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Small rural dealership located in Southern Oregon. Family owned and operated with other rooftops in Washington and Montana.

Subaru maintenance program in Klamath Falls OR│Klamath Falls Subaru. Dogs in an Outback in Klamath Falls OR│Klamath Falls Subaru. Subaru Dealership inSouth OR│Klamath Falls Subaru. Southern Oregon Subaru Dealerships Adverse Weather Safety Driving Tips - Go Auto Blog. Driving under severe weather conditions has its unique challenges that every driver must face.

Southern Oregon Subaru Dealerships Adverse Weather Safety Driving Tips - Go Auto Blog

Being extra mindful of the road ahead is a given, though there are still few safety precautions to remember. That’s why Southern Oregon Subaru dealerships have released a compilation of safety driving precautions for drivers who have no choice but to drive during adverse weather conditions. Basic Driving Precautions Of course, it goes without saying that you should put off driving in cases of bad weather. But if you really cannot avoid going out, then you must know how to plan ahead. Subaru dealerships near Klamath Falls, OR also advise that you should pack an emergency kit (containing a flashlight, jumper cables, snack bars, and the like) to give you peace of mind as you go out. Buckle up for safety and tune your radio to the local weather and traffic updates in your area. Subaru dealership near Redding CA│Klamath Falls Subaru. 2021 Subaru Outback in Southern OR Offers New Features and Amenities. Southern Oregon Subaru Dealerships Share Driving Tips During Pandemic - Eco Auto Blog.

In the midst of stay-at-home orders nationwide, including in the state of Oregon, interstate travel is not allowed as an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Southern Oregon Subaru Dealerships Share Driving Tips During Pandemic - Eco Auto Blog

For now, travel is restricted to making essential trips, whether for work or for groceries. Still, one can never be too careful: you’ll need to know how to keep yourself as well as your family safe from the virus. Can You Fit a Kayak in a Crosstrek near Medford OR? Can You Fit a Kayak in a Crosstrek near Medford OR?

Can You Fit a Kayak in a Crosstrek near Medford OR?

Are you looking for an SUV or crossover with maximum cargo space? If so, stop by Klamath Falls Subaru where you'll find so much cargo space you'll wonder if you can fit a kayak in a Crosstrek near Medford OR. The Subaru Crosstrek was completely redesigned in 2018, and it offers more room overall, but you really notice the spaciousness inside the cargo area. Not only is the hatch opening bigger, but the space itself is larger, allowing for a more versatile place to store your stuff.

The 2020 Subaru Crosstrek provides more interior volume than Hyundai, Nissan, and Toyota within the compact SUV class. Southern Oregon Subaru Dealerships: Don’t Let Cars Go Idle on Lockdown. The novel coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) has forced most of the citizens around the globe to stay at home.

Southern Oregon Subaru Dealerships: Don’t Let Cars Go Idle on Lockdown

This means a lot of cars are just sitting idly in garages or on driveways with no way of knowing when they will be driven again. It’s important to stay at home and listen to health authorities as the world faces this pandemic. During this time, you can focus on things you might have neglected to do, like basic vehicle maintenance. After all, you might be setting yourself up to a larger repair bill if you don’t get your engines running. Outdoor Adventures near Medford Oregon to Explore During Quarantine. Outdoor Adventures near Medford Oregon to Explore During Quarantine With the continuing COVID-19 limitations still in place, and uncertainties about social distancing, it's both comforting and exciting to know that you can still have outdoor adventures near Medford Oregon.

Outdoor Adventures near Medford Oregon to Explore During Quarantine

Locals know that when you're in Medford, you're surrounded by adventure on all sides. If you enjoy the water, there's rafting and kayaking on the Rogue River. If a drier activity on land is more your style, grab your hiking boots or mountain bike and get to the mountains. Subaru maintenance intervals near Medford OR. Subaru maintenance intervals near Medford OR: Maintenance Intervals The following Subaru maintenance intervals near Medford OR are aligned with 2015-year models and newer Subaru vehicles.

Subaru maintenance intervals near Medford OR

If you have a Subaru that is older 2014 you can search online or ask one of service specialist. Subaru maintenance intervals near Medford OR: Service Levels 1-5 To guarantee that your Subaru maintains its premium performance just as it did the day you drove it off the lot be sure to schedule service appointments based on the level that best suites your Subaru vehicle. Level 1 (no charge) Level 2 (includes Level 1 services, plus:)

Subaru Dealerships near Medford Reveal 10 Subaru Models of the Decade. Aside from being one of the largest automakers worldwide, Subaru is well-known for its reliability and its trademark combination of boxer engines with all-wheel drives.

