chain. By using a store’s existing security cameras, or installing new ones, Prism (no relation to the NSA program) is able to track the movement of a store’s customers and identify patterns. Persuading with DataAn HBR Insight Center. How the Recession Reshaped the Economy, in 255 Charts. - mbostock. Recovering, but at Different Paces - Graphic. Streamlining font creation. Websites We Love — Showcasing The Best in Web Design. Social Media Colours – Hex and RGB Colours of the Web. Home » Reference » Social Media Colours – Hex and RGB Colours of the Web These are the colours that define the social web in 2012 and 2013.

To see more colours from the same website, click “more (name) colours”. If we have missed any social media colours, please let us know in the comments. SEE ALSO: Social Media Vector Logos and Social Media Fonts Have we missed a website you want included? Updates 17 January, 2013 Added colour for Quora Burgundy. 29 December, 2012 Fixed the colours for Twitter Blue, Google+ Red, Vimeo Green, Linkedin Blue, Instagram Blue, Flickr Pink, Tumblr and Foursquare. Sources Facebook Blue was selected from the background-color in the Facebook headerTwitter Blue was eye-dropped from the flat Twitter logo. About Author Nick Georgiou I'm a website designer and developer in sunny Brisbane, Australia. The Subtle Magic Behind Why the Bootstrap 3 Grid Works | Experience Design at Hello Erik. IMPORTANT NOTE: Bootstrap 4 will be out soon, and these articles will be updated to reflect both v3 and v4. I do not expect major changes to how things work with regards to the content of these articles, but everything will be updated for continued education and assistance with Bootstrap.

Read more here: Things like CSS grids should remain behind the curtain. No one really needs to know how it works, or why. I’ve seen a number of people confused or irritated at how the bootstrap grid works. Container The container has 2 purposes: To provide the width constraints on responsive widths. You never need another container inside of a container. Row The row provides the columns a place to live, ideally having columns that add up to 12. Rows also have a unique aspect of having 15px of negative margin on each side, as seen in blue in the image below. Never use a row outside a container, it won’t work. Column Content Within a Column. Dot paper template - Paperkit. Highly customizable With Paperkit you can easily generate online the exact type of dot paper that you need. Use the toolbar to adjust the settings. You have full control over spacing between dots, margin size, stroke color and width as well as paper size.

A live preview will help you evaluate your design. Available as PDF Once you decide on the parameters of your template and you are satisfied with its design you can download it to your hard drive. Predefined dot paper templates Format: Letter (8.5" x 11") Grid size: 0.10 inches Margin: 0.25 inches Grid size: 0.25 inches Grid size: 0.5 inches Margin: 0.5 inches Format: A4 (210 × 297 mm) Grid size: 3 mm Margin: 5 mm Grid size: 5mm Margin: 5mm Grid size: 10mm Dotted paper is composed of dots distributed in a way to form a grid. Slanted - Typo Weblog und Magazin.

New Grids — Strategy | Design | Technology. Identity Designed - Part 3. Fonts and Designs. The Secret Law of Page Harmony. “A method to produce the perfect book.” The perfect book. This is how designer-genius Jan Tschichold described this system. Not the ok book, nor the pretty good book, but the perfect book. This method existed long before the computer, the printing press and even a defined measuring unit. No picas or points, no inches or millimeters. And you can still use it. The Secret Canon & Page Harmony Books were once a luxury only the richest could afford and would take months of work to be brought to fruition. And they were harmoniously beautiful. The bookmakers knew the secret to the perfect book. So elegant is this method of producing harmony that a few designers saw to rediscover it.

They found the way to design a harmonious page. There’s a dance to all this Let’s look at this dance, shall we? And here it is with them (using the Van de Graaf Canon and Tschichold’s recommended 2:3 page-size ratio, which we’ll get into next). This is where the harmony is found. How is this dance beautiful? The J. Well. 51ebfd. Little Big Details - Your daily dose of design inspiration. Really Good Emails - The Best Email Designs in the Universe (that came into my inbox) What Movie Should I Watch Tonight? Palette: Mixed. Palette: Rainbow. Geometrical Psychology: Benjamin Betts’s 19th-Century Mathematical Illustrations of Consciousness. Learn Lettering | classes by seanwes. Butterick’s Practical Typography.