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Persian Empire

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The Persian Empire: The State - TimeMaps. Achaemenid Empire. East of the Zagros Mountains, a high plateau stretches off towards India.

Achaemenid Empire

While Egypt was rising up against the Hyksos, a wave of pastoral tribes from north of the Caspian Sea was drifting down into this area and across into India. By the time the Assyrians had built their new empire, a second wave had covered the whole stretch between the Zagros and the Hindu Kush. Some tribes settled, others retained their semi-nomadic lifestyle. These were the Iranian peoples. Nomadic Tribes. Persian Empire. Cyrus managed in relatively no time to establish Persian control over the ancient Near East, Egypt, and parts of India, giving the Greek city-states a run for their money.

Persian Empire

The Persian Empire was the largest Empire that had ever been established. The Persian Empire spanned from Egypt in the west to Turkey in the north, and through Mesopotamia to the Indus River in the east. More Information ... The Rise of Persia (article)