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China, What's Next? China’s Parallel Online Universe. To the casual eye, China’s social media landscape might look diverse and lively.

China’s Parallel Online Universe

But the social media clones are careful to follow Communist Party censorship. By Christopher Walker & Sarah Cook for The Diplomat December 27, 2011 Facebook0 Twitter0 Google+46 LinkedIn0 As the showdown escalated between Chinese security forces and residents of Wukan, where villagers revolted against the Chinese Communist Party, you didn’t find as much discussion of the incident in Chinese social media as you might expect. It was also a result of China’s development of a set of “social media clones” that ably mimic the functions of the most popular, internationally recognized social media applications, such as Facebook and Twitter. This innovative approach embraces, rather than resists, technological advances. Here’s how this critical piece of China’s modern censorship mosaic works. First, the big transnational social media players – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube – are blocked in China.

Counterfeit from China

ChinaHush. Access Asia. China Blog List: Blogs about Greater China. New Tang Dynasty Television. NTDTV's Channel. Video Shows Birds-Eye View of Falcon Hunts 22,129 views 6 months ago Cameras attached to falcons in Belgium reveal the birds' mid-air hunting techniques.

NTDTV's Channel

Full Story: These point-of-view video clips reveal a few secrets of falcons' hunting success. The footage, filmed from cameras on the backs and heads of Peregrine and Gyrfalcon/Saker falcon hybrids, shows the birds hunting crows in-flight. The falcons use a kind of 'motion camouflaging' as they zigzag their flight paths. Their wide field of vision ensures they don't lose sight of their prey during these high speed, darting maneuvers. And even though some crows escape, the technique clearly works. ChinaForbiddenNews's Channel.

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ChinaForbiddenNews's Channel

Working... ChinaForbiddenNews Truth About Jiang Zemin Play Uploads 2:13 281796 7 views 4 hours ago 4:21 Xi Jinping Gave a Thunder Respond to the Threat of Stop From the Big Tiger 14 views 4 hours ago 4:14 Peking University: One Percent of Households Own 1/3 of China's Wealth 6 views 4 hours ago 4:50 281574 4 views 4 hours ago 4:26 Major Issues With Chinese Pension System Exposed: Retirement System Failure 8 views 4 hours ago 3:57 Founder of Hong Kong “House News” Driven by Fear 37 views 19 hours ago 4:07 Han Zheng Pledges Loyalty to Xi Jinping And Betrays Jiang Zemin?

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