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Project Management

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Project management qualification such as Prince2, ISEB, APM or MSP.

Free and Open Source Project Management Software. Update: What a year it’s been in free project management software!

Free and Open Source Project Management Software

This piece has been updated to bring you the 10 best project management tools available. Have you ever felt restricted by time? Budget? Scope? Great Grammar for Powerful Writing. It’s not just about grammar.

Great Grammar for Powerful Writing

It’s about finding the right style in your writing to engage with people – something leaders and managers can’t afford to leave to others. What do you think is the single, biggest challenge facing successful organisations today? According to my clients, engagement is the one thing leaders and managers want to improve most in their organisations. But what is engagement? And how do you measure how much the people in your community are engaged with the message you’re trying to communicate? How to Replace Minutes with Action Logs — Knowhow Nonprofit. How many times have you arrived at a meeting to find that nobody else has read the minutes either?

How to Replace Minutes with Action Logs — Knowhow Nonprofit

It's hard to find the time, we're all busy people. Make sure that important information doesn't get lost beneath a pile of 'he said, she said'. Replacing minutes with an action log can be a real boost to your productivity. Things you'll need An Action Taker Excel Change your mindset Keeping an action log is easy. The first thing to accept is that pages of minutes are not only laborious to read through, they are also counter productive. Embrace change. Understand the purpose of a meeting A social event is where we get together and talk about 'how things are going.' We're usually really good at the first part but struggle to make clear decisions based on the information we have shared. An action log takes the focus away from the information brought to the meeting and records what needs to be done once we leave. If something is important enough to be minuted, it usually requires an action.

How to set SMART goals. The concept of Management by Objectives (MBO) dates back to the 1960s.

How to set SMART goals

The MBO methodology acknowledges that employees want purposeful work, and that they expect their managers to work with them in the creation of meaningful work objectives. MBO is built on five cornerstone principles known as SMART, which is an acronym for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-based. Let's take a look at them in practice. Specific goals When I first began to implement MBO as a manager, I found myself struggling with some of the MBO methodology that I learned from books and consultants. The second thing that we did as a group was to meet as a department to set the goals that we felt would best support the corporate objectives.

SEE: CIO priorities: How to set goals that matter (ZDNet) Measurable goals Ilan S. Achievable goals "The key to setting achievable marketing goals is to spend time evaluating your current position," said Mullin, in a blog post. Realistic goals. Managing Stuff, Leading People. Generally speaking, people get promoted because they did something good.

Managing Stuff, Leading People

Salespeople get promoted to Sales Manager because they were good at selling. A marketing associate gets promoted to Marketing Manager because they had proven themselves to be good marketers. An engineer might get promoted to manager because they designed stuff that worked well and was marketable. All three of those individuals were promoted to leadership positions and none of them were promoted because they were skilled leaders.

Now, they may be good leaders…or they may not, only time will tell. Here’s a reality of leadership: the vast majority of people are promoted into leadership positions without having demonstrated even a slight ability to actually lead. You manage stuff like budgets, inventories and buildings but you lead people. The saddest thing is that even people who have occupied leadership positions for years still sometimes believe that. Your position or title doesn’t make you a leader. Like this: Open Source Project Management Tools of 2016. For the last three years, I have rounded up the most popular open source project management tools for readers.

Open Source Project Management Tools of 2016

As there continues to be major reader interest in this area, I decided to take a look back at the tools we covered in 2014 and 2015, and give you updates on all of these projects. I looked to see which projects had new releases, notable new and improved features, and more. Let's take a look at each of these projects and try to answer some of the questions readers have had in the comments of last year's edition, including which are still in active development, provide hosting options, offer a mobile solution, and more.

MyCollab MyCollab is a multi-purpose solution which features tools for customer relationship management, document management, and project management. MyCollab-Project includes many features, like a Gantt chart and milestones, time tracking, and issue management. The current MyCollab version is 5.2.9 released on March 14, 2016. Odoo Taiga OrangeScrum.