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SMS Text News

I caught this on Jeff’s site this evening… Dave Winer is up to something important… again. He has been talking about wanting ‘rivers of news” — that is, headlines stripped of the packaging around them to give him a constant flow of what’s new. And he just created a few to feed his — and our — mobile phones. As Jeff goes on to explain, Dave has implemented and — simply taking the site’s feed and sticking into an html web page that your Blackberry or any mobile phone will love. So, that’s nothing new. No. I use my Blackberry all the time to read the news. Here’s how it works at the moment: 1. 10. Ok, so now… Here’s Dave’s solution: 1.

While the BBC produces some of the best content on the web — and for mobile — Dave’s fixes it all for me, perfectly. OPML Renderer » Yabfog. This page and the OPML Renderer are deprecated.

OPML Renderer » Yabfog

In a few seconds, you will be automatically redirected to the page for Optimal, which now can be installed as a WordPress plugin. OPML Renderer renders valid OPML from any source as an expandable/collapsible list. XSL stylesheets are used to transform the OPML from XML to HTML. Two XSL stylesheets are included: one for use in pages or posts and one for use as a sidebar item . OPML Renderer is invoked through either a new content filter or a new template function. To access the content filter, use the following in a page or post (without spaces): ! To access the template function, use the following: 'updatetime' is the number of seconds to cache a file before requesting an update'page' or 'sidebar' indicates which XSL transform to use. MappedUp. Tracking the web with Single Page Aggregators. Popurls has quickly grown to be one of my favorite websites helping me keep track what’s buzzing around the web.

Tracking the web with Single Page Aggregators

It’s a simple site that aggregates popular social services and websites such as Digg,, Reddit, Flickr, and more. Each site gets its own area on the page listing the latest items and users can hover over items to get a summary. It’s great because it gives you a quick glimpse at what’s buzzing around the web and beats having to subscribe to all of the sites. BozPages. : Social Syndication. Alesti RSS Reader.