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Excellence in Professional Practice in Education

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47 Core Teacher Apps: A Visual Library Of Apps For Teachers. Discovery Education Community. What’s Next for Education: Emerging tech trends for 2017 - Trusted. Matthew Lynch The future is here…almost. As we ring in 2017, more and more schools will look to technology to enhance student learning.

But not all education technology is created equal. In this latest installment of our What’s Next for Education series, Matthew Lynch, veteran teacher and editor of two prominent education blogs, The Edvocate and The Tech Edvocate, looks to the near future to project the major ed-tech trends of 2017. So, what’s next? More schools will build makerspaces to encourage practical, real-world learning. Whether they call them makerspaces or hackerspaces or fablabs, more and more schools are discovering the power of these spaces to engage students through practical and exploratory learning. Think of a library equipped with 3-D printers, computer software and hardware, areas for creating crafts and other art, even robotics. “It is a place where students and instructors can create, learn from, and invent academic material,” says Lynch. The problem? Capstone 3: Excellence in Professional Practice.

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