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Facebook Twitter Ten tools to use for social media measurement. The following list is adapted from Erik Deckers and Kyle Lacy’s Branding Yourself: How to Use Social Media to Invent or Reinvent Yourself.

Ten tools to use for social media measurement

In today's turbulent business environment, millions of people are seeking to strengthen their personal brands, and demonstrate far greater value to potential customers and employers. Here are 10 tools to help you meet your goals: 1. Twitter Grader is a site that allows you to track, measure, and increase your influence in the world of Twitter. By entering your Twitter name, the system pulls data for your account. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. How to Find Free Pictures for Your Blog. By Guest Author This is a guest post by Mandy Barrington.

How to Find Free Pictures for Your Blog

If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here. Adding visual interest in the form of images is a widely-used method for attracting readers to blog articles. If you’re holding back from spicing up your blog for fear of cost or (gasp) copyright infringement, here’s some advice to get you informed and comfortable with posting images: Get to Know the Terminology Unless explicitly noted, any image you find on the internet could be copyrighted, which means you could be held liable for copyright infringement. Attribution: CC BY Allows you to distribute, tweak, and/or build upon the original image for personal or commercial purposes, provided that you credit the creator.

Attribution-NoDerivs: CC BY-ND Allows you to distribute the image “unchanged and in whole” for commercial and non-commercial purposes, provided that you credit the creator. Build a Better Blog in 31 Days - Guaranteed. 8 Essential Web Typography Resources. How Bloggers Make Money Blogging. Product Launch 101. This is the story of what happens in a typical product launch.

Product Launch 101

Fellow entrepreneurs and people interested in the business side of what I do will be interested; others probably won’t. I’m going to outline a few of the things I’ve learned in doing product launches over the years. With AONC I’ve done six of them so far (including the two non-commercial manifestos), but before that, I worked on dozens of others in my first decade of self-employment. The Basic Principle My friend Havi gave me the analogy that launching a product is like having a child. When they say, “Oh, if the morning’s not good, how about the afternoon?” The point is that a good product launch is a) a big deal, not just something that happens every day, and b) something that requires a great deal of work behind the scenes.

Messaging The single most important principle of product launches is to make them special. 10 Biggest Predictions for the Future of Book Publishing. By Nadia Jones The future of books is at stake, for some readers and industry members.

10 Biggest Predictions for the Future of Book Publishing

But even those who are nostalgic for smelling pages before they're read can get excited about what's to come in book publishing. Obviously, predictions should be taken as just that. Just because some educated experts formulate projections based on trends and observations doesn't necessarily mean they will come to pass. Nor does it mean that if they do prove real, everything ends up exactly as stated within a specific time frame. The New Media and Social Web Guide for Business and Marketers. Enough has been said about Twitter being a great tool for local branding.

The New Media and Social Web Guide for Business and Marketers

You can search followers in your geographical area, connect with them and establish a great local brand. There are thousands of success stories where Twitter has worked wonderfully well as a tool for establishing a brand locally. But creating a global brand is an altogether different ballgame. Does Twitter offer any features in order to establish your business as a leading global brand? Are its branding capabilities as effective for global brands as for local brands?

Ubiquitous Social Network Twitter is by-far the most ubiquitous social network ever-built. The point I’m making here is that Twitter’s reach is unparallel. Firepole Marketing – The definitive marketing program for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-marketers. The Keys to Success... Are In Your Pocket! Should You Even Be Blogging?!

5 Techniques to Create Raving Loyal Fans. Literary Journalism — Program Information. Program dates: July 7, 2014 - August 2, 2014 Application deadline: March 15, 2014 Off-site manuscript development: May 5, 2014 - June 27, 2014 'What works of literature might exist if more writers had a cabin of one’s own, surrounded by a community of artists to share, inspire, and to learn from.

Literary Journalism — Program Information

"—Craille Maguire Gillies, program participant About Literary Journalism Literary Journalism offers eight established writers of non-fiction an opportunity to develop a major essay, memoir, or feature piece for a $2,000 commission. Applicants are usually accomplished journalists and writers who have been published in national or international magazines, newspapers, anthologies, or literary journals. Who Should Apply This program is designed for established non-fiction writers seeking a professional development opportunity in a community of peers. 27 Reasons Why Your Blog Doesn’t Deserve to Exist.