Subaru Dealerships near Medford Reveal 10 Subaru Models of the Decade

Several Subaru dealerships around Southern Oregon were up for the task of ranking the best models that ever graced their respective showrooms. For these Subaru models, there’s no terrain too rough, icy, or muddy – they will get you through to your destination in style. Check out the ten best Subaru models of this generation. Tribeca What the Subaru Tribeca lacks in ‘flashiness’, it makes up for its convenience and practicality. Things to do in Oregon Before Spring │Klamath Falls Subaru. Klamath Falls Subaru's List of Things to do in Oregon Before Spring Even though winter is winding down, there are still many things to do in Oregon before spring actually gets here and winter is gone.

Things to do in Oregon Before Spring │Klamath Falls Subaru

Since we don't typically have harsh or really extreme winter conditions, it's a pleasurable season for the most part. Outdoor winter adventures are still calling, so get yourself, your family, your gear, and your vehicle ready for a few more outings! Drive over to Silver Falls State Park while it's still chilly outside to avoid the masses, and to enjoy the beauty in a winter setting. You can sample the best of these natural wonders by driving along the 7.8 mile Trail of Ten Falls.

Cross-country skiing is a scenic and satisfying thing to do in Oregon before spring. If the skiing is too aerobic for your winter outing, and lounging on a sled or inflatable tube is more your style, choose going sledding or tubing. Experience Mt. Factors to Consider When Choosing Subaru Dealerships near Medford - zoomautomobiles. Nowadays, it’s easy to buy a car – just walk into any Subaru dealerships serving Southern Oregon, and you’ll probably drive out with a brand new car.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Subaru Dealerships near Medford - zoomautomobiles

Unfortunately, whether you got the best deal out of that purchase or even enjoyed the shopping experience is a different story. Car buyers, especially those who are first timers, are often too excited and too eager to work with Subaru dealerships around Medford that they sometimes don’t even know how to find the right one. If you want to find the best deals that any of the Subaru dealerships near Southern Oregon can offer, you must know what to look for first. Do Your Homework As cliché as it may sound, doing thorough research on the make and model you want can save you from a lot of time and effort. You should also check their websites’ ‘About Us’ page to get to know the dealership a bit more. Verify Your Dealer’s Reputation. CPO vs Used Subaru near Medford OR: Which is the Best Choice for You? Subaru Dealership near Northern California. We offer a wide selection of new Subaru models with many different body types and options, award winning designs and impressive safety features.

Subaru Dealership near Northern California

As your chosen dealer, we provide more services too! You'll get a wider selection of repairs, parts, and more, such as: • 24-7 Online Scheduling • Large Showroom Inventory • Affordable Repair Service • Certified Pre-Owned Subarus. 2020 Subaru Outback near Medford OR: Outback vs Competition. 2020 Subaru Outback near Medford OR: Outback vs Competition There's no competition when comparing America's favorite wagon, the 2020 Subaru Outback near Medford OR. The Outback is engineered to take you wherever your heart desires. It is boldly equipped inside and out prepared for your next venture.

Offering the 2020 Subaru Outback in seven models including, the Outback, Premium, Limited, Touring, Onyx Edition XT, Limited XT, and Touring XT. All trim levels include symmetrical all-wheel drive with X-MODE, EyeSight Driver Assist technology, 8.7 inches of ground clearance, Subaru Safety and Security (except Outback), Subaru STARLINK Multimedia with Apply CarPlay, Android Auto, raised roof rail with integrated cross bars, tie downs, and rear vision camera. How to Maximize Your Budget with Klamath Falls OR Subaru Dealerships - EZ Auto Blog. While driving a new car is certainly a fun thing to do, the process of buying one can daunt even the most experienced shoppers.

That’s why preparation and persistence are key to getting the car you want without blowing your budget. These time-tested steps will help you to find not only the best vehicle that suits your needs but also help you spend less. Find Out Your Needs and Budget Most people looking for a new car have the same problem. It’s not the size of their budget, it’s that they don’t know what they want. Next, consider how you are going to pay for this new car. What Are The Best Cars from Subaru Dealerships in Klamath Falls OR for Family Getaways? When nourishments and agendas are good to go for an arranged family escape, trips, or reunions, the exact opposite thing that you’ll most likely ask yourself is, what vehicles would it be advisable for you to consider on the long course?

Except if you need everybody to be awkward on your outing, we suggest you pick your escape vehicle well. What are the best four-wheeled models that will give everybody a merited solace and unwinding on the long excursion? With your trusted Subaru Dealerships in Klamath Falls OR, finding the correct vehicle for any excursion turns into a breeze. We give you these best Subaru vehicles that are ideal for the one of a kind needs of your family. 1. 2020 Subaru XV Crosstrek Looking increasingly like a scaled-down SUV yet the Subaru XV Crosstrek is really an Impreza hatchback with an all the more styling mentality because of its raised ride stature.

