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akeli on deviantART So, I continually get comments asking me what happened, if I dropped the comic, etc, so I thought I'd put a little note up here to put everyone at ease. 1) The comic isn't dead, it's just on hiatus 2) It's on hiatus because I went to University and have no time to work on that and a full time job. So, basically what happened is I tried, tried, tried my hardest to finish the first comic before I ran out of money, but sadly that did not happen. I am terribly slow at making comics and it took me almost 40 hours per page to draw. Due to some personal/medical things with my family, both my husband and I ended up without a job for two years and ate away my savings while I tried to work for pets sites and such drawing, which didn't even cover a fraction of my bills. akeli on deviantART
If you are waiting to hear from me please give me a nudge! I'm trying very hard to get myself back into the swing of things as I am getting back online here. I've been very out of sorts for the past two weeks and spent a lot of quiet time with my family. It's been a very hard couple of weeks for me. Plaguedog on deviantART Plaguedog on deviantART
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