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La Cie and Thunderbolt. If you depend on moving a lot of data around and are looking for ways to move it faster then the Thunderbolt technology (formerly Light Peak) is something that should be of interest to you.

La Cie and Thunderbolt

Companies and individuals who work in the area of video editing and transfer will be one of the first groups that will take advantage of the Thunderbolt technology. The Thunderbolt technology was developed by Intel in collaboration with Apple. The technology supports both data and display protocols simultaneously over a single cable. The Thunderbolt technology outperforms all other method of transfers by a mile. Task that previously took a workstation will soon be performed on a consumer compact device. “Thunderbolt technology is a breakthrough in I/O technology and represents the future of mobile computing. La Cie obviously sees Thunderbolt as the the transfer technology of the future. whether it is will depend on how fast other companies create products that take advantage of it. How to Embedding Task List on Mac Desktop. I was looking for a way to create a todo list that I could add to quickly and see on my Mac desktop.

How to Embedding Task List on Mac Desktop

I have manage to cobble together a method that is working for me . It is a work in progress but I thought other people might find it interesting. It does require the following items. News360 a Review. Review of AirPlay on the iPad. IOS 4.3 is now available for download through iTunes .

Review of AirPlay on the iPad

One of the things that came with the update was enhanced AirPlay. Which not only allows you to play iPad videos on your Apple TV as it did before, but it now also allows you to share your Itunes library including videos to your iPad, iPhone (3GS and 4) and iPod Touch. One of the coolest new features is the enhanced Airplay. Prior to this you could send video from your iPad to a T.V. that is connected to an Apple TV. The enhancement is now you can share your Itunes library on your iPad. Once you have everything set up on your computer, you are ready to set things up on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Banana TV. or Memolane: Two Ways to Save Your Online Life. Ten Must Have Iphone Applications. I suspect that many people have gotten Iphones for Christmas, after doing the set up the first thing you want to do is install some applications.

Ten Must Have Iphone Applications

You click on the Application button on the Iphone and then you freeze, because you have no idea which ones are the best. 24hr Podcast. Cr48 a Gift from Google. Yesterday afternoon an unexpected package arrived by UPS from Google, inside was the cr48.

Cr48 a Gift from Google

After installing the battery and attaching the power cord. I lifted the lid of the lap top and the Chrome logo appeared I entered my Google account information to register. I then watched a brief tutorial. After the tutorial the chrome browser appears. Untitled. Like many families now, it’s not unusual for everyone to be using the wi-fi network at home at the same time.


Game consoles, tablets, media players and smart TVs all take their share of the data stream, and with the potential for multiple HD streams, the wireless takes a real hammering. In response to this demand, 11ac wireless uses dual frequencies and multiple antennae to get gigabit class data speeds, while still being backwards compatible with the older standards. Is It Time For An REA for the Internet. The death of Senator Bryd at the age of 92, had me thinking about the technical advances he saw in his life time.

Is It Time For An REA for the Internet

That the fight to get those advances to the most people was being fought then and continues to be fought today. The battleground may have changed, but the arguments often repeat themselves. Today, the battle is over what is the best way to get broadband to the most people. In the 1930′s it was electricity. While 90% of all urban residents had electricity by the 1930′s only 10% of rural residence did. Despite their unwillingness to build in rural areas, utility companies and their supporters fought against any kind of government involvement, They insisted that the free market would take care of the issue. Wave Goodbye. Google decided last week to give up on Wave as a separate application and integrate some of it into other applications.

Wave Goodbye

According to the official Google Blog, Wave was just not attracting enough users to make it viable to continue. The Importance of Linking. I was listening to an audio post by Robert Scoble on Cinch about how increasingly sites are either not using external links at all or are hiding them.

The Importance of Linking

This is done in an effort to keep the reader within the website, and increase page hits. As he said this is how the internet was prior to the advent of blogging, when the internet was dominated by a few major websites or walled gardens as they are often called. The introduction of blogs which quickly realized that linking was one way to rise up Google‘s ranks broke these old walled gardens down. Unfortunately, new walled gardens are being recreated often by the same blogs who once torn the original ones down. Without proper linking it is next to impossible to find and read the original article. Almost as troubling as having no links, is having a link that goes to a site or article that is behind a pay wall or one where I have to register. Privacy in a Public World.

Facebook rolled out Places late on Aug 18, it allows you to check in where you are through Facebook.

Privacy in a Public World

In its default mode it also allows your friends to check you in. Lifehacker has a good article on how to adjust your privacy settings for Places to a level you are comfortable with. This again brought out the issue of privacy. Some of the answers to the issue of privacy by those who believe being public is best ranged from impractical to absurd, such as don’t be on these social sites, to change your name, which is what Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt suggested in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. (if you are unable to get the Wall Street Journal article PC world has a good review of it ) On the other side, privacy evangelist can sound like members of a lunatic fringe group, when they talk about things like RFID tags being the work of the devil. Anytime an application or website is created or changed in a way that affects a person privacy, that change should be made clear and public.