Learn About Our Subaru Money Back Guarantee near Medford OR. Klamath Falls Subaru guarantees satisfaction when you purchase a Subaru. We'll buy your vehicle even if you aren't purchasing a replacement vehicle. Come on by our dealership to check out our great deals! Our Subaru money back guarantee near Medford OR offers a 3 day or 300-mile Money Back Guarantee and a 5 Day Exchange with no questions asked. At Klamath Falls Subaru we strive to deliver complete satisfaction. How to Use Subaru X-Mode in Klamath Falls OR. Subaru's symmetrical all-wheel drive and X-Mode in Klamath Falls OR meet the challenges of Oregon's winter weather. It works with full-time all-wheel drive, reacting instantaneously and continuously to the fluctuating road conditions. Subaru Share the Love Event in Klamath Falls OR Helps the Children. Choose Subaru Service in Klamath Falls OR.

Subaru Dealerships in Klamath Falls, OR Have These Simple Care Tips - Best Vehicle. No other car brand can compare to the trustworthiness and reliability offered by Subaru cars. With its top-notch engine performance coupled with impressive safety features, there’s nothing that a Subaru can’t do on the road. What to Expect When Trading Your Car in OR. Subaru Leasing vs Financing near Ashland OR: Which is Your Best Option? Subaru Dealerships in Medford, OR Suggest the Best Models for a Family - Go Auto Blog. Picking out a car that suits your own set of wants and needs while still being practical for your busy family can be a challenge. The 2020 lineup from Subaru has clearly considered how versatile a domestic use car needs to be, but with several new models on offer, it can be a challenge to determine which one is the right fit.

The 2020 Ascent and Forester are two of the standout vehicles in this category. 2020 Subaru Ascent vs Toyota Highlander and Jeep Grand Cherokee in Klamath Falls OR. 2020 Subaru Ascent vs Jeep Grand Cherokee and Toyota Highlander in Klamath Falls OR While there are many brands of SUVs available, not all meet the wants and needs of every driver. After researching the Subaru Ascent, Toyota Highlander, and the 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee in Klamath Falls OR, you will see how the Subaru Ascent outshines in many areas compared to its competitors.

Why You Should Choose Klamath Falls Subaru. Where To Pay Attention When Evaluating Subaru Dealerships in Klamath Falls, OR. With all the options and processes involved in buying a car, one could easily get stressed and forget about the important aspects they need to consider to make a successful purchase. Not only is there a wide range of car choices–and that’s with Subaru alone–there’s also the differences in price. And let’s not get started on the financing programs that dealers offer as well as the promos, deals, and customer perks that they throw in to sweeten the deal. The list goes on, and before you know it, you’re dreading the idea of buying a car. What many customers don’t know though is that there are three key aspects they should pay attention to if they want to ensure that they’re working with a good dealer.

These aspects aren’t that obvious, but they will help make your experience in buying a car much easier. 2020 Subaru Outback vs Forester near Medford OR: What’s the Difference? One of the most common questions from Subaru buyers is whether they should buy a Forester or an Outback. When comparing, the decision comes down to the driver’s needs and wants. Both the Outback and Forester come with the award-winning Eyesight driver assist technology.

They each have 8.7 inches of ground clearance to allow off-roading without damaging your Subaru. Outward Visibility allows you to see over the traffic in front of you. Both also offer an optional power tailgate feature. 2020 Subaru Outback The Outback is a larger vehicle and costs about $2,000 more. If you are ready for an adventure you will not go wrong with an 18.5 gallons fuel tank (25 MPG city, 32 MPG highway). To avoid sliding forward into an unsafe position during a collision the Outback has cushion airbags strategically placed under the thigh area of the driver and front passenger seats. Compare the Subaru Legacy vs Other AWD Sedans near Ashland OR. What Are The Best Subaru Cars For Vacation Trips? When foods and itineraries are all set for a planned family getaway, outings, or reunions, the last thing that you’ll probably ask yourself is, what cars should you consider on the long route?

5 Fall Trips in Southern Oregon. Nothing feels better than a vacation with the whole family in Southern Oregon. You and your family can choose from activities such as skilling and hiking. Another option is to visit Bend Oregon. They are known for their giant ponderosa pines in the west and Bend Oregon is recommended by the locals as a quaint place to visit. Subaru Vs Toyota Towing Capacity in Klamath Falls OR.