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F450 Builds

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DJI Flame Wheel F450 1st Build. DJI Flame Wheel F450 1st Build. Advice on first quadcopter: Will this fly? (researched) Hi everyone, For the people not interested in reading my entire story but who are inclined to answer a few quick questions, these are the questions the story will end with (based on the wishlist down below): Is the engine / propeller / 4cell battery choice a good one to lift ~2100 grams?

Advice on first quadcopter: Will this fly? (researched)

Is there a better solution i overlooked? (3 cell with 12 inch propellers maybe?) Is there any reason to assume this will not fly at least 10 minutes with a 5000mah battery? Now onto some prose! Last week i got the chance to play around a bit with a DJI Phantom, and since that I've been researching hours and hours if it's feasible to built my own. I've set myself a few goals, which are as follows: I know all these are feasible given the correct build and budget.

On these I also have to be realistic and have a few expectations: this is not going to be the lightest quad, therefore it's not going to be the fastest thing in town. The goals /demands for the first phase are then as follows: DJI F450 frame, ESC's, motors & KK2.1. DJI Flame Wheel F450 and F550 *******OWNERS******* Thread. - Page 3. Regarding the last bunch of posts about props and cells.

DJI Flame Wheel F450 and F550 *******OWNERS******* Thread. - Page 3

I run my F450 on the following packs: TP 1850 3S Turnigy 2200 3S Venom 5400 3S Eflite 2200 4S Nanotech 2650 4S With both the DJI 8" plastic props, and the DJI 1038 carbons, with no problems. Of course each pack flies differently. In this video, I am running landing skids, and a gopro2 with the full case on 1038 and 5400 3S. My throttle scaling is at 85. What you guys need to keep in mind is the amp draw. DJI Flamewheel 450 Special Edition Quad - PX4 Autopilot Project. The DJI Flamewheel multicopter kits are a cheap, robust basis for a PX4-powered quadrotor.

DJI Flamewheel 450 Special Edition Quad - PX4 Autopilot Project

As they are very popular, parts and clones are widely and cheaply available. Parts listed here are suitable for the 450 series quad. Part Lists For a complete build the autopilot electronics and either the special edition quadrotor parts (recommended) or an equivalent selection from the alternative parts is list is needed. Autopilot Electronics These PX4 autopilot parts are required: 1x Pixhawk or FMU + IO Kit (Pixhawk is FMU + IO in one case) 1x u-blox GPS module for Pixhawk Multiple 3300 mAh LiPo batteries, suitable for at least 25A/30A discharge.

Part List Flight tests of DJI ESCs have completed successfully. Build Log Soldering Preparation The image shows the main parts layed out as they will be soldered in the next step. The isolation of the wires of the motor controller needs to be cut down slightly more than the default, as shown in the picture. Electrical Test Assemble the Autopilot. DJI F450 Acro/Basher. My first quad was a turnigy hal frame.

DJI F450 Acro/Basher

It worked out but was worthless after a few crashes. (I'm not a fan of clamp style boom mounts) So... I have a 950mm carbon fiber AP hexacopter, and my QAV500 fpv sled. No LOS bashing machine.