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Kleer Cold Room Hire

We are specialists in providing cold room solutions for: Special Events, Sporting Clubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Fruit Growers and Processors, Commercial Florists, Bakeries, Seafood Wholesalers/Processors, Supermarkets, Fast Food Outlets, Caterers, Schools, Service Clubs.

Kleer Cold Room Hire. Hiring a Cold Room. The perfect party needs a perfect location.

Hiring a Cold Room

Think about how many people you'd like to attend, which activities you're planning,and how long the party will go on. If it's a relaxed get-together with a small group of friends, your backyard could be perfect. If it's a big bash with everyone you know, hiring out a venue makes sense. Does your party cater to the needs of every single guest?

Even if the majority of guests are adults, it's smart to have a few activities available for kids - think face painting, paddling pool sand inflatables. Portable Freezer Hire. Be sure to hire staff who are outgoing and confident, as they'll be able to engage with people easily and ensure you have plenty of takers.

Portable Freezer Hire

Make sure your promotional display matches your brand image or you might end up targeting the wrong kind of consumer. There's no point in spending a fortune on promoting an amazing new drink if it's going to be lukewarm. Coldrooms. No Australian wedding would be complete without a selection of refreshingly chilled drinks.


Along with beer, wine and bubbly, don't forget to include a good selection of non-alcoholic drinks as well. Soft drinks, juices and bottled water are vital for the non-drinkers, children and for those who want to keep hydrated in the warm Queensland climate. Providing glasses for drinks is an expense that you can avoid with the right drink purchases. Opt for piccolo bottles of wine and champagne, which hold roughly a standard glass, instead of large bottles. Beer can be served in the bottle and you can order personalised wedding beer coolers that double as mementos for your guests to keep. It might also be wise to organise an extra recycling bin to be delivered to the site by the Council.

A beachside wedding is the perfect occasion for serving up a smorgasbord of delectable, fresh local seafood, and the Sunshine Coast has no shortage of outlets to buy it from. Portable Freezer Hire. Cold Room Hire Brisbane. 3.

Cold Room Hire Brisbane

When was the last time you went to Aussie World? Make it a must this holiday season, perfect for those overcast days where the beach isn’t calling. The kids will love it! They have a range of thrilling rides to suit all ages, a kids club, restaurants, shows and games. It will make for a fantastic day out for the whole family! 4. 5. 6. 7. Cold Room Sunshine Coast. With so many beautiful beaches lining our coastline, it’s an obvious one for the number one spot.

Cold Room Sunshine Coast

You could take a dip at each of the sandy and rocky beaches along the Noosa Heads Coastal Track, take the kids to the rock pool at Caloundra’s Kings Beach, or go surfing at Coolum. With so many amazing options, the beach could keep you cool all summer long! There are plenty of aquatic centres and public pools across the Sunny Coast - why not take a picnic lunch and make a day of it?

Mobile Cold Rooms. Tips to Keep Party Guests Hydrated. Throwing any sort of big bash means making sure all of your guests are well catered for, with plenty of food to keep everyone going no matter what their dietary requirements.

Tips to Keep Party Guests Hydrated

But arguably, more important than the snacks are the drinks. Compared to the food, you might be tempted to assume stopping thirst is a simple task, but don't be fooled. Sure, you could keep it simple and stick to one or two options, but that's no way to make your party a memorable event. To really keep everyone happy, you'll need enough options for each guest to drink something they'll truly enjoy. How do you do that without breaking the bank and implementing a fully-stocked bar? Cold Room Maroochydore. Unless you're planning on hiring several new staff members and expanding your restaurant premises, your customers are going to have to wait longer than usual at busy periods.

Cold Room Maroochydore

So when there's nothing you can do to keep queues and service delays at bay, you need to focus on improving your customers' satisfaction instead. The key to making people happy is good communication from start to finish. If you don't already have a greeter, give one of your waiters the task of welcoming patrons and apologising for the wait. This shows your customers that you care about their experience from the very moment they arrive. Freezer Room Hire Sunshine Coast. We love that the Bluesfest team is committed to the environmental sustainability of the festival and minimising its impact on the local environment.

