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The Epic BYOD Toolchest (51 Tools You Can Use Now) You've got every device under the sun in front of you.

The Epic BYOD Toolchest (51 Tools You Can Use Now)

Now what apps are you going to use? Here are the apps or app categories that I recommend you test for your school. There are lots of apps, and these are just my opinion based on what I've used with my students or successfully tested. Formative Assessment Socrative: My all-time favorite app for formative assessment runs on everything. Screencasting and Capturing What Happens in Class If you're going to share and interact with your students in the electronic and physical spaces (as you should), you must learn how to screencast.

Screencastomatic: This is my go-to app. Content-Sharing Platforms Your school is bricks and clicks. Sophia: Nudged along by my friend Todd Nesloney, I use Sophia for my computer applications instruction and am very pleased with the results.Haiku Learning: This is the full content management system that I'm trying to get our school to adopt. There are many other apps like Moodle, Canvas, and Coursesites. Expression. SmartBlog on Education - How to give students a voice in their education - SmartBrief SmartBlogs SmartBlogs. Those who know me, know that student voice is one of my biggest passions in education.

SmartBlog on Education - How to give students a voice in their education - SmartBrief SmartBlogs SmartBlogs

And not just any student voice, but including the voice of my students, all students, in the education that is being done to them every day. And yet, when I discuss student voice, many people assume it is just another quaint term for student engagement. The truth is that it is so much more. Student voice means giving students power to change the way education is happening, to offer them an outlet and an audience, to have their voices heard. To change the way I teach. I fight every day to include my students in their own educational experience. So every year, I give the classroom back to my students. I say all this because it is easier than we think. So how do you start? Pernille Ripp is a passionate 5th grade teacher in Middleton, Wis., proud techy geek, and honest to a fault. Narrable. The 4 Essential Organization Apps For Your Classroom—And Tons of Ideas For Using Them.

Mobile Learning | Feature Page 2 of 2 The 4 Essential Organization Apps For Your Classroom—And Tons of Ideas For Using Them inClass inClass is a customizable agenda/planner designed specifically for school use.

The 4 Essential Organization Apps For Your Classroom—And Tons of Ideas For Using Them

As students use this year over year, they can go back and look at their work, as well as view notes from previous years and classes. So how do I use this in my classroom? From our perspective, we can set up our own classes, posting homework, notes, and other classroom materials. PaperPort Notes PaperPort Notes is a fantastic way to upload notes, copy teacher files, and mark up files. PaperPort Notes easily allows you to write directly on PDFs imported into the app. So how do I use this in my classroom? From a teacher’s perspective, you can now give students outlines as a starting point for class notes. About the Author Michelle Cheasty is the technology director for a school in New Jersey and an FETC speaker.


6 Apps You Should Be Using with Evernote. Mashable calls it a second brain, Evernote is a powerful productivity app that, I believe, every teacher should be using.

6 Apps You Should Be Using with Evernote

I know you probably have heard and read a lot about it but that elephant logo is still sitting there lonely and unused. It is about time to tap into to and discover its marvels. Evernote is definitely one of the apps I use everyday. It helps me stay organized and scales up my productivity. However, the app has even more to offer when used with other partner apps. 1- Evernote Web Clipper From interests to research, save anything you see online—including text, links and images—into your Evernote account with a single click. 2- Evernote Clearly Clearly makes blog posts, articles and webpages clean and easy to read.

Remembering people is hard. 4- Evernote Peek Turn your notes, audio and image in Evernote into study materials with Evernote Peek. Get your point across with fewer words using annotation, shapes and sketches, so that your ideas become reality faster.

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Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: How to Twitter in 60 Seconds. Our Educational Twitter section here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning is growing bigger and bigger.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: How to Twitter in 60 Seconds

I know all of you have a Twitter account but I am not sure if you all use it for educational purposes or not and this is exactly why I created the section I mentioned earlier. I want those of you who still could not find their way through educational Tweeting to be able to learn how to use this social media first to grow professional and also to improve their teaching and learning. After going through the infographic below I decided to add it to our growing repository of Twitter resources.The graphic is a simple and easy guide that will walk you through the different steps you need to follow to tap into the educational potential of Twitter. Have a look at it and share with us what you think about it. Enjoy. Digital Photo Fun. Evernote_-_MakeUseOf.com. The 33 Digital Skills Every 21st Century Teacher should Have.

Every single teacher is concerned about his/ her teaching practices and the skills involved in this process.

The 33 Digital Skills Every 21st Century Teacher should Have

How many times have you wondered about a better way to teach the same lesson you have delivered to an eariler class? How often have you used technology to engage your students and improve their learning ? These are some recurring questions we keep regurgitating each time our teaching skills are put to the test. It is amazing how technology has changed the whole world giving rise to new forms of education we never thought of. Our students are more digitally focused than any time before. There are actually several pluses for the use of technology in education and to try and list them all here is way beyond the scope of this short post. There is no blinking the fact that the type of students we teach today are completely different from last century's. The 21st century teacher should be able to : 7- Use Social networking sites to connect with colleagues and grow professionally.

