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El grotesco y controvertido erotismo de Jan Saudek. Jan Saudek es un extraordinario fotógrafo checo.

El grotesco y controvertido erotismo de Jan Saudek

Nacido en Praga en 1935, Saudek cultivó el sueño de convertirse en un fotógrafo siendo ya un adulto. De formación autodidacta, visceralmente independiente y rehén del régimen comunista, trabajó como fotógrafo durante años en el sótano de su casa, consiguiendo enérgicamente normas morales y sociales para perseguir su pasión. A través de la fotografía ha liberado su delirio, sus indignaciones, sus fetichismos. Untitled. Press Space or double-click to edit. This operation requires a valid MindMup Gold License.

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13 Passenger Diesel Van

Mechanic went through entire engine. EGR is fixed and the engine runs great. Family purchased this for road trips. Meal Prep Sunday. Ryobi. Try Re-constructing the Samples of Popular Producers' Beats. Eye texture raytracing demo. Nicolas Cage Roulette - watch a random Nicolas Cage movie on Netflix. Sesame_street_fighter : Built with Processing and Processing.js. Try Re-constructing the Samples of Popular Producers' Beats. Nicolas Cage Roulette - watch a random Nicolas Cage movie on Netflix. Video Particle Player - UnitZeroOne. George Carlin - Euphemisms. How does Shazam work - Coding Geek. Have you ever wondered how Shazam works?

How does Shazam work - Coding Geek

I asked myself this question a few years ago and I read a research article written by Avery Li-Chun Wang, the confounder of Shazam, to understand the magic behind Shazam. The quick answer is audio fingerprinting, which leads to another question: what is audio fingerprinting? When I was student, I never took a course in signal processing. To really understand Shazam (and not just have a vague idea) I had to start with the basics. This article is a summary of the search I did to understand Shazam. I’ll start with the basics of music theory, present some signal processing stuff and end with the mechanisms behind Shazam. Tensegrity - How To Build A 3 Strut Hammock Stand.


The holiday season is upon us, and you know what that means: rampant consumerism.

Hordes of sheeple leaving their families to queue for hours in front of big-box stores across the nation in hopes of scoring cheap electronics without being crushed to death. The dystopian horror of mass transit hubs. The inevitable gaining of 15 to 20 pounds of ham, turkey, and pie weight. And, of course, constant re-airings of holiday entertainment such as Home Alone, Chris Columbus’s 1990 classic about young Kevin McCallister — played by a cherubic Macaulay Culkin — who spends a solitary Christmas in a vast Winnetka mansion after his family, in a rush, accidentally forgets to bring him along on a trip to Paris. As the rich are wont to do, I guess. Bicycle Built for Wine: What I Want for Mom's Day & Burning Man!

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Burning Soap Bubbles

Why would you want to do that? So, you can set them on fire. Just like fire breathing - it's for the show. Camp Charlie Corral. What's God got to do with religion? : TrueReddit. Machu Picchu - 16 Gigapixels. TOKYO: Second Largest Panoramic Picture Ever. The World from Above - Album on Imgur. What a terrible world, what a beautiful world. - Album on Imgur.