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Pure Data Montréal Users Group
The Diagrams of the Day The list represents a partial collection of the 'Diagrams of the Day' that were posted on the #dataflow channel on over the last 2 years. The channel is dedicated to Graphical Programming Environments like PureData where The Diagram is the Program (TM). The Diagrams illustrate our compulsion to visually represent and organize information. Much like Dataflow programming, they can be elegant or tend to obfuscate the very connections they attempt to explicit. Diagrams of the Day Diagrams of the Day
Pd-0.39.3-extended released Pd-0.39.3-extended released Document Actions All sorts of software built on/with/for Pd. For a quick start, download Pd-extended: Currently listing 132 projects with 218 releases. Pd-extended is an easy-to-install package of libraries, extensions, and documentation. Pure Data Miller S.
Devjavu, the company that was providing us with free project hosting, is closing so I've migrated everything to Google Code- the new url for the dev wiki, issue tracker and source code is The SVN checkout command is now: "svn checkout lily" I think I've updated all the links, but since I'm probably forgetting something, please let me know if you find anything that's out of date. Lily Lily