Educational Technology - LiveBinders Shelf. Educational Technology Buzzwords. Jul 22 Thanks to Boundless and Getting Smart for putting together and sharing this great infographic outlining the latest trends in Educational technology.

Educational Technology Buzzwords

It helps to cut through all the buzzwords flying around and pinpoint what we may or may not be incorporating in our learning and teaching. It also gets me thinking a lot about educational technology and brings up a lot of questions. Do we need this many technology based eystems in the current education climate? Are we recreating the wheel too many times for the sake of coming up with the latest trend? Education buzzwords have for a long time driven me insane as we spend our lives in schools latching on to phrase after phrase that tries to make us sound more knowledgeable without actually being more knowledgeable.

Clearly from reading this blog, you would know I have great hopes for the impact educational technology can have on learning and teaching. A Free Complete Guide to Evernote. 17 Cool Tools for the School Year. About us Courses & workshops Consultancy services Clients & publications Tools & webquests Blog > Our Blog Our Blog At The Consultants-E we help educators worldwide become more comfortable with technology in their teaching.

17 Cool Tools for the School Year

You can subscribe to our blog here: «Back to Posts 17 Cool Tools for the School Year by Shelly Terrell 21 August 2012 in category: Tool of the Month Many teachers are beginning new classes and will be integrating various technologies. In October we will be hosting various online courses. **Image from Flickr, CC by SA 2.0 Tags: education technology icts Share this © The Consultants-E Ltd., 2003 - 2013 Sitefinity ASP.NET CMS. Top 10 Video Apps for your iPhone or other mobile device. I had a life changing experience this past January. No, not one that will live in infamy.

And no, not one that is really a big deal anymore for many people. But for me, it’s been a game changer. I bought my first iPhone. Now while I love all the ways I can use it to call, text, email, tweet, research, play “Words with Friends”, etc. some of the most fun I’ve had with it is as a video creation tool. I often speak about ways to incorporate video into the classroom. As an educator, there are thousands of ways to incorporate these apps into your lessons and curriculum. 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. iMovie – Although this app costs $4.99, it is super easy to create videos that look good. 2. 1.

The great advantage to making videos on a mobile device is that more and more of our students, and frankly teachers, have them. What other video apps am I missing? Edu-pinning: Pinterest in Education « ErHead. My name is Erin Paynter and I am addicted to Pinterest.

Edu-pinning: Pinterest in Education « ErHead

Pinterest has been named over and over as the hottest new website for 2012, with the rate of new users rising every week at a seemingly exponential rate. Some of what is driving the huge rate of growth is its “viral” nature, meaning re-pins account for most of the activity on the site (MarktetingProfs article: Social Media: What’s Driving Pinterest’s Amazing Growth). My husband was at first fascinated by my fascination, but now he looks at me quizzically and asks, “Seriously, what’s it for?”. I found Courtney Lowery Cowgill’s article on MediaShift to be a great explanation: it’s part social networking (kind of), part bookmarking, part curating, part blogging. In the past few weeks, the uses of Pinterest in the field of education have come zooming to the forefront of the online edu-chatter (see this post by Eric Sheninger).

These are six pinners from the field of education and leadership that I think have boards worth following: It's All About Learning. Having been on Twitter for almost 7 months now, I am still amazed at the professional development I experience on a daily basis from people on Twitter.

It's All About Learning

Some days, I only spend 10 minutes on Twitter in the morning, but even in that time, I still learn a great deal! There are always gems that people are posting including, links of blog posts or articles, and positive messages to retweet (RT). In the last few months, since the beginning of our Engaging the Digital Learner Dinner series the Information Technology Helping Teachers have been hosting, people have been expressing more interest in technology and Twitter as a learning tool.

I am also involved with a wonderful group of administrators in a study group we call, “21st Century Learning”. We have been talking a little about Twitter in that group as well. A resource explaining and discussing Social Media OpenBook: A K-12 Tech Playbook for Teachers This is a great introduction to Social Media. How to Videos Twitter (for beginners) Like this:

21st century skills

Essential Tech Tools for NEW and Experienced Educators. What am I introducing to New Teachers as Essentials? While I focus heavily on the TPACK framework during teaching, here are a few of the TECHNOLOGY TOOLS/KNOWLEDGE that my course (s) includes: In my current role as a Pre-Service Instructor at Brock University, I have small window of opportunity to introduce (and model) to new teachers to 21st Century Education.The following sites, and resources are what I consider to be the essentials of 21st Century tools (although there are many many more).

These are my “I can’t live without” tech tools as learner and teacher. I am listing the best time-saving, collaborative, and integrated tools around! So open up your book marking tool, your Smartpen, or your favourite note taking device and save them for later, because you will need them to survive in the fast pace of 21st Century learning. Some tools are new for me (in 2011) and some are ones that have become part of my toolbox for a few years now – but ALL valuable… 1) Google Plus. 2) IFTT.