The Problem with Real Time Information in the Real World. People today especially those in business, want information as fast as they can get it, the closer to real time the better. The problem is that more information does not equal more knowledge. Dragon Dictation for the Iphone. I have had Dragon Dictation on my Iphone for about a week now and have started to use it more and more. Dragon Dictation is made by Nuance Communication which also created Dragon Naturally Speaking, Jott Assistant, Jott for Salesforce and MacSpeech among other products. Nuance Communication is actually fairly new to the Apple market, they started as a PC product with Dragon Naturally Speaking. They launched Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search shortly after the Iphone came out. In February 2010 they purchased MacSpeech. I downloaded Dragon Dictation for the Iphone, because I was looking for a way to put text into the Iphone without having to use the keyboard. Review. HippoRemote Pro. A mouse that I use with one of my computers died and I decided to try the Hippo Remote Pro as a replacement. As a mouse replacement it has both its strength and weaknesses. However if you have a computer set up to play media, it works great. HippoRemote Pro can be downloaded from Itunes, for $4.99, you can get Hippo Remote Lite for free, too try out the basic functions. You can set up the remote to be use either with Windows, Mac or even Linux. There are easy to follow setup directions for each, on line and also on the application itself. As might be expected the remote works best with those websites and applications that you would normally use a stand alone remote with, such as YouTube, Pandora, Hulu, among others.

The Rise and Fall of Blockbuster. Today I was reading an article that indicated that Blockbuster was in the process of filing chapter 11 bankruptcy, which got me thinking about the how much media delivery has changed in my lifetime and is still changing. When I was growing up in the 60′s if you wanted to see a movie, you had to go to a theater. If you missed it at the theater, it might be years before it would appear in edited form on the TV.

If for some reason you were away at the time it was on and missed it, too bad it might be another year or so before they appeared again. The advantage in this of course is that movies such as Wizard of Oz were a once a year special event, the disadvantage was that it was a once a year event and easy to miss it. When VHS tapes started selling, it was such a big change. When the DVD came along it did solve a couple of the problems that consumers had with VHS tapes, it was easier to store, it lasted longer. Storify An Attempt to Curate. In the past the record of an events was kept in newspapers, magazines and letters. which are all semi-permanent. Today however events are recorded not only by newspapers and mainstream media, but also by normal people who are not only observers but actual participants in the event.

Victory: Internet Censorship Bill is Delayed, For Now. Public Humiliation: It's Not The Web, It's Us. Can We Please Have a Decent Remote. I probably have 20 remotes in my possession at this time, with at least four in current use and they all look and work basically the same. A remotes today looks the same as it did 20 years ago . This designed worked fine when all we wanted the remote to do was change channels and adjust volume on the TV or maybe play a DVR. Today however the TV is seen as the place that the consume content, whether that content is on their internal network, being streamed from the Internet or coming from traditional TV sources. This means that the ability to search is key. TiVo Premier. I have been looking at various media boxes, that would allow me to stream media to my TV from both the internet and my own network. Live Video Stream. Teams : Punkin Chunkin : Discovery Channel. Is democracy necessary for economic success? - The Curious Capitalist -

As an American, I’ve always believed that democracy, capitalism and economic progress are all intimately connected, that you can’t have one without the others. Such thinking is part of the philosophical DNA of the United States. But the economic miracle in Asia has consistently contested that notion. Ron Paul Questions Fed Authority, Vows Another "Audit the Fed" Effort.

With New Face-Scanning Technology, Movies Will Soon Watch You While You Watch Them. 'They all look the same' race effect seen in the brain - life - 04 November 2010. Photo : - Shared by klandwehr. U.S. News & World Report to Cease Printing, Become Online Only. U.S. Do the NBC News campaign donation rules apply to CNBC? - War Room. Productivity, Word Processing. Teleport. True-size-of-africa. R&D Spending Declines First Time in Decade. Corporations are reluctant to spend money, even research and development notes the Wall Street Journal article R&D Spending Drops at Major Firms Research and development spending at major companies declined last year for the first time in more than a decade, according to a survey by management consulting firm Booz & Co. But R&D as a percentage of revenues was up slightly from a year earlier because revenues dropped at a faster rate than R&D spending.Booz makes an annual study of the 1,000 publicly traded companies globally that spend the most on R&D, based on their public disclosures.

How to Winterize Your Body to Stay Fit and Healthy in the Cold Months Ahead. Roku Players Review. Preserving science: what data do we keep? What do we discard? A new "social" browser: RockMelt. Now Even Is Blocked On Google TV. Entrepreneurs: should Techcrunch’s Michael Arrington be your cheerleader? Online - Shirky: The Shock of Inclusion and New Roles for News in the Fabric of Society. That's Too Much: Man Dies After Taking Caffeine Equivalent Of 70 Energy Drinks. Anne Applebaum - In Alaska, a preview of the GOP's future. How Much Momentum Does It Take to Stop a Running Back? New Suit Tests Whether Twitter Pictures Are Free For Taking. Sharing a Keyboard and Mouse with Multiple Macs. Hulu Plus Review. Comcast vs Net Neutrality. Microsoft CES Keynote a Review. Geek News Central › Log In. WSAZ Iphone Application Review. IQ Grocery. Geek News Technical News and Informational Stories.

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