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The life of a journeyman boxer: 134 fights, 123 defeats ... and a few pints. Lewis van Poetsch knows his boxing record is an easy conversation starter.

The life of a journeyman boxer: 134 fights, 123 defeats ... and a few pints

The 29-year-old has had 134 professional fights and lost 123 of them. His record may look damning but in fact it highlights his durability as a journeyman, a crucial cast member in the opening acts of the most brutal of sports. “I used to work as a barber and I was asked what is a journeyman all the time by my customers,” says Van Poetsch. “Basically, my role is to go in, put on a good show and initiate a new prospect into boxing. I know what I’m doing in there – when to go hard and when to just go the distance. Standing at 5ft 7in with thick muscular arms, a beaming smile and an ornate moustache, Van Poetsch could have once passed for a celebrated Victorian strongman. Adult Child Hand Print Stock Illustration 141848734. Intelligence cooperation: asset or liability? – AlephAS. By Nuno Moreira Increasingly global threats call for secret services to share information, but cooperation comes with a price.

Intelligence cooperation: asset or liability? – AlephAS

In May 2016, Frederico Carvalhao was arrested at a café in Rome in a joint operation coordinated by Italian police and Portuguese intelligence. This rare public episode of successful international cooperation was proudly showcased as an argument for intelligence sharing between Western countries. In truth, it was exactly due to intelligence cooperation that Carvalhao, former Portuguese intelligence officer, was able to sell top-secret NATO documents to Russia, for about $10,000 each. How he managed to smuggle those files from the highly secure Ameixoeira Fort remains a mystery, but it is clear that it would have never been possible if the military alliance did not share classified information among its member-states.

Architects seek to debunk spy's testimony in neo-Nazi murder trial. Nearly five years into the trial of a German neo-Nazi gang who went on a killing spree against immigrants, relatives of the victims have become so frustrated with the police’s inability to untangle the case they have turned to a an unlikely profession in search of clues: architects.

Architects seek to debunk spy's testimony in neo-Nazi murder trial

Forensic Architecture, a London-based organisation started by architect Eyal Weizman have previously investigated war crimes in Syria, Palestine and the former Yugoslavia, using modern technology to search urban areas for evidence. Germany’s triumph: from the ruins of war, how a new European empire was built. In a blistering speech to the Greek parliament on 15 July, the former finance minister Yanis Varoufakis referred to the harsh “bailout” conditions impos­ed by eurozone leaders, and especially Berlin, as a “new Versailles”.

Germany’s triumph: from the ruins of war, how a new European empire was built

This calculated allusion to the punitive peace inflicted on imperial Germany after the First World War, especially the “reparations” she was forced to pay, was picked up by media commentators and politicians across the world. Berlin’s approach was widely condemned as “brutal”. Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, claims that “the man with the gun is the German finance minister, Wolfgang Schäuble”, and that “it is the Germans who are now running the show”.

Indeed, one could be forgiven for wondering whether the “Fourth Reich” that the Irish historian, politician and journalist Conor Cruise O’Brien warned about in 1989, shortly before the Wall fell, had now come to pass.


EAST BERLIN. MI6. Russian ambition. Defence Intelligence. Defence Intelligence also performs an intelligence collection function, primarily through the military capabilities lodged within the Joint Forces Intelligence Group (created in 2012 from what was formerly known as the Intelligence Collection Group or ICG).

Defence Intelligence

Organisation[edit] Defence Intelligence is headed by the Chief of Defence Intelligence (CDI) who is a serving three-star military officer and who, as the MOD's 'intelligence process owner', is also responsible for the overall co-ordination of intelligence activities throughout the Armed Forces and single Service Commands. He is supported by two deputies - one civilian and one military. The civilian Deputy Chief of Defence Intelligence (DCDI) is responsible for Defence Intelligence analysis and production, the military Director of Cyber Intelligence and Information Integration (DCI3) is responsible for intelligence collection amongst more wide ranging other duties.

British war crimes. British war crimes are acts proven to be committed by the armed forces of the United Kingdom that have violated the laws and customs of war from the Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907 to the present day.

British war crimes

Such actions include the summary executions of prisoners of war, the use of excessive force during the interrogation of POWs and enemy combatants, and the use of violence against civilian non-combatants‌. Definition[edit] The new cold war: are we going back to the bad old days? Tanks and troops invading a satellite state, tit-for-tat spy expulsions, high-risk military games of chicken involving nuclear bombers and interceptor jets, gas supply cut-offs, and angry diplomatic exchanges – if it sounds familiar, then it should.

The new cold war: are we going back to the bad old days?

Newspaper headlines from Moscow to Washington and Sydney to Kiev all agree: the cold war is back. Well, maybe. Escalating tensions between President Vladimir Putin’s Russia and western countries led by the US are certainly reminiscent of the bad old days in some significant respects. Oldbank-logos.jpg (JPEG Image, 466 × 480 pixels)


We should beware Russia’s links with Europe’s right. It sounds like a chapter from a cheesy spy novel: far-right European party, in financial trouble, borrows a big sum of cash from a hawkish Russian president.

We should beware Russia’s links with Europe’s right

His goal? To undermine the European Union and to consolidate ties between Moscow and the future possible leader of pro-Kremlin France. In fact, that’s exactly what’s just happened. In Paris the Front National (FN), founded by Jean-Marie Le Pen, has confirmed taking Russian money. Index of Lunatic Asylums and Mental Hospitals. Germany 1945-1949: a case study in post-conflict reconstruction. Brussels’ 007 dimension. In 1967, NATO moved its operational and political headquarters from France to Belgium.

Brussels’ 007 dimension