Freezer Room Hire Sunshine Coast

Each year they come up with new ways to “greening” the festival, and they have won 6 International A Greener Festival Awards because of it. Whether its giving the festival’s organic waste to a local pig farmer, recycling all of the cardboard used at the festival, or sending the landfill to Titree, a green energy plant that converts it to methane gas to power around 10,000 homes in Ipswich, Bluesfest is committed to implementing environmental initiatives each year. Bluesfest is truly a festival for the whole family, with an entire tent dedicated to kids activities, as well as having a nappy changing and breastfeeding area for parents to use. Your kids may even love Bluesfest more than you do! This competition ensures that Bluesfest isn’t just about the big names and artists, but also about the unsigned local talent.

Cold Room Sunshine Coast. Over 50,000 people flocked to the seventh Ocean Street World Festival on Easter Sunday to embrace the incredible sights, sounds and tastes of Australia’s largest free cultural event, and once again we made sure we were part of this amazing festival.

Cold Room Sunshine Coast

Kleer Cold Room Hire and Kleer Ice Supplies have provided the ice machines, mobile cold rooms, freezer rooms, ice machines, fridges, cabinets and ice to the majority of the restaurants on Ocean Street for many years now and we have also provided cold storage solutions to the festival itself since it began in 2011. Run by the nonprofit Maroochydore Revitalisation Association, it is designed to mark Ocean Street as an artistic and cultural hub for the entire region and we’re very proud to support this local event as a business. Festival Manager and owner of Machu Picchu South American Restaurant and Bar, Nigel Jackson, described the day as, “Busy, busy, busy! Cold Rooms for sale Sunshine Coast. Cold Room Hire Sunshine Coast. Wine Tasting If you prefer wine to comfort food, you’re in luck.

Cold Room Hire Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast has many gorgeous wineries that will welcome you with open arms and a glass of red this winter. For an elegant experience, book a tasting at Sirromet Winery where you can sleep in a luxurious treehouse overlooking the stunning landscape. What’s better than wine with a view? Strawberry Picking Head to the Strawberry Fields in Palmview for the quintessential winter event of the Sunshine Coast. Tips for Hiring a Mobile Cold Room for a Party.

Safety At any event where you are responsible for dozens of people, safety should be at the forefront of your mind. While there is nothing dangerous about cold rooms as long as they are used correctly, guests who have had a little too much to drink are less likely to follow correct procedure. Ensure that you locate your cold room somewhere that isn’t easily accessible to guests. If that isn’t possible, take precautions such as ensuring the lead isn’t a tripping hazard and maybe even consider putting a lock on the door to dissuade any rowdy guests from exploring. Unload in Bulk Instead of taking out single drinks as you need them, instead unload them by the case and keep them in a smaller fridge or ice bucket where they are readily available to your guests. Cold Room Prices. Having control over the temperature and being able to regularly check it will prevent drinks from getting warm and food from spoiling. Portable Freezer Hire.

Where to Store Different Foods When storing an assortment of different foods, it’s important that you organise and prioritise your cold room. For foods that are the most likely to spoil in heat such as raw meat and seafood, store them in the coldest part of the mobile cold room. It is also a good idea to keep them on the lowest shelf, firstly because lower shelves stay colder than higher shelves but also to avoid raw food contaminating cooked food from the juices of raw meats dripping down onto ready to serve dishes. Fresh produce can be stored up the top of the cold room as they can withstand changes in temperature.

Refrigeration Hire. Cold Room Rental. Cold Room Ideas. Cold Room Prices. When it comes to refrigeration, there are plenty of situations where you might need a back up plan. Hiring a mobile cold room is the perfect back up plan for last-minute refrigeration issues. When an unexpected situation arises, hiring a mobile cold room is what could save your restaurant, event, or even just your dinner. Power Outages Power outages can hit unexpectedly, and when they do it can be impossible to know when the power will come back on. In the meantime, all your perishable items will gradually spoil over time if they are left in a fridge with no power. Big Events. Mobile Cold Room. Fridge Freezer Hire. Mobile Freezer Room Sunshine Coast. Kleer Ice Supplies. Kleer Ice Supplies is the first choice for major events, businesses and weddings throughout Queensland.

If you have a business or event on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane of Gold Coast, if you need to buy a display fridge, have ice supplied for an event or rent an ice machine for the long-term, we can provide you with the right solution, every time. We offer competitive prices and are dedicated to providing our customers with the very best options for their business or event. We have our own in-house fleet of crane trucks and tilt trays at our disposal to handle a variety of delivery challenges, and we are responsible for the service and maintenance of our products, so you can rest assured, you will get the best - and most affordable - solution every time.

Cold Room Hire Brisbane. Portable Freezer Hire. Freezer Room Hire Sunshine Coast. Kleer Cold Room Hire.