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Snap elections in the UK 2017 - EPI 4e

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This A2-level article enables pupils to understand simply the electoral system in the United Kingdom as both the UK and France go to the polls.

It could be part of a topic for an EPI « Information, communication, citoyenneté » on different electoral systems, differences between a monarchy and a democracy, in connection with the parcours du citoyen and EMC: L’exercice de la citoyenneté dans une démocratie (rôle du vote).

Vocabulary and structures:

Elections, government
Culture: United Kingdom’s electoral process and forming a government
Numbers (dates, percentages, seats)
Simple past and simple present

From Speakeasy News.

What is a general election? - CBBC Newsround. Media playback is unsupported on your device Prime Minister Theresa May has just announced plans to hold a general election in the UK on 8 June 2017.

What is a general election? - CBBC Newsround

A general election gives adults in the UK the chance to have a say on who runs the country. But how does it all work? Newsround's here to explain... How does a general election work? How the general election works in nearly 60 seconds. Article projetable elections A2. Printable article elections A2. Pupil worksheet elections A2. Teachers notes elections A2. Parliament before a general election. Election Toolkit PowerPoint. General Election 2017 primary.