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KLH is IT support. Offering the highest quality and with some of the best customer service you can find. KLH doesn't sell phone systems, or web development, office furniture or anything like that.

What is the Cost of System Downtime, Outages and Network Failures? Technology is great isn’t it?

What is the Cost of System Downtime, Outages and Network Failures?

It’s propelled us from a workforce that was mired in redundant paperwork to streamlined offices that have access to more information available at any given moment than ever before. Except when it doesn’t work. And then you have employees getting cups of coffee and essentially waiting for the network to be up and running again. Ever Wondered What Network Downtimes Actually Cost You?

A recent survey conducted of 200 smaller companies across North America and Europe was intended to calculate the losses incurred from an IT outage. BYOD – From your pocket to your office. In our previous article, we talked about the explosion of personal technology being used commonly in the business workplace.

BYOD – From your pocket to your office

People are using, and even relying on their own Smart phones, Tablets, Laptops and other devices to improve their productivity. The simple reason may be that using your own device is less restrictive and more private than using a desktop PC on a shared company network. Many companies limit the ability to surf the internet, chat, email and store information on their internal network. BCS Industrial Solutions, Inc. Client of the Month. BCS Industrial Solutions was founded in 2003 by Chuck Mattson.

BCS Industrial Solutions, Inc. Client of the Month

The Fridley, MN-based company is an industrial distributor of abrasive blasting media, parts and equipment, as well as coated and bonded abrasives that are used in manufacturing and fabrication. In 2014, Mattson sold the firm to Abrasives Incorporated, headquartered in Glen Ullin, ND. Abrasives Incorporated is the manufacturer of Black Magic coal slag, an abrasives blasting media used in sandblasting.

The merger between BCS Industrial and Abrasives Incorporated was and is a perfect fit for both companies. With the strong customer and supplier network BCS Industrial has they are able to provide many more opportunities for the existing customers of Abrasives Incorporated. BCS Industrial has a strong presence in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa and is known for providing quality products and service to its customers.

The Internet of Things or How smart will “Smart” be in two years? Imagine you wake up from surgery and you press the Nurse call button that is the side of your bed rail and within seconds, a pleasant faced woman appears on a LCD panel on the bedrail and says “May I help you?”

The Internet of Things or How smart will “Smart” be in two years?

You explain that you are feeling very warm and some pain is coming back. She says “You are not due for any pain medication for about another hour, do you think you can wait?” You say “Sure” and she replies “I’ve already dropped the temperature in your bed by 5 degrees so you should start feeling more comfortable soon”. Sound like something out of Sci-Fi film? Actually, according to Samsung Electronics president, Boo-Keun Yoon, this will all likely be available in the next five years. Small computers called microcontrollers are already in many of the devices we already use. Engineers love creating simple solutions for many problems so manufacturers are using a single type of microcontroller across a range of applications, all reprogrammed for the task at hand. Internet On Things - IOT: Security Concerns, Risks and Cyber Attacks. Internet on Things (IoT) is a buzzword today, people are talking about it and there has been exploration on how it will affect businesses and individuals.

Internet On Things - IOT: Security Concerns, Risks and Cyber Attacks

Internet on Things denotes a situation where virtually all the electronic devices from phones, cars, refrigerators, television sets, and many others, will be connected to the internet. There has been an upsurge in the number of devices which are connected to the internet; the trend is expected to continue with a total of 50 billion devices in 2020. However progressive, innovative and promising this trend seem, there are security concerns about this development. There has been a significant rise in the number of security risks that consumers and businesses have to deal with. A device which is connected to the internet has the possibility of being compromised in turn becoming an avenue through which cyber attacks can access an enterprise’s information system.

HPE Connect: HP Enterprise's Answer to Hybrid IT. Even HPE is realizing the Cloud is not for everyone.

HPE Connect: HP Enterprise's Answer to Hybrid IT

However, a lot of people like the idea of IT as a Service, or paying for IT under the usage model similar to your utilities. To meet this demand, HPE has rolled out a new product/service offering called HPE Connect. This is a unique offering based on ProLiant hardware, Microsoft OS, and best in class virtualization and cloud management software. The Future of the Cloud. One of the great things about IT is there is always change.

The Future of the Cloud

That is also one of the worst things about IT. The idea of keeping up with everything in IT is enough to give even the most enthusiastic techie an anxiety attack. At one point or another all of us have looked at a particular product, solutions or service, and realized it will be changed, modified, updated and/or improved within 6 months. The Cloud is no different. The general consensus is very few companies will ever have all their data and programs in the public Cloud. Lately, the conversation has turned to what the Cloud will look like as we move forward.

Here are two articles with competing points of view. Cloud Computing: 10 Ways it Will Change by 2020 Cloud Will Go Away. KLH Managed IT Services Minneapolis. Server Maintenance At prescribed intervals, our technicians perform preventive server maintenance; reviewing performance, security risks, backup protocols and redundancies to ensure worry-free operations.

KLH Managed IT Services Minneapolis

Effective server maintenance consists of the regular tasks required to keep your server hardware and software running efficiently. Every server requires specific maintenance. Preventative or proactive maintenance can help to increase reliability, performance, and even extend the life of the server. KLH Managed IT Services Minneapolis. KLH Managed IT Services Support Minneapolis Cloud Security Backup.