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Learning Science and Learning Design with Instructional Design

For Education: A solution built for teachers and students. Learning Science. Pranav Mistry: The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology. Learning Science. Learning Science. Learning Science. Learning Science. AJET 19(1) Herrington, Oliver and Reeves (2003) - engagement in authentic online learning environments. Jan Herrington, Ron OliverEdith Cowan UniversityThomas C.

AJET 19(1) Herrington, Oliver and Reeves (2003) - engagement in authentic online learning environments

ReevesThe University of Georgia, USA The use of authentic activities within online learning environments has been shown to have many benefits for learners in online units and courses. There has been renewed interest in the role of student activities within course units, as constructivist philosophy and advances in technology impact on educational design and practice. Courses based on these principles have been used successfully across a wide variety of discipline areas. Authentic learning Resources and ideas about authentic learning and authentic e-learning. VideoANT - Video Annotation Tool [Academic Technology Services, UMN] Universities join to control destinies in digital learning environment. "A world of opportunities.

Universities join to control destinies in digital learning environment

" That's how James Hilton, vice provost for digital education and innovation, describes the possibilities of a consortium of universities, joined together by a desire to create and share digital tools and data, in effort to enhance the learning experience for students today. The organization is called Unizin, and to date 11 universities have signed on to work together toward three goals: • To help faculty, students, and institutions manage the content they create. • To foster interoperability among the various systems for teaching and learning, and break down the barriers that exist between platforms. • To facilitate learning analytics in order to improve student outcomes.

U-M was one of the first to lead on this effort to reign in the wild west of digital education, with an overarching goal to make sure universities drive the innovation that will impact this form of learning. So, we're approaching the end of our first year since Unizin came about. Lots. Learning Science. Resources » Journals » Journals E-G » E-Learning and Digital Media. Learning Science. Selected Pedagogies: Teaching Methods. Teaching Methods - Definitions Active Learning Guidelines - discusses the benefits of active learning, as well as provides guidelines and sample activities that facilitate active learning.

Selected Pedagogies: Teaching Methods

Case-based Learning - Studying a singular instance or event that has a message to tell regarding course content. The most motivating cases involve real people with real problems to solve. Studying multiple case studies focused on the same content allows students to formulate and test hypotheses. Used to strengthen critical thinking skills such as applying knowledge to a real setting, analyzing problems and developing solutions, evaluating reasoning processes or actions. References: Yin, R. (2003). Learning Science. Learning Science. University of Leeds. Learning & Teaching Bulletin. Dr Penelope J Goodman, Department of Classics Most students today are used to exchanging opinions online via discussion forums and social networking sites.

Learning & Teaching Bulletin

In the Department of Classics, this online interaction has been turned into a learning tool by incorporating regular messageboard discussions into a level 2/3 module on the Roman emperor Augustus. Setting the boards up was made easy by the University’s existing C&IT provision. The Portal automatically includes a message board on every module homepage, as does the new VLE. In the classroom, I spent most of the first lecture explaining why I wanted students to participate in online discussions and showing them how to navigate the boards. Students were invited to get started by posting a personal introduction saying what previous experience they had of studying Augustus and why they had chosen the module. I explained from the start that I would read the boards regularly, but take a back seat in discussions. Learning Science. Center for 21st Century Skills — Redesigning education for the 21st Century through the convergence of art, business, creativity, innovation, engineering, and science.

Learning Science. Life in perpetual Beta. Learning Science. The Casebook - Learning and Teaching. Learning Science. 10-Principles-for-Successful-E-learning.pdf. Epac / Evolving List of ePortfolio-related Tools. ePortfolio-related Tools and Technologies Thoughts about this list as of 1/5/2015: During our recent EPAC discussion in December 2014, a question was raised: what is an ePortfolio in 2014?

epac / Evolving List of ePortfolio-related Tools

EPAC and the broader ePortfolio community first addressed this definitional question in the early 2000s and perhaps it's time to revisit what are the criteria for what constitutes an ePortfolio in 2015. The list below includes anything and everything that might be ePortfolio-related, from website building tools to assessment management systems.

While comprehensive and perhaps appropriate in the early stages of technology development, more specificity in purpose is needed now that our understanding of ePortfolios has evolved from both a pedagogical and technological perspective. Would this be a conversation you'd be interested in taking part of? List updated 9/17/2014 For the archived list, click here. Ways You Can Help: Would you please consider helping us out by filling out this short survey? I. III. V. Epac / Evolving List of ePortfolio-related Tools. Learning Science - klokuge. Search the Library - learning design principles. Learning Science - klokuge. 5 Fantastic, Fast, Formative Assessment Tools. I thought I could read my students' body language.

5 Fantastic, Fast, Formative Assessment Tools

I was wrong. As an experiment, I used Socrative when I taught binary numbers. What I learned forever changed my views on being a better teacher. Why Formative Assessment Makes Better Teachers Formative assessment is done as students are learning. Here's what happened in my classroom. "We've got this, it's easy," they said. I looked at the other students and asked, "Do you have this? " They nodded their heads furiously up and down in a "yes. " My teacher instincts said that everyone knew it, but I decided to experiment. I was floored. I taught for another few minutes and gave them another problem.

But the end result was not what you think. I am sold. Learning Science - klokuge. Teaching Large Classes. As the number of students in a class increases, so do the challenges in creating an effective learning environment.

Teaching Large Classes

The seminal Seven Principles of Good Practice in Undergraduate Education (Chickering & Gamson, 1987) have become a template for high-quality college teaching, and a roadmap for creating interactive and engaging classroom experiences for large classes: Encourage Contact between Students and Faculty Frequent student-faculty contact in and out of classes is the most important factor in student motivation and involvement. You set the tone for the social experience of your course from the very first day. Be grateful and enthusiastic when you answer questions. Learning Science - klokuge. Hot team: Interactive video assessment tools.


Hot team: Interactive video assessment tools

What are they? EDpuzzle, eduCanon, and Zaption are interactive video assessment tools that allow instructors to create custom integrated assessments for the videos they assign for students to watch. Interactive video assessment tools have the following capabilities: Search existing video on the Internet from sources such as YouTube and Khan Academy.Customize the exact video clip to assign, starting at any point and ending at any point to assign a specific “snippet.”Record your own voice over the assigned video for narration or to add additional information.Embed custom assessment questions (true/false, multiple choice, open format) into the assigned video at any point on the video timeline.Review individual student and course-level assessment analytics to identify the percentage of students who have completed the assignment.Students can create their own video assessment projects as a class assignment.

Some of the ways these tools are used to engage students include: 2. EDpuzzle eduCanon. Learning Science - klokuge. Learning Science - klokuge. Epac / Evolving List of ePortfolio-related Tools. Learning Science - klokuge. Learning Science - klokuge. Learning Science - klokuge. Learning Sciences International - Learning and Performance Management. Science of Learning. Untitled. Instructional Design Models and Methods. Instructional Design Models and Methods "Models, like myths and metaphors, help us to make sense of our world.

Instructional Design Models and Methods

Whether derived from whim or from serious research, a model offers its user a means of comprehending an otherwise incomprehensible problem. An instructional design model gives structure and meaning to an I.D. problem, enabling the would-be designer to negotiate her design task with a semblance of conscious understanding. Models help us to visualize the problem, to break it down into discrete, manageable units. The value of a specific model is determined within the context of use. Learning Science - klokuge. Guskey 5 levels.pdf. Learning Science. Index.

Learning Science. School of Education & Social Policy. Teaching Large Classes.