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Mashup experiment for the LeWeb online audience. TWiT Live - Netcasts you love, from people you trust. Le Web Main Stage, Ustream.TV: The #1 European Internet event, where 2500 entrepreneurs, leaders, investors, bloggers, journalists will gather together for. Energy assistance program deadline on Dec. 10. PayPal Releases Funds to WikiLeaks.

PayPal has just released the remaining funds in the account associated with WikiLeaks today, after restricting access to the account last week, according to a PayPal blog post.

PayPal Releases Funds to WikiLeaks

The release of funds follows a number of denial-of-service attacks earlier this week that were aimed at the document-leaking site’s providers. Most of the providers are now refusing to work with WikiLeaks after the U.S. government accused it of being in possession of documents that were provided in violation of U.S. law. Yesterday, WikiLeak’s founder Julian Assange was arrested and denied bail in London. He’s accused of sexual misconduct in Sweden. While PayPal is releasing the residual funds to WikiLeaks, it is not reinstating the ability for it to receive donations. PayPal was caught up in a brief media storm this morning, after PayPal’s VP of Platform Osama Bedier gave the impression at LeWeb in Paris that PayPal had cut off access to WikiLeaks because of direct pressure by the U.S. government. Via eMoney.

Why Wikileaks Will Never Be Closed Or Blocked. Last weekend, rather than read stories about the US diplomatic cables that Wikileaks has released, I decided to read them directly myself.

Why Wikileaks Will Never Be Closed Or Blocked

In doing so, I better understood why no one — certainly not the US State Department — is going to shove those cables back into the darkness. Finding Wikileaks My first step was to go to the Wikileaks site — which meant, as it does for many people, doing a Google search to find it. I discovered that Google wasn’t listing the site in its new location. Bing was, so I found it that way. Google, Bing & Searching For The New Wikileaks Website The story also explains that while finding the main Wikileaks site might be tough, it exists in many different locations.

Cables, Meet Distributed Torrents When I arrived, there was no way to actually browse the cables. (NOTE: There IS a way to browse them, as has been pointed out to me in the comments below. Via Search Engine Land: News About Search Engines & Searc. Klout is broken. Digital & Social Media Agency London. Twitter Explains Why #WikiLeaks Isn’t Trending. Twitter has finally responded to numerous accusations that it has been purposely keeping #WikiLeaks and related hashtags out of its Trending Topics list.

Twitter Explains Why #WikiLeaks Isn’t Trending

Twitter spokesperson Carolyn Penner just published a post on the microblogging service's blog that more fully outlines how Trending Topics are determined on Twitter. In essence: Twitter favors novelty over popularity. Trending Topics are "designed to help people discover the 'most breaking' breaking news across the world… Captur[ing] the hottest emerging topics, not just what's most popular," Penner writes. "Topics break into the Trends list when the volume of Tweets about that topic at a given moment dramatically increases," she adds. From this explanation, we can infer that the reason the WikiLeaks hasn't trended this week, despite being the most-discussed topic on Twitter at times, is because there hasn't been a dramatic increase in the level of discussion about WikiLeaks compared to previously.

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