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English conversation phrases and expressions for speaking practice. Learning English. English-learning resources by type - role-play exercises. ROLEPLAYS-ESL speaking activities: communicative activities for oral fluency. These speaking activities include ESL role-plays (roleplays), Find someone who... speaking activities, information gap activities, examination rubrics for ESL oral tests, and discussion questions.

ROLEPLAYS-ESL speaking activities: communicative activities for oral fluency

Most of these are ESL speaking activities that I've created, used, and liked. Brazilian & American cultural difference - a roleplay in which a cultural misunderstanding must be overcome in order for the speakers' relationship to move forward. Intercultural communication conflict resolution - a roleplay for introducing and practicing the 4 cross cultural conflict resolution steps. Personal questions - students practice conflict resolution when one asks questions that are considered personal in the other's culture. Negotiations: Challenge.


Meeting People and Socialising. Roleplays & drama games for ESL